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“What did you just say?” The kid asked again,


Leonardo felt annoyed,


Why would a small boy interrupt him,


“Hey little boy,what’re you doing here?” He asked but the back didn’t back down,


He walked in front of the man with arms at akimbo he stared,


“What did you say she did with my mommy?” He asked again,


Everyone present except Agent Lee was shocked at the boy’s audacious words,


“Reid this is no……” His glare made Carol shut up,she’s never seen the kid so


furious as this before.


“How much does she owe you?” Reid asked the man,


“Hahaha,do you think this is a child’s play? I’m a thug and not your daddy.” Leonardo said,


“The boy frowned,


How dare this man think low of him?


He turned to his Agent,



Agent Lee, ” he called, The man ran to him,


“Yes Sir.” He replied humbly getting to the boy’s side,




Why’s this man referring to Reid as Sir?


Camille and her mom was shocked,


Firstly was the fierceness and furiousness the boy portrayed and now this man calling him Sir.


No,there’s more to this.


Reid turned to the man and gave a sly smile,


“You see I’m ready to pay you her debt and even extra if you tell me what she did to my mommy Gianna.” He was acting coolly but it was very much visible the hatred that was blinding him.,


“Well she owes me seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” the man lied,expecting the boy to back down at the astronomical price but rather,


The kid smiled,


“What if I give you one million dollars for you to tell me.” Reid said with a flat but expecting tone,


Everyone was wowed,


How’s this kid gonna get such money?


See how flimsily he called it like it means nothing?


“Reid you should………” His glare made her choke on her words again,


“Boy are you pulling my legs?” Leonardo asked the kid, Though he wasn’t taking him serious,



“Agent Lee, give me my checkbook.” The man handed a bank checkbook to Reid who wrote skillfully on it,


He signed it and handed the cheque to Leonardo,


Seeing the cheque the man was awed,


He has been in the street got a very long time and he sure knows the difference between fake cheque and real cheque,


Indeed this child’s cheque is real,


“Well I’ll tell you since she’s your mother,


The other day your aunty here tricked your mommy to coming to pick her up from the bar,


But actually, she wanted me to sleep with your mommy to pay her debt,”


Reid frowned,


This woman dare trick her mommy like that?


He was condoning his anger so he’ll react last.,


“And I heard too she was the reason your mommy got fired from her job and other bad things she and her mother has done to your mommy.” He said satisfied at himself,


“You did you touch her?” The boy asked him,


“He shook his head,


No didn’t had to,a man came in and chased me away from the room.”He replied him,


Reid nodded,


Had this man had touched his mommy, he would have murdered him right here and now.


“Reid moved towards Carol while the woman started moving backward, It was visible she’s now afraid of the boy.


He stopped and shut his eyes,


Now,he was invoking bad memories from the past,


Memories of Camille hitting him and making him fall down the stairs.


Memories of Carol calling his mommy a slut and slapping her several times.


He brought them up,


He needed this bad memories to be able to have his revenge on this mother and daughter duo.


Opening he eyes,he turned to Leonardo,


“If I pay you two million,will you kill them for me.” Everyone including the manager gasped,


He ran to the boy,


“Boss….” The boy raised his hand up signalling him to keep shut,


Anyone that hurts his mommy is likely to be killed.


“Reid son,please don’t do this to me,I promise I wouldn’t hurt you again.” Carol pleaded,


“I’ll not be disturbing you and your mommy again… I’ll be a good grandma to you…” She pleaded but the boy smirked and turned to Camille who was still dumbfounded,


“Remember a few day ago,I told you to watch me make you pay?


I’m keeping my promise,I don’t go back on my promise.” He wrote an extra one million dollar check and gave it to Leonardo,


“The job is all your,please me and you’ll benefit from me.”


He couldn’t believe a merely seven year old boy has just ordered his grandma and aunt killed.


The boy’s is no ordinary child.


While Agent Lee found the boy’s payback too cruel, Death?


He looked at the mother and daughter duo who are now crying uncontrollable,


He felt no pity for them,


Who he felt very pitiable for most was the boy,


They’d been the one who’d pushed the kid into this.


They’d also be the one to force Gianna into that surrogacy years ago and has been the one spreading rumors and taunting her about son, her bastard son.


So now he felt no ounce of pity for them but he was very cautious with the boy,


Kids his age aren’t suppose to be carrying such pains and bad memories but its now a part of him,its like more of a baggage to him and he fears for the boy’s life. He can’t grow up healthy like this


The boy sure needs help.


When they came to the house this time,Andre came inside.


When he passed the door,his forehead hit the frame.


