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After she was sure that Andre has left,she bundled up herself and Reid and they went to Tony’s place.


“Mommy are we going to grandpa’s house?” The boy asked sweetly,she smiled at him.


“Yes,remember mommy told you about a Gala party she’ll be attending?” She asked him,


The boy nodded,


He already knows about the Gala party before she found out,


Dunnex Toy Empire are among its sponsors,so he has great knowledge of it,


“You see,Mommy’s going for it,so shell want you to stay at grandpa’s for the night.” She said,


Not that she couldn’t leave the boy for the night,


After all the Gala ends after midnight,


But she was scared,


What if Andre try to take the boy when she isn’t around?


She couldn’t take such risk,not especially with Reid.


“Okay Mommy.” The boy answered innocently,


Actually, he’d sent information to his agent,he wants to gather information on the man that dares bully his mommy,


Hell deal with the man later,now he has to follow his mommy to grandpa’s.


Shortly after Reid’s sixth birthday,he’d a relapse.


The boy being born prematurely, had great history of being sickly,he’d spent almost his childhood days at the hospital.



He has a congenital heart defect and also gets hyperventilation, so he isn’t allowed to be under stressful conditions.


But that day,he’d played helped his mommy out with working around the house and had played much,so his health slide,


After the celebration, Gianna was busy cleaning the dishes when she heard her son’s scream,she ran to the living room and saw the boy on the floor,


He was unconscious,


She ran to him,took him up and ran hysterically to the hospital,


It was so strenuous for her during that period, cause she had to juggle two jobs and her son’s care.


Reid who had regain consciousness after two days of staying at the hospital was so sad for his mommy.


During this period, he’d finished the missile toy car he was drawing on his mini laptop,


Actually,he was competing in a science fair and had drew the missile car to work on it.


But before that,something unexpected happen.


A day before the science fair,he received an email from an unknown group, they wanted to buy his drawing.


The boy had little idea on the drawing,he decided to sell it to them for a nine figure,


He was so shocked,


How can those people buy an ordinary toy car for a nine figure.



Being suspicious, he decided to run a check on the group and he found out that the name of the group is,


Hurricane Group and they produce firearms and weapons of all type, They’re the leading group in firearms,dangerous to the core.


Seeing the boy’s potential, they decided to employ him, Even though they didn’t know he was merely six years old,


He drew missiles and firearms for them and they pay him awesomely. When the boy became their regulars,


They bought him a sixty percent share in their toy company, Dunnex Toy Empire. They’d given it to him cause the company was at it lapse of bankruptcy,


But with Reid’s appearance, the company bounced back to life under six months of his being a shareholder.


He drew the designs of toys they’ll work on and had it over to them and they produce it.


He became the mastermind of the company success,


Since then,he’s being in control of everything going on in the company and only two people knows of his identity,


Agent Lee,his right hand man and his manager, And


Chairman Armando,chairman and president of Hurricane Group.


He owns about five coastlines,one in Europe and in Asia,two in North America and one South America,



Passages of goods through his coastlines, earns him more than five billion dollars yearly


With him as the chairman, Dunnex Toy Empire, got into a new light,it became the leading company for toys and also it created branches in different countries of the world.


Recently, they’d bought a fifteen acres land and turned it into Fair.


Dreamland Fair.


The Hurricane Group had been pleading with him to officially join them but he’d refused,


He wouldn’t want to involve himself into their ruthless dealings.


And they’ve has also invested in Denver Tower’s new movie,’Green Love.’


With all this assets,Reid McKenna is said to be a real prodigy.


But one thing he couldn’t do so far was letting his mommy know about his dealing,


How could he explain to her that her beloved son is into firearms and smuggling,she might hate him for life and that’s one thing he can’t stand,


His mommy hating him.


So for now, he’s gonna play the sweet boy to his mommy until its finally right to tell her who he really is.


When they arrived at Tony’s, he was in the living room watching ten pm news with Carol.


“Gigi,you’re here.”The man stood up to welcome them,


“Good evening dad,good evening mom.” She greeted,


Tony replied but Carol acted like no one greeted her.


“I saw you on TV, you got the lead role.” Tony said smiling,


“Congrats.” Even though he wasn’t in full support of her acting,he trusted Gianna so well she won’t mess herself up,


Carol smirked,


He who was reprimanding his biological daughter a few days ago to abstain from the entertainment cycle is encouraging his adopted daughter to go on with it,


What a two faced man.


She wanted to leave the living room,when she caught sight of the designer’s shopping bag Gianna was holding,


It was an Emperor Armani designer’s shopping bag,


Where had Gianna gotten money to go for such expensive things?


Then she recalled Camille telling her last night that Leonardo had complained to her that Gianna had a very wealthy and powerful financial backer and isn’t the type of person he would want mess with.


Eyeing the bag,she walked into her room.


When Camille came back,she saw her father and his filial daughter and grandson in the living room,she walked past them without greeting and went to her mom’s room.


She’s angry,she’d gone to see Leonardo for him to get her an invitation card to the Gala but the man had refused to help her even though she offered her body in return of the card.


That night,Carol told her about the designer’s shopping bag shed seen with Gianna earlier,



Camille resolved in her mind to steal the bag when Gianna isn’t around.


When Gianna came back from her morning run the next morning,she was shocked at the mess her room was in,going to the wardrobe to see if her clothes were still intact,she found out that the designer’s bag containing the clothes and jewelry was gone.


“Who did this?” She cried,


Reid came inside and was surprised to see their well arranged room in a great mess,


His mommy’s designer’s clothes were missing,


He knows who did this,


Aunt Camille.


He wanted to place an order for another gown but he couldn’t when he overheard his mom talking to someone on phone,


“Dean,I’m so sorry but I can’t make it to the Gala….”




“The gown you got for me got missing,someone broke into my room..” She cried, “Gigi don’t worry,I’m coming to pick you up now,let’s go get another one.” He said,


She’d expected him to be angry but here he’s pleading for her to come out so they can go shopping for another gown.


“I’m at Hills road now,you can come pick me up from there.


After the call,she ran into the bathroom to freshen up and came out with a yellow sunflower gown,


It accentuates her beauty and made her skin fairer than it already is.



“Mommy looks so beautiful.” Reid complimented her as she came out of the room,


She bent towards him and planted a kiss on his forehead,


Thanks son and you’re the most handsome boy mommy’s has ever seen.”He flushed,


Her words still has it’s effect on him.


Reid’s rather possessive when it comes to her,


He doesn’t want anyone stealing her attention from him,


He’s promised himself that he would stay with her till he’s very old and they’ll only care for each other.


He doesn’t like it when she carries any other child or say anything other child is beautiful or handsome,


He wants to be the most handsome son while she’ll be the most beautiful mommy in the whole wide world.


Watching her leave,his heartaches,


What if some day,his mommy start liking another man and will want to marry him?


He’ll support them only when he’s sure the man would protect his mommy very well and will give her everything she needs and won’t bully her.


But that’s not now,it might be in the future,so for now,he’ll enjoy his mommy’s love and care to himself.


To be continued.

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