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Andre walked Gianna to the restroom,


He wouldn’t want her to go see her son still crying.


That was why he led her here,so she can cool herself.


“Are you alright now?” He asked her filled with concerned,


She wiped her tears and nodded,


“Yes…thanks for standing up for me earlier.” She mouthed,


So she can even say the word thanks?


He smiled back at her,


“Now let’s go look for Reid, he must be worried about you.” The man took her hands and they left the restroom.


“Where’s Reid’s ward?” She asked a nurse, “Reid McKenna.” She mouthed,


“Go down the hall,his room is the last by the right.” The nurse said to her and continued with her duty.


Andre held Gianna’s hand and they walked down to the room.


“Boss, she’s coming.” Agent Lee said in a whisper, Reid adjusted himself well and lay on the bed, Putting on a sick and pitiful expression,


The door opened and Gianna walked in,


“Reid,” she ran to the boy’s bed and hugged him,


“Reid mommy’s very sort for leaving you alone at home.” She was now shedding tears seeing her son laying sick on the bed.


Gosh women are so dumb,especially this one,


Most she have to let down her tears to show how sad she’s.


Andre was finding her tears annoying and also seductive.


“Mommy,Reid’s sad.” The boy said winking to his manager,




Did this boy just winked?


Is he pretending to be sick? Andre asked himself,


God,his son is a cunning child.


“I know baby and mommy’s very sorry,


Tell me what you want to eat,mommy will get it for you?” She stated as a matter of fact,


The boy made a pitiful smile,


“Mommy,Reid wants Crab Cakes and Garlic Shrimps,that’s all.


Reid’s gonna be fine if mommy gives him a kiss too.”


Did this boy just emotionally blackmailed her?


What kind of a child is this?


Andre was shocked on how the boy played sweet recalling how authoritative and demanding he was on phone when they spoke.


There’s a whole lot to this child he still doesn’t know and even his mother doesn’t know that too.


She pecked him on Botha cheeks and he clapped with joy,


“Reid’s now happy with mommy by his side.” Extraordinary everyday from




“Okay,stay good and mommy will go and get your Crab Cake and Garlic Shrimps for you.” She said stroking his hair,the boy nodded.


When Gianna was about to leave,she turned to Andre, “Are you coming with me?” She asked him,


“No,I’ll stay back.” He really wanted yo spend time with his son,


Reid signalled to Agent Lee to follow her,he wants some privacy with this man who calls himself his dad.


“Miss,I’ll go with you.” The man led her outside while Andre moved towards the boy.


He wanted to touch the boys hair when an arrogant and spiteful voice stopped him,


“Who gives you the right to touch me?” The boy asked,


Andre was shocked at the authority and command at which the boy spoke,


No one have ever spoken to him with such command before.


Now he’s seen a child who’s stronger and fiercer than Justin.


“And what do you want from my mommy?” The child asked,


This child’s greater than I thought.


He cleared his throat,


“Do you know me?” He asked the boy,


The child smirked and said,


“Who doesn’t know Alexandre De Marco?”


What a rude child?


I thought he was being sweet and nice awhile ago?


“Okay,you know me but do you know who I am to you?” He asked again wanting to clarify things with the child.


The child rolled his eyes,


“You’re my father of course.” He replied non chalantly,



So he knows I’m his father already.


Did that woman tell him?


“How did you know?” He asked the boy,


“That shouldn’t be your problem.” He said as a matter of fact.


“Are you this rude?” Andre surprisingly asked the boy,


“That’s not the issue here,what do you want from my mommy?” The boy asked,


“What I want from her? I want her as my woman.” He replied the boy,


“How am I sure you won’t bully her, cause my mommy’s very weak and can’t fight you but that doesn’t mean I can’t.” He warned,


“If you ever hurt my mommy,I’ll make sure I send you to your grave.” He said coldly,


Andre was taken aback by the boy’s vicious words,


Kids his age have less knowledge about killing people but this boy says it means absolutely nothing.


