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“Father don’t do that.” Gianna tried to talk him out of it but his mind was fixed,


“No child,I need to do this.I’m tired of that shack called marriage.” He lamented, She understood,


It was no easy task having Carol and Camille as family.


He took a deep breathe,


“This is what I should have done a long time ago.”


“But father you know mom would want to get the house and every other necessary property left,how’re you going to cope with that?” She asked,


“Don’t worry,I’ve made all necessary arrangement for myself,I won’t want to be a burden to you and…..” She hugged him,


“Daddy don’t say that,you can never be a liability or burden to me,I’ll do anything to help you.” She said still hugging him,


“Thanks a lot child,every parent should be blessed with a daughter like you.” He said as she disentangled from me.


“Let’s go inside,Reid would be waking up any time soon.” He said to her,they held hands and went back inside.


Andre was rocking Reid when they went inside,


“He woke up and was asking after you,told him you’ll be back soon,so I carried him so he could go back to sleep.” He said,


Actually what he said was the truth,


Reid had woken up and was asking about his mommy,


“She’s outside with your grandpa.” Andre replied him since Mr Lee was already asleep on the chair,


The boy doesn’t look cold or behave rudely like he was earlier,


He even allowed him carry him and finally he fell asleep in Andre’s arm.



The boy was lightweight unlike Justin,this he found it easy to carry him. Looking at his son,he could feel nothing but immensed joy and happiness,


My son I thought I’d lost is very much alive and the woman I want is taking care of him.


His joy knew no bound.


“Let me take him.” Gianna said to him,thinking he was tired, “No,I want to carry him.” He said,


He’s my long lost but found son,


Let me watch him sleep like I do to Justin.


Since Gianna found no problem with him carrying the boy,she relented and sat down to rest,


She too was tired and also need the rest.


The next day,Andre drove Gianna to one of his newly gotten property,


“Do you like it?” He asked her when they got out of the car, Seeing the outer view of the house,no one could not love the house.


It was more of a stately house with a white picket fence,


The house was painted white too to accentuate the fence and red roofing.


“It’s so beautiful.” She replied, she couldn’t take her eyes off it.


The house has a very large front yard and has a water fountain in the front yard while the back has a large field with levelled green grass, which be used as a mini football field.


It has a tennis lawn and a gigantic swimming pool.


Gianna was awed by the features she saw outside the stately mansion,


Andre seeing her happy had a very fulfilling joy inside him,


Since his mother’s death,he has never felt the need to protect or care for any other woman till Gianna came into his life.


“Mind if we go inside?” He asked her,she nodded in excitement, He lead her inside while his agent went ahead of them,


“And here we’re.” The man announced,


Gianna was surprised,


The house was already furnished.


But it was beautiful decorated,It has six rooms a large living room, two study rooms,a large kitchen with a store room and pantry and a spacious breakfast corner.


“President De Marco,do you like this one?” The agent asked,


Andre turned to Gianna who was still at awe at what she was seeing,


“Gigi,do you like it?” He asked,


“It’s beautiful and..”


“Then it’s yours from now on.” He said,


She didn’t get him well,


“No,what do you mean?” She asked him,


He signalled the agent to give them some privacy,the man nodded and left the both of them.


“Andre what are you doing?” She asked,he frowned,


Isn’t it obvious I’m getting you a new home and not that shack you were living in.


“I’m getting my woman a new house cause she fed me yesternight.” He said playfully grabbing her closer to himself,


“Stop it Andre,” she pushed him away,


“I can’t accept this house,thanks anyways.” She stayed stubbornly, he frowned,


“Why?” He questioned,


“Cause I don’t want to be indebted to you or anyone for anything.” She stated clearly,


What? This woman is so impossible.


She doesn’t want to be indebted to me,so who does she want to be indebted to?


