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Towards the next few days,Andre stayed over at Gianna’s and only went home twice to see his son Justin,


“I’ll be going to Germany for a business meeting by weekend and I won’t be back till a week after.” He announced over at dinner at her house.


Gianna frowned,


“Well me,my shoot starts on Friday so I’ll busy for the weekend.” She said with a tinge of sadness,


She’d wanted him to be present on her first shoot which was the day after tomorrow and Reid would be going to his school field trip too on Friday,to be coming home on Sunday.


Tony can’t come cause he needs to handle some certain stuffs concerning his divorce with Carol who hasn’t been seen for days now with her daughter.


“Well that’s good to hear,” Reid said,


Make sure you never come back.” He muttered under his breathe,only Andre heard it.


Well,I’ll be back soon and be together with your mom, I’ll bring our family together just you see.


Gianna and Tony didn’t notice the tension between both father and son.


The next few days was very hectic for Gianna,


She’d to juggle going to Denver Tower and preparing her son for his forthcoming journey.


Plus she got Manager Sullivan as her manager too,


Dean had insisted the man handles Gianna since she’s new in the cycle and would need every support she can get.



“What about you Dean?” She asked him,he smiled,


“Gianna I can pull through,you need him more than I do.” He said jovially,


Actually,it’s been hard for him to let the man go because apart from his elder brother Dane,the only family he has left is his manager and this man has been with him since he was sixteen,


But now,he’s at the top of his career,he would need Mr Sullivan to help him pull Gianna up too.


And since soon,he’ll be leaving Denver Tower soon,he want someone close to watch his Gianna for him.


That night she came back home tired,it has been a very long day at the work due to preparation for the shoot that will commence the next day,


Plus,she found out that Katy got minor role in the movie too, She stomach churned from it.


Seeing how the woman wanted to take her down,she could bear be in same place as her nor the Williams sisters.


Reid wasn’t home and neither was Tony,she felt the both of them would be together, so didn’t brother to call.


Only for her to get into the bathtub and the door opened, Andre walked in shirtless,


“Andre,go out!” She cried,he didn’t,rather he came into the bathtub and leaned on her,


“It’s gonna be hard being away from you this next one week.” He whispers to her kissing her earlobes,


“I want you Anna,I want every damn inch of you.” He said, This was the first time she got addressed as Anna and not Gigi,



She turned to him to talk but he shut her up with his kiss,pinning her small body down to the tub.


“Andre,I thought you said your flight leaves by nine, this is eight fifteen pm.” She pointed at the digital clock by the dresser table that’s well opposite the bathroom,


“That’s why I want to spend he next twenty minutes with you.” He whispered,


She wanted to say something but he shut her up,


“Shhhh,” He placed his index finger on her lips,


“Just let me be with you before I leave.” He kissed her temples,putting him arm under her back,


He pushed her closer to him,


“Mommy! I’m back.” Reid’s voice was heard from outside,


“Andre,Reid’s back,get off me.” She whispered but he didn’t bulge,he just kept fondling her naked br**st,


“Gigi,we’re back.” Tony’s voice boomed too,


Terror was written over her face,she wouldn’t want her son or worst her father see her naked in tub with Andre.


“Andre please get off me.” She pleaded when her a footstep was on heard on the stairs,


The boy might be heading upstairs,


“Where my mommy?” The kid asked himself as he headed upstairs. He heard sounds from her room and slowly walked towards the room,


A male whisper was heard too and he knew for once who was with her,


That father of his has come again,


I thought he said he was going abroad for a week? He asked himself, “Why’s he here when his flight leaves in,”he checked his watch,


twenty minutes.Gosh,this man is so immature, I can’t believe such dumbass gave birth to a smartass like me.”


Opening the door to his mommy’s room,he saw her sitting in front of the vanity mirror,


“Mommy,” he ran to her and hugged her from behind, “Reid how’re you? She asked him innocently,


The boy scanned the room,the window was open, He must have left through the window.


Mommy, I’ll be right back.” The boy hurried to his study and brought out his laptop,


He hacked into the Traffic system and jeopardized it,causing a major traffic in all road leading to the airport.


Now he should know he was messing with the wrong child.


Andre was perturbed,


“Is there no other route to the airport?” He asked his chauffeur,


“No sir,this is the fastest and the other routes are blocked too.” The man replied,


Gosh no,his flight’s in ten minutes and there’s no sign the road was about to be cleared soon.


He got out of his car to walked down the road but he got a text from a private number,


‘As much as I want you to miss your flight,I want you to get out of my mommy’s life for the next week.


Don’t bother coming out,the road would be cleared soon.’


Without any further thinking,he knew who was a responsible for this.


Not only was his son a pretentious and cunning liar,he was also a hacker, There’s a lot more to that boy that eyes can’t tell.


He got back into his car and waited,


Under two minutes the road was cleared and his chauffeur drove speedily to the airport and luckily for him,it was just five minutes left for the plane to leave.


He boarded and off they went.


The next morning,Gianna was to have her first shoot that day but it was postponed to the next due to some technical problems,


Since Andre who has always been keeping her busy wasn’t around,


She decided to go for some grocery shopping when she met Jasmine there,


The other woman was with another man when she’d seen them,


Isn’t this Andres fiance?” Shed asked herself as she walked past the table where the both of them were sitting,


Why’s she here with another man and why’s he holding her hands so intimately?


The duo left the table and was heading to coffeeshop nearby, She felt the need to follow them and she did.


On getting closer,Jasmine stood up and ran into the washroom, the man followed her,


“Jasmine what’s wrong with you?” Aaron asked her,seeing her throwing up,


“I don’t know,I’ve just been feeling sick and throwing up a lot lately.” She said wiping her mouth,


Gianna who his by the door heard their conversation,


“She must be pregnant, there are the symptoms of pregnancy in its first trimester.” She said to herself.


She’d felt the same way when she was pregnant with the twins


“You said you’ve been feeling so lately?” Aaron asked her,she nodded,


“Does this mean you’re pregnant?” He asked, She gave a wry smile,


“No,can’t be possible,I was diagnosed with congenital infertility years ago,I can’t be pregnant..” She said,


Gianna who’d seen all visible symptoms of pregnancy in her took it she was pregnant and was pregnant with Andre’s child,since he’s her fiancΓ©e.


She was walking away disheartened when she felt a hand pull her back,


“What are you doing here you thief?” Jasmine’s angry voice asked,


“I..w..” Gianna couldn’t say a thing anymore,


“You theif,you’re a third party and sooner or later,Andre will be done with you and come back to me.” She said proudly,


“And why do you think that,he doesn’t love you.” Gianna retorted back,


For the first time in her life,she felt the need to fight back.


“Well because I’m pregnant with his child and I’m his fiance while you’re just a third party,a theif!” Jasmine roared,


“I’m not a thief… stole it from me… stole my jade…I’m not a thief.” She


cried continuously crutching on the floor,


Those memories she’d buried behind her started coming back,


“I’m…not …..a….thief………from…me…” She was pointed at Jasmine


and it was obvious to the latter that the girl has just remembered everything.


She remembers me as the one who stole her jade years ago, No,I can’t let her live nows she has recalled everything,


She might tell Andre and hell yell his grandfather and I’ll be strip of everything I’ve acquired so far….


She wanted to hit Gianna when a strong arm held her, she looked up to see the angry face of a man.


Guess who came to save her?


To be continued.

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