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The first person Dean went in search for was Katy,


How could she have done something like that to Gianna? Seeing her chat with her friends, he went and stood beside her,


“Katy,can I have a word with you in private?” He asked politely while she nodded,


She followed him as he walked to a more secluded area,he won’t want to disgrace her outside in front of her fans or the paparazzi.


“Why did you do that to Gigi?’ He asked her,his demeanor has completely changed,


Did what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”She feigned ignorance but Dean was no one to be fooled with,


He gripped her neck and pinned her to the wall,


Katy has never seen him this angry before, she became scared, “Dean…you’re…. hur…ting….me.” She coughed in suffocation, Dean was in no hurry to let her go,


“Who gave you the right to touch Gianna?” He asked his hand still gripping her neck,


Blood drained from her face as she thought she was going to die there, “Dean…” She cried,


Having regained his composure and let go of her neck,






Dean signed and left her there,


Who’s told him I asked Camille to pour the wine on Gianna?


She asked herself as he left,




She’s the only one that knew of the plan,so she must have told him.


Now I’m gonna teach that middle class idiot a lesson she’ll never forget.


When Dean came back,he’d expected Gianna to be there but she wasn’t.


“Maybe the dress hasn’t dried yet.” Manager Sullivan had told him,so he waited.


But after one hour and the Gala was about to officially begin and she isn’t back,he got scared.


He lost the interest to be there.


What if something bad has happened to her?


What if she’d lost her way and is somewhere calling out to him.


What if someone has hurt or some of this naughty old men had held her captive.


Gianna’s too pure and innocent to be left alone in this wild den called entertainment cycle.


Different silly thoughts ran into his head as he paced up and down looking for him.


“Where’s Dean’s partner?”


“Where’s Gianna?”


“Maybe she might have left,”


“Or she dumped him and went for the unspoken rules.


People were raising different comments on Gianna not being there,


So Dean went in search of her,


Luckily for him,he met the server that’d offered to help Gianna with her clothes,


“Hey Miss, where’s Gianna?” He asked the lady who for one didn’t seen happy to see Dean,


“Who’s Gianna?”Actually she never knew that the woman she’d given to Andre goes by the name Gianna,so it sound alienated to her,


Dean found her reply disrespectful and frowned at it,


You won’t love to hear me the repeat the question. “He said coldly, Emitting a strange but so terrifying aura,he glared at her,


His cold glare scared her,she racked her memory nervously to know whether she has come by anyone by that name,


The woman that man had asked her to lure to the room?


Is she the Gianna this man is referring to?


But it’s over two hours since I’d left her there,


A man had asked me to bring her to executive room 204A,”she confessed,afraid the man might kill her if she dares not to speak,


Dean was shocked,


Who’s the man?” He’d asked furiously,


“I don’t……” He pushed the lady aside and ran to the elevator,punched some control


buttons and the door closed, taking him to the tenth floor,Executive Lounges.


Gianna was almost in the verge of crying,


Andre was kissing her roughly, like he was tauting her,



She fought with the little strength she possessed but he was damn too strong for her,


He made her stay on top of him,


“Pleasure me.” It was an order,


“You’re so shameless.” She cried,feeling disgusted at him,


“Me shameless? You who stole my son and had him for almost eight years now is calling me shameless,” He said to her,he saw her face fell and knew,his words had hit her,


“Or don’t you know how to pleasure a man?” He asked peering at her almond shaped crescent eyes that glitters in the dark room,


“No I don’t.” Her answer was sincere,


Giving birth to two sons and having to take care of Reid, she never had to chance to a flirtatious youth.


And with all the rumors them about her having a sugar daddy and being a baby mama,she was literarily seen as an outcast by her classmates.


And moreover,he’s the only man who had slept with her since then.


“Am I your first?” He asked,tracing his hands down to her curve,she pushed his hands away and didn’t answer him.


He’s her first,


He’ll be her first and her forever,no one has access to her except him, Not even Dean or any other man alive.


Looking at her curves,he smiled,


She seems not to have added much weight after giving birth, she’s still as skinny as ever and he loves her body like it is now.



“Come let me teach you how to pleasure a man.” He pulled her to beside him and got in her,


Trailing his kisses all over her,she cried,


“Please stop.” He wouldn’t stop,he was bent on having her tonight.


Dean came out of the elevator, down the hallway,he shouted Gianna’s name.


“Gianna where are you!” He shouted as he walled down the hallway,


I should have gone with her then,he blamed himself If anything bad happens to her I won’t forgive myself.


