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Gianna wouldn’t stop crying and cursing,


Andre was just watching her,slightly amused at the way she was crying,


She cries like a toddler who has been refused her favorite toy.


When her cry became intense and her eyes were getting redder,he stood up and strode to where she was standing,


“Stop crying.” He said,she didn’t stop,


“Why should I stop crying?


When you treat me like your pawn,


I had feelings too Andre,


I have emotions,


I’m human just like you.


Why treat me like an object,


An object you can use when you feel like and drop it when you feel like. Treat me with respect,I’m no object Andre, I’m a human with feelings.”




Her words were hurting,


He pulled her in a hug and made her rest her head in his shoulder.


“Do you feel that way?” He asked,she didn’t answer,she was still busy sobbing.


Women are too fragile and dumb.


They cry over silly things.


“I know you see me as a monster,



But it’s because I want you and I don’t want another man staring at you or trying to steal you from me.” He said,


She sighed,


Why does this rich men find it hard to say sorry,


It’s like when they say it,they’ll lose their life or get strip of their possessions.


“Stop crying.” He said again.


Though she wanted to really stop cause her voice was getting croakier and her eyes were puffy but she wanted him to say sorry first before she stops.


“Stop crying Gigi.” He said again but she didn’t stop,


“Stop crying or else I’ll make love to you here and now.” He threatened.




This man’s so shameless and he’s a pervert.


How can he say such words like they mean nothing.


He looked at her face,


“Are you still crying? Cause I won’t hesitate to make love to you here and now.” He said again.


She dried her eyes and immediately stopped crying,


This man’s sure to do anything when he’s being challenged.


I can’t take the risk.


He kissed her lightly when he saw how obedient she has become when he talked about making love to her.


“Now go freshen up and come down for lunch since you’ve missed breakfast.” He took her to the bathroom then left for her to freshen up.



When she finished and came out,he was standing by the door with some new clothes and undies.


How can he get me undies too.


This mans really shameless.


“Choose the one you want to wear and keep the rest.” He handed the clothes to her.


She expected him to go out when she took the clothes but he came in and sat in the bed.


“Andre please give me some pri……….”


“Like I haven’t seen you naked before.” He muttered under his breathe,she glared at him.


Shameless man.


He stood up from the bed and went outside,


Gianna hurriedly went after him and shut the door tight.


Reid was worried, it was noon already but his mommy isn’t back, He’d called her earlier but all his call was sent to voicemail.


“This is unlike mommy,


Where’d she gone to?” He asked himself.


Agent Lee called,he accepted the call,


“Have they said anything yet?” The boy asked,


“No Sir,they’re still insisting that a man took her from them.” The agent said,


“Make sure they’re held tight,come pick me up now.” He hung up and went to get dressed.


Mommy’s so silly,


Why drink when you know you have low alcohol tolerance?



He picked up his phone and walked to the door.


Waiting for awhile,


A black Rolls Royce pulled over,the boy walked towards it.


“You’re five minutes late.” He said to his manager,


The man put on an apologetic smile,


“I’m sorry boss.” The boy nodded and got inside the car,


While the driver drove it to a serenic place almost outside the city.


It was in form of a warehouse.


Agent Lee ushered the boy out and they went into a room.


Two men were tied to a seat and the men look tired and all bruised.


Reid stood in front of the men,


“I promise I don’t know where she’s.” One of the men coughed,


“Who took her from you guys?” Reid asked them,


“It was a man,he’s tall….


Almost 1.89 meter tall and……he’s very…..kingly and ……very…..aristocratic..”The




Reid knew for once who the mysterious man is,


Alexandre De Marco


So mommy’s with daddy and that’s why she didn’t come home to me or even call me.


The boy felt wronged.


Now this father of his has come to share him mommy’s affections,



Soon his twin would join too and he would have to share his mommy’s love and care with them.


This feeling hurts him a lot.


Looking at the men for once again,he turned to his agent,


“Let them go.” He ordered and left the warehouse while his manager went in tow.


Andre didn’t let Gianna go home that day,


Though he lied he wanted her to stay with him for awhile but deep down he wanted her to stay so he’ll be sure she doesn’t run off to Dean once she gets out.




He’s an insecure and possessive psycho.


She was finding his presence overbearing,so she decided to go to the balcony to get some fresh air when Andre snuck up to her.


“Are you running away from me?” He asked from behind,she jerked,


But seeing him,she sighed and he frowned,


“Andre let me be please,I’m tired.” She complained,


“You’re tired?


Tired from what?” His tone is so indifferent,


“Tired from you and your shameless acts,


Does anything runs in your head if not making love.” She viciously asked,


Well he was already use to her fighting,


He placed his arm around her waist while she protested,


“Andre let me go,I’m tired.” He wasn’t paying attention to her,



He dragged her back yo the room and carefully lay her on the bed even if she was still struggling to run away.


The more she fight,the more he was turned,


He groped her already swollen lips with his ravaging kiss,


When she closed her lips so tight so he can’t kiss further,he bit her.


“Aargh!” She cried,he smiled at himself then continued with his kissing and licking,


Making her neck red with his kisses.


She tried to push him,punch him and even bit him but none had its effect on him,he kept kissing her,


So she came up with a plan,


Since he loves struggling with her,


She stopped struggling and let herself free for him.


“Now do what you want.”


He frowned,


Actually he loved it when she fight with him on the bed.


Her challenging him and struggle with him has a great effect on him, But seeing her stop,he felt bad.


He knows she was doing it purposefully, so he continued to kiss her and even bit her twice but she wouldn’t let a moan escape from her mouth.


This made him sad and mad,


So he stood up and walked out of the room.


She stood up and smiled at her good job,


All of a sudden he ran back inside the room and jumped on the bed,



“If you think you’ve just chased me away with that stunt you just pulled,then you lie.” He cupped her cheeks and started ravaging her face with kisses.


To be continued

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