“Ouch?” He cried she turned to him and her head,


“Why didn’t you say sorry?” He asked rushing after her,


“Sorry..” She mouthed and walked into the kitchen,


Gosh,this house is too small.


He looked around the living room and sighed in frustration,


Is this where my son grew up?


In this chicken house?


He walked to the small hallway, and then into Reid’s room.


The boy’s room was quite small,


There a a bed with blue sheets and blue blanket,


A few stuffed toys was on the bed and a table lamp,


There’s also a dressing drawer beside the bed and a full length mirror opposite the bed.


He noticed the adjoining door and decided to go in and see what’s inside.



It was actually Reid’s study room,


This small room was well arranged,


Books on the shelf,neatly arranged.


Pens and pencils in the right stand and books carefully packed on the table.


He moved to the table and took out one of the books, Opening it he found it was more like a drawing book,


But the only thing was that the drawings seem to be professional and really……


“What are you doing in there?” Gianna voiced asked from the door,he turned,


“Reid would have been so angry if he’d seen you there,” she took the book from him and carefully lay them back when dragged him out.


“Is he that seclusive?” Andre asked the woman,she nodded and took out the laundry,.


That child is a neat freak.


Waiting at the room for hours so Gianna would finish up,he lay on the bed and slept off.


When she finished,she was quite hungry,so she went into the kitchen to make something for herself


Coming back to the room,she met Andre sleeping on Reid’s bed, She smiled,


Looking at the man who lay on her son’s bed,all she could see was a handsome king,


He’s as handsome as a god.


She was still drilling on the man till he stirred,


He even sleeps in his kingly grace just like Reid, The boy never kicks,sleep talk or even sleep walk.



He sleep like he’s being watch by people and one little mistake would make him lose his life.


In all,her son sleeps like someone who has been receiving royal etiquette for years,just like this man.


Both father and son are the same,they have almost same personality,


If not that Reid’s a sweet child while this man here’s far from sweet,he’s very cold and so demeaning.


“I thought he never gets tired?” She asked herself aloud,


“Even if he’s handsome as a god,does he think he’s one?” She shook her head and turned to leave,


“I might not be a god but I have two times their capacity.” He boasted and she frowned,


So he was never asleep,


Getting up from the bed,he looked at her,


“I’m hungry.” He said,


He hadn’t had time to eat since,


So now he’s hungry.


“I only made Spinach Noodles and Meatballs and I made if for my……..” Before


she could finish her word,


He stood up from the bed and hurriedly walked past her.


Heading to the dining table,he saw the dish there,


Not even waiting for her permission,


He took the dish and began to eat.


She was quite surprise seeing him eat her home made Noddles, She’d seen him as a very finicky person.



Watching him eat hers,she walked into the kitchen to make another thing for herself.


He came to her with an empty plate awhile later,


“I need more.”He forwarded the plate to her,sroom,ook it and kept it in the sink.


“Well sorry to say this bit there’s no more.” He frowned,


This so why his son is so skinny,


He doesn’t eat much.


“Don’t worry about Reid, his health’s what holding him.” She said to him and walked away.


Taking a few clothes of Reid, she packed it in a bag and dumped it in his car,


“We should be going now,won’t want to keep my son waiting.” She walked into the car,


Taking a last look at the house,he sighed and got into his car then drove away.


No one told her of what her son had done to Camille and no one dares tell her for the fear of given this same punishment,


The boy was asleep when they came into the room,


“Miss you’re back.” Agent Lee stood up for her to sit down,


“Your father came in here awhile ago to look for you,since you weren’t here I told him to come back later.” The man said to her,


Her father was here?


Why didn’t he call her on phone?


Did anything happen to Camille or Carol?


“Okay,I’ll place a call to him now.” She brought out her phone to call the man but soon the door open and he came inside,


“Father.” She went to him and threw her arms around him,


The man was in pains she could see that, “Father,what happened?” She asked the man,


He made her come outside with him,


“I’m so sorry Gigi,I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.” He apologized, She was confused,


“No dad,there’s nothing to be sorry about,you’re the best dad ever.” She said but he continued pleading,


What happened?


“Why didn’t you tell me Carol forced you into that contract years ago?” He asked,


How did he find out?


Over the past few years,she’d made him believe she did that willingly but now the truth’s out.


“I’m sorry dad,” she muttered,


“You shouldn’t be Gigi,you shouldn’t be.


It was no fault of yours,it was my fault and now I’m gonna make things right again.” He said,


“I’m filing for an annulment.” He announced, Gianna gasped,


“What?” She asked,


He nodded.


To be continued.

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