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Gianna was still the talk of the show when Camille showed up,


She’d did turn a few heads but not like Gianna did,


“Who’s she?” Katy asked her friends,


Neither her or them knew who Camille was but her gown was so beautiful, they can attest to that.


“Why are these two girls here to steal our show?” Keith complained,


“I don’t know but one thing for sure is that we need to show them we run the show here.” Katy retorted,


She left her friend and walked toward Camille who seemed to be engrossed in the praises showered to her she didn’t see the woman coming towards her,


“Sister,your gown’s beautiful.” Katy commented her pretentiously,


Camille smiled not noticing the anger in the other woman’s face,


“Where did you get it?” She asked,


“Well,I ordered it from EMPRESS yesterday.” She lied,



Actually,she’d heard about EMPRESS but hadn’t been privileged to be there,so she lied that the gown she’d stolen from Gianna had been ordered from there,


“Wow Madame Bianka did a very good job with this dress.” Katy said stepping on the hem of the gown without Camille’s knowledge,


Feeling she was being flattered, Camille smiled,


“Yeah,it cost quite a lot,just five hundred dollar.” She guessed but Katy knows the gown’s cost.


It’s not from EMPRESS and it worth seven hundred thousand dollars.


She’s being eyeing it for long and had hoped to buy it for the gala but was surprised when she’d gone there and they told her Dean had bought the gown,together with the Mary Klerk summer jewelry set she was eyeing alongside the gown.


So Dean got her this gown?


She was furious and wants nothing more than ripping out this girl’s face.


But if Dean had gotten her the gown why then did he choose Gianna as he partner for the Gala?


She asked herself,obviously not knowing of the relationship between Camille and Gianna,


Is Dean playing the two women?


No,Dean isn’t like that,he barely as time for women talk more of playing two.


“Do you care for a drink?” Katy asked Camille, finding the girls ignorance amusing and useful.


I can use her to get back at Gianna for stealing Dean from me and for stealing my position as the female lead role.


Camille nodded,



A server passed by and she collected two glass of wine,


“Here you go.” She handed one to Camille who accepted it, thinking it was out of the woman’s kindness,


“Thanks.” She mouthed and took a sip from the wine,savoring it taste,she took another sip.


“Well,I’m Katy and you’re?”


“I’m Camille.”


“Nice to meet you Camille,” Katy extended her hand for a handshake,


“The pleasure’s mine.” Camille took her hand,smiling at each other,they let go of disengaged their hands.


After walking around the hall for awhile and exchanging pleasantries with some other top guests and artistes, Katy turned to Camille,


“You know Gianna uhm?” She innocently asked, Camille almost choked in her drink,


“Uh,you said?”


Katy smiled,


“I said,do you know Gianna McKenna?” The woman repeated her question.


Why’s she asking me about Gianna?


Should I say yes or just lie that I don’t know her?


“Yes,I know her,she was my senior during my high school.” She said,it wasn’t a lie though,


Gianna had been her senior during their high school days.


“Do you know who she’s with tonight?” Katy asked,


“No,who’s she with?” She actually didn’t know Gianna was Dean’s partner,she only knew she was chosen for the female lead role.


“She’s with Dean,Dean Wilson.” Katy said with hatred in her voice,


Dean? How come Gianna is with Dean?


Camille was stupefied.


“Well,you see Dean was supposed to be with me but Gianna warmed her into his bed and he chose her over me.” Katy pretended she was in tears,


“That girl is such a bitch,how can she stoop so low as taking someone else’s partner.” Camille spat in disgust,


At least I’m not the only one who’s out to harm her.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Since Katy is Gianna’s enemy,why can’t she be my friend.


“Well she did it and I’ve been made a laughing stock amongst my friends because of her.” She pointed to Gianna who was smiling heartily with some directors and Dean by her side.


Camille felt pity for Katy,she can’t believe her step sister is as vicious as this.


“I want to get my revenge on her.” Katy said, Camille looked at her,


“Can you help me get my revenge on her?” Katy pleaded, Camille nodded,


“I’ll help get your revenge,Gianna is a vixen and must pay for her despicable crimes.” She retorted,


Katy smiled inwardly,


She couldn’t believe it will be to easy for her to get Camille against Gianna,


But little did she know Camille had her own selfish motives.


Seeing Gianna’s beautiful gown,Katy smiled,


“Here’s what I want you to do,I want you to spill this drink on her and act like it was unintentional.


At first, she’ll have to ruin Gianna’s dress then she’ll go on with the next plan after that’s done.


Camille collected the drink from Katy and walked towards Gianna.


Unknown to the two girls,Andre had overheard their plan,so he decided to use it to his advantage.


He watched as Camille walked towards Gianna,


She clumsily bumped into her and spilled the drink on Gianna’s gown.


“Ouch!” Gianna cried as the drink spilled on her,


“Oh sorry Miss…..”