“But you want to be indebted to Dean uh?” He seethed annoyingly,


“You want to be with him right?” He asked again,she didn’t reply, Then he pulled her to him,


“This house’s yours whether you like it or not and get ready tonight,you’re moving in here with my son.” ,


Looking at her sensuous and alluring lips,he bent his head and kissed her passionately,


“Did I make myself clear?” He asked in a hushed voice between kisses, She nodded,


Its no use fighting with him,I’m just gonna do what he says.


“Now let’s go upstairs, you have a job to do there.” He whispered to her,


She frowned at his words,


She knows what those words means.


That evening while packing Reid’s books,a letter slipped from it,


At first she thought it was a love letter Reid must have gotten from one of his numerous admirers and wanted to toss it away but on a second thought, she decided to see what’s inside.



It was no love letter,rather it was an invitation to a Parent-Teacher Conference that had been held,


“Why didn’t Reid give this to me and why didn’t Mr Lee his principal didn’t even inform me about It?” She wondered,


Taking out her phone,she dialled his teacher’s number,


“Hello,this is Reid McKenna’s mom.” She introduced herself,


“Oh Mrs McKenna, how are you?” The teacher asked,


“Well I’m fine thank you,ehm…I was just going through Reid’s books now and I saw a invitation for a Parent-Teacher meeting,”




Well Miss,I didn’t know about it cause my son didn’t tell me about it,…..So is there


any problem? “Gianna asked,


Nothing much,it just that the students from grade one will be going on a field trip next weekend,so I was hoping Reid would be permitted to go with us.”


“Yeah sure,he’ll be coming with you guys.” She said,


Actually,the shooting of ‘Green Love’ would commence next weekend too, At least she wouldn’t have to worry about the boy’s staying alone at home.


“Okay thanks a lot Miss McKenna.” The teacher hung up,


Reid was discharged the next few days and Andre drove both him,Gianna and Tony to the new house,


Although Reid wasn’t happy cause he felt this man is just out to bribe his mommy into loving him but he could do nothing about it than pretend to be happy since his mommy was happy.



“Why are you doing all this?” He asked Andre when he was sure the both of them were alone,


How rude?


His cold self was back to him,


“Because I want our family to be whole,you your mommy,me and your older brother Justin.” Andre replied honestly,


The boy smirked,


“But I don’t want you or an older brother,I just need my mommy to mine and mine alone.” He protested angrily,


“Well that’s one wish I cannot grant you,to leave your mommy? Never.” He smiled,


This father of mine is just out to irritate me.


“I thought you have a fiance and both of you have been engaged for long,why don’t you marry her and leave my mommy alone?” The boy asked,


“Because I want your mommy boy,I want her as my woman and no one can stop me not even you.” He poked the boy’s chest,


“Mommy! This uncle’s bullying me.” He cried loudly,


“What did you just say?” Andre was surprised,


Not only that the boy was pretentious and cunning,he even tell lies,




“Mommy,he’s bullying me!” He cried louder,


Gianna ran into the living room to see her son crying and Andre standing in front of him with a confused look on his face.


“Honey what happened?” She ran to the boy who was crying uncontrollably with a tears smeared face,



The boy pointed at Andre,


“He was bullying me mommy.”


“Reid’s a good boy but uncle was bullying him.” He cried,


She turned to Andre with a frown,


“Why did you bully him?” She asked,


Andre didn’t answer cause behind Gianna Reid was sticking his tongue at him,


This son of mine is a pest.




“Mommy,uncle’s bad and he’s a bully.” The boy said,


“Andre please don’t bully my son again please,”


She turned to the boy,


“Reid let’s get you to bed okay.”


The boy nodded,


“After you mommy.” She went ahead thinking he was right behind her but he stood in front of Andre and gave a cunning and sly smile,


“You should know that you can never win against me.


You can only win when I give you permission to but now,you’re just a loser.” He smirked and left Andre dumbfounded,


What a great actor?


Gosh,the boys a devil.


But I’ll have to show him that I’m his father and no son can outgrow his father.


To be continued

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