Going down the hallway,he heard a lady’s cry from a particular room,


Thinking it was Gianna,he burst the door open with his feet but surprisedly, it wasn’t her,


Rather it was Camille,


She seems drunk while three older men around her,


Laughing at their escapades,


Immediately the door burst opened,they all turned to the intruder, it was Dean,


“Let her go.” He ordered them men,


Dean knew one of them,


He was Don Juan and has a bad reputation of taking advantage of young girls and newbies,


He’s one of the top directors in Denver Tower,so with the promise that he’ll take them to the top of their career,


Young girls flocks around him to gain fame.



He’s currently latching on the Williams sisters Fanny and Keith as their financial backer.


“And what is your business here?” That man asked him,Dean ignored the mans words, went to the bed and dragged Camille out of the bed,


“Dean Wilson,know you’re just an actor in this industry, don’t try act rude just because you’re popular.” The other man said,


Dean didn’t pay attention to them but before he got to the door,two thugs showed up,


“Take the girl back.” They ordered,


“What if I don’t?” He wasn’t going to leave this girl at the mercy of these old perverts,


Dean had a very good skills at fighting,so it didn’t take him much to bring down the two thugs,


“Is that the best you can bring?” He mocked,not wanting to lose face,


Don Juan brought out a gun and pointed it at Dean,


Bring the girl back and we’ll forget the scene like it never happened. “The man threatened still pointing the gun at Dean,


Dean laughed,


It’s like this men know nothing about me apart from my acting skills.


Before the men knew what was happening, Dean pushed one of the men to Don Juan who pulled the trigger and the bullet sank through the man’s chest,


Leaving the other two dumbfounded and scared,he dragged Camille to a safe corner and went back to search for Gianna.


” Gianna!” He called out again,



She heard his calling and pushed Andre off her and stood up,


She was moving towards the door when Andre called her back,


“Would you come back here and continued with what we’ve started or you want me to come open the door so he’ll see you like that?” He was quite angry but nevertheless, he don’t want to let her go. She looked at herself,


She won’t want Dean to see her like this,with hickeys and bite marks all over her neck,


“Now be good and come back here.” She wanted the ground to open and swallow her,


Is this man always this vicious and insatiable,


She’d spent over two hours trying to pleasure him but he still craves for more.


She slowly walked to him and he grabbed her wrist pulling her to him,


“Aargh!” She cried as she hits the soft bed.


Dean heard her cries from outside and started banging the door,


“Gigi,are you in there?” He asked nervously


He continued to knock harder and banged louder but the door didn’t open.


He was still there when Alan came,holding a bag,


“Who called you over?” He asked the stylist,who was also surprised to see Dean there,


“President De Marco asked me to come here and get someone dressed.” He replied the man,


“Should it be the woman he wants me to dress up is Gi…..” Dean glared at him,



“Shut up.” He ordered almost slapping Alan,


When did Dean start losing his composure because of a woman?


Hmph,woman are poison.


When. Adrian finally opened the door,the first pair of cold eyes he met was Dean’s,


The terrifying aura emitting from both men was enough to frighten Alan,


This men should fight here please, he prayed.


When the two men battled an eye contact


war,he couldn’t even cough out loud for the fear of facing the men’s wrath.


“What did you do to her?” Dean asked arrogantly, not minding he was talking to President De Marco,the latter moved slightly from the door so Dean can see Gianna who was still laying on the bed.


Mere looking,one would say nothing had happened between them because Andre looks like he hadn’t done anything out of the way.


His suit still looks impeccably elegant and Dean couldn’t detect any intimate play.


Dean wanted to push his way inside but Andre stopped him,


“She’s resting and I want Alan to dress her up,so you can wait outside.” He said not breaking the eye contact,


This two men are always full of themselves,especially President De Marco.


Alan sighed and went into the room with one of his female stylist.


“How dare you touch her?” Dean asked when he was sure the door was locked,


“What I do to her is no business of yours Dean,she’s my woman and I won’t let another man covet her.” Andre retorted,


“How shameless can you go?”


“Getting a woman through this upper hand means,you’re shameless Andre,very shameless.” He spat,


“I’m shameless for laying with my woman and you who latch yourself around a woman that doesn’t want you…..”


Dean sent a blow across Andre’s face,the latter who hadn’t see this coming staggered back to the door but didn’t react.


“Gianna has right to choose who she want to be with and bet me Dean,you’re in the least of her list.” Andre spat venomously and left the place.


“You’re a bastard Andre!” He yelled after him,


Gianna would definitely choose him not the beast in human form.


To be continued

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