She looked to see who’d spilled the drink and saw Camille, “I’m so sorry Miss,it was an accident.” She lied,


Gianna knew it was no accident, Camille had done that on purpose but that’s less of her problem now,she just want to get out of this dress.


“Gosh my dress is ruined.” Gianna cried to Dean,


A server walked towards her,


“Ma’am if you don’t mind follow me and I’ll help you get rid of the stains faster.” She said to Gianna,



“Don’t worry,go get yourself cleaned,I’ll wait for you here.” Dean said to her and she left with the server.


“Miss,can you come with me?” Dean smiled to Camille, she left in tow with him, She dares not say no to the Superstar D.


“Miss please go wait for me in room number 204A,I’ll be right there.” She gave the card key to Gianna who took the card and went to the elevator.


Dean took Camille to one secluded area,


“Why did you do that?” His cold face showed he was not someone to be messed with,


“I didn’t do anything,it was an unintentional accident.” She lied, He caught her arm and squeezed it, “Ah!” It hurts,



His cold glare was enough to make her cripple with fear,


“I’m not under those men that find pleasure in hitting women but don’t stretch your luck with me.” He warned,


He’s no fool,he saw that she did spill the drink on Gianna intentionally. “So why did you do it?” He asked again, Camille’s stomach churned,



Thinking she was going to hurt Gianna,she has offended Dean Wilson. “I’m……Ka..ka..ty.” She stammered,


“Katy asked you to do it?” He asked wanting to be sure,



Camille nodded fearfully and he let go of her,


“Next time don’t you ever try to hurt Gianna or you’ll have me to deal with.” He thundered,leaving her in tears as he left.


The room wasn’t locked when Gianna came,so she opened it and went in.


The room was dark, she not liking to stay at dark places went to get the switch when a hand met hers,


She wanted to scream but the hands covered her mouth to stop her from screaming.


“Who’re you?” She cried,


“Please don’t hurt me.”


“I won’t hurt you.” The voice said,there was a tinge of familiarity in the voice,


Then the light came on,she turned to the person behind her,


It was Andre.


She’d been tricked by him to coming here.


She frowned at the sight of him,


“Where you expecting someone else?” He asked seeing her frown at the sight out him.


He went and sat on the bed,


“Come closer.” He said,


She sighed and turned to leave but he called her back,


“Gianna,you would want to hear this before you leave.” She halted and turned back to him,


“What is it?” She asked arrogantly,


“I know that Reid’s my son.” He said,


Immediately he said the word,she stopped breathing,


He has found out.


“And remember the contract years ago,you aren’t allowed to take any of the kids?” She nodded,


He was right,


Signing the contract made her lost every right over the kids,


She might have given birth to them but legally they’re not hers.


“You breached the contract.” He said,he doesn’t even look angry at all,


“Do you know the consequences of breaching the contract?” He asked her,she nodded slowly,


Since she has breached the contract,she’ll pay him five million dollars and take Reid back to him.


He couldn’t do that,Reid’s her entire life,


She might struggle for the money and give it to him but she can’t give back her son to him.


“Well you have two options, satisfy me or you pay up and bring back my son.” He said smacking his lips together,


Sleep with him?


No she can’t


She has made that mistake twice but wouldn’t make the mistake again.


“I’ll pay you the five million dollars.” She noticed the man wanted to trample on her pride like he did earlier at EMPRESS.



“And my son?” He asked,


No she can’t let him take the boy.


Then an idea pop into her brain,


“I’ll bring the boy to you and pay you your five million, but I don’t have enough on me now, so I’ll pay it little by little.


This woman wants to play smart with me,


“Well I want the five million here and now or you satisfy me.” He was he’ll bent on making love to her tonight or else,he won’t be comfortable.


“I’ll pay up,Dean will transfer the money to you.


The mention of Dean’s name made him angry,


” Will you want to tell him how you owe me five million? “He asked,


No,she wouldn’t want anyone to know she has a son and those rumors spread about her would turn out to be true.


She’d just got into the entertainment world,she wouldn’t want to create a scandal for herself.


This man is so heartless,he loves to take advantage of her helplessness? She frowned,


There’s no way out for her,


Andre had made sure she has no rescue lead,


” I’ll do it.”she mumbled,


“I didn’t hear you.” He stretched his ear with his hands,


The man’s so shameless,


“I’ll do it.” She said louder and angrier but it sounded like a sweet melody to his ears,


“Do what?” He asked again,she sighed,


Does he really want to hear me say those shameless words,


“I’ll satisfy you.” She said,he smiled,


“Now come and do it,come closer.” She took some baby steps forward and before she knew it,


He grabbed her and pulled her to himself,


Kissing her fiercely like he has been hungry for her kiss.


He ravaged her with kisses,making it so intense he bit her lip.


Since her skin was so fragile,his kisses and bites gave her some faint marks on her neck and her shoulders.


Gianna couldn’t do much as she tried to fight him off her.


The more she struggles to resist him,the more intense his kisses became.


Having got enough of her lips,he tore the gown he was wearing and delve into the beauty that lay before him.


To be continued

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