“And I’ll have to be sure you love my mommy before handing her over to you, So if you don’t mind,go back to where you came from cause neither my mommy and I need you with us.” His words were cold,


Andre moved from the boy’s bed and sat down on the only available chair in the room.


The boy’s is as cold as ice,


He’s heartless and very rude,


Is that how this woman has been training my son?


To be rude and cruel,



Teaching him about killing and about hating, Or


Has this woman been feeding my son’s head with lies on how I abandoned them?


But he was being childish and sweet and cute….


Why’s he being rash to me immediately she left?


I don’t know what to decipher of this child but time will tell how we get along.


Gianna came inside the room after a long period of silence from the two,


“Here’s your Crab Cake and Garlic Shrimps.” She handed the food to the boy,


“No mommy,Reid wants mommy to feed him.” He cried innocently,


She nodded and sat beside him and started feeding him the food bit by bit,


“Mommy have some,it’s very delicious.” He offered, He took a bit of it and fed her, Eyeing Andre was from blind spot.


In all,mommy’s going to choose me above any other person cause I’m the first in her heart.


“Mommy,it’s yummy right?” He asked,she nodded.


“Is it better than Reid’s?”


She shook her head,


“Reid’s the best cook in the whole wide world.” She assured him,he nodded and pecked her,


“And Reid’s mommy’s only sweetheart.” He added,airing it enough to annoy Andre,


“Yes,Reid’s mommy’s only sweetheart.” She kissed him,then they began to eat.



Andre stood there for awhile watching the both of them, He felt like an outcast,


First time in his life he felt left out.


He cleated his throat,


“Why don’t we go home and get you some new clothes?


This hospital clothes looks bad on you.” He was looking for a way to be close to Gianna.


“Yes Reid,your skin’s too sensitive and mommy won’t want you to get an infection through this clothes.


Well get you another clothes,what else would you need.” Both mother and son didn’t know what the man was planning,


“Mommy,get me my hmm………” He thought for awhile,


“Nothing,I just want only my mommy with me.” He said,she smiled and kissed him,


“And I think they should move you to another room,this one is quite inadequate and stuffy.” Reid frowned when Andre spoke,


Actually he could have gone for a VIP room but he wouldn’t want to create suspicions, so he went for a low class room,


“I’ll talk to the doctor about that when we leave now. He said,


Gianna went over and kissed the boy,


“Don’t stay up too late,I’ll be back soon.” She hugged him and left with Andre,


“Did you register him for extramural lesson as a kid?” He asked her,wondering how the boy got to be so sharp and very smart.



“No, Reid had been a sickly kid from birth, so I couldn’t stress him by making him go through that gruesome after school lesson,


And him being a very smart kid didn’t needed one.” She replied as they walked down to the door,


“It’s must’ve been very hard for you then?” He asked,


She shook off,


“Yeah but every single moment I’d spent taking care of Reid was the best moments ever.” She said,


She’s really a fighter.


Immediately Andre and Gianna left,Reid stood up from the bed and tapped his Agent, who was dozing off in the chair,


“Take me to her ward.” He ordered, the man stood up immediately and led him to Camille’s room.


When they got there,a man was with her and her mother in the room,


“Pay up my money or else,I’ll kill you.” The man yelled at her,


“Brother Leo,I don’t have money on me now,I’ll pay up later please.” She pleaded with the man and her mother too,


“Please,she’ll pay up later but can’t you see her condition now?


Whoever did this to my mother will suffer for such cruel…..”


“Shut up woman!” The man yelled,


Carol kept shut immediately,


“Don’t you think that all this is Karma,its payback time.You and your daughter are so evil,treating your elder sister like she was a piece of tramp.


The other day,you used her to pay your debt….”


“What did you just say?” Reid’s angry voice boomed from the door,



Everyone turned to the boy’s direction,


Fire of hatred and anger was already emitting from his eyes as he walked towards them.


To be continued.

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