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Coming out the house,he looked across the street


A black Rolls Royce Phantom was waiting for him there,


Reid adjusted his black overall clutching his cell phone,he walked majestically to the car,


The door opened and an older man walked out,


“Director Reid,good day.” The man greeted him,Reid nodded and got into the car,


The man went in after him,


“I got information on the new movie ‘Green Love'”, The man brought out his laptop and placed it on his laps,


Dean Wilson is the male lead,now they’re still in search of the fem…..”He looked at the man coldly and the man froze,


“I thought I’d asked you to make my mommy the female lead?” He asked him again,


“Director Reid,she’s going for the audition and from the look of thing,she’s bound to be the female lead even without our interference.” He explained shitty scared,


He’s boss might be a kid but he’s no one to be messed with especially in things concerning his mommy.


She was his reverse scale.


He’d met the boy about a year and some few months ago and he’s the only one who knows what the boy’s capable of doing.



When he was first sent to meet the boss,he’s being so eager to work for the person who has bought about sixty percent share of the company’s assets,


But he was more shocked when he found out that his new boss is none other than a six year old kid,


At first he though the kid was playing a prank on him but after a few more authentication, he found out that it was no joke,


The kid was actually his mysterious new boss and with the boys high level of IQ and EQ,he couldn’t help but be astound at the prodigious boy he’s working for.


“And what if she doesn’t get it?” The kid asked,


He kept shut,his boss was a type of person that keeps his promise whether good or bad,


Since the man didn’t reply,he decided to do it for him,


“I’ll cut out fifty percent of your monthly salary.” The man swallowed hard,


He knows his boss would do it, so he prayed earnestly that Gianna get chosen for the female lead role.


Out of the hundreds of girls who applied for the position, only ten were chosen for the audition and Gianna was among the chosen ten,


“Who’s she?” The girl’s asked themselves as Gianna walked into the director’s office with Dean holding her hand.


“And why’s she with Dean…” Another asked,


Three other girls came out from the elevator, they were chatting at smiling at each other,



“Hey see,its the Williams sisters and Kate Lawrence.” Everyone turned towards them,


“They’re so beautiful.”


“We love you Katy!”


“The Williams sisters are so lovely.” Their fans continued to praise them while the girls walked majestically to the audition room.


These three friends have been in the entertainment circle for long and has gained so many reputation.


They have lots and lots of fans and followers.


The Williams sisters, Fanny and Keith have Don Juan as their financial backer,


He’s among the shareholders of Denver Tower Entertainment House.


While Katy has Alfredo Hernandez as her financial backer,


He’s too is among the directors of the entertainment house.


Not to mention the unspoken rules of entertainment circle they’ve all indulged in.


The girls were booming to success.


The girls were a star.


During Gianna’s first audition, the directors were all stunned,


She might be a newbie but has a good acting skills,


Gianna portrayed the role of Emily so well,director Selden was certain she’s the one for the movie.


“She’s is just like Emily coming out of the novel itself.” He’d told Dean when they finished the audition that day.



“Gianna,Director Selden said you’ll have to come back tomorrow for the finals.” Dean told her after the whole audition stuff,


It was already night and she was in a hurry to go home and eat the dinner her son has prepared for her.




“Meanwhile, after the finals,there will be a Met Gala party at the Grand View for all the supposed actors and actress,I would want you to come with me.” She smiled,wanting to refuse the offer


“Don’t worry,its been hosted by Denver Tower and you must be there but I want you to me my partner.” He made himself clear,


Then someone interrupted them,it was Kate Williams,


“Dean!” She rushed past Gianna and hugged the guys,


“I didn’t know you were back in town till I saw you on TV yesterday.” She said not wanting to release him from her hug,


“Katy,Katy let go.” He slowly pushed her away so as not to make her fall.


She was still smiling at him,


“Yeah, I came back some few days back and has been busy since,ehm…We’ll talk later on,as you can see I’m in the middle of an important discussion with Gianna here.” He took Gianna’s hand and walked away leaving Kate dumbfounded,


“Who’s she that made Dean walk out on me?” She was red at the embarrassment,


Actually, she’d came over to ask him if he’ll want her to be his partner of the Met Gala that’s coming soon but he didn’t even give her a chance to speak because of that girl.



She furiously walked out of the place before anyone noticed what has just happened.


Camille was so angry when he got home, they didn’t allow her enter the tower cause the security men said that anyone for the position should have an application letter,


She wasn’t with one though,actually she’d gone there empty handed,


The only thing in her bag was a copy of Green Love novel and her makeup kits.


And the worst was that she can’t even compose a letter talk more of an application letter to one of the biggest entertainment company in the States.


She continued lurking around the building till it was night and she went back home frustrated,


“How can I get an application letter?” She asked herself as she paced to and fro the house,


But then an idea struck her,




She could use Gianna’s help to get what she wanted.


She just have to put two and two together to get what she wants.


Gianna was eating the dinner her son has prepared for her when her phone rang,


She checked the caller ID, it was an unknown number,she declined the call and continued with her dinner,


“Mommy,who’s that?” Reid asked her,she looked up from her phone,


“I don’t know who it is.” She doesn’t want to be bordered by it so she told the boy not to worry and continue eating,



But the phone rang again,


It might be Dean?


Maybe he has something to tell me




It might even be from the directors,


She accepted the call but a loud sound deafening her,


“Hello, is this Gianna McKenna?” The caller,a male asked her,


“Yes,I’m Gianna, what the matter?” She asked the caller,


“Well it your younger sister Camille, she’s pretty drunk and can’t go home, can you come get her and take her home?” The person asked, she wanted to refuse,


After all she wasn’t the one who sent her to drink but Camille’s crying voice got her attention,


“Okay,I’m on my way there,send me the address now.” She stood up and looked apologetic to her son,


“Reid,let mommy go get your aunt,she’s in trouble.” She said,the boy’s face was motionless,


She gets into trouble all the time.


“I’ll be back soon okay.” She came over and kissed his forehead,


“Don’t wait up too long.” She whispered to him and hurried out.


Reid lost his appetite immediately she left,he took out the left over food and pack them in the refrigerator and washed the dishes.


After making sure everything was okay, he went into his study room and immense himself with work.



Getting to the place,Gianna discovered it was a club,


What the heck is Camille doing here?” She asked herself as she walked inside,


The notice from the place was deafening,


“Please do you know where Camille is?” She asked a lady,the woman nodded then ask her to follow her.


They got into an inner room and Gianna saw Camille sitting on the bar seat,she was so drunk,


She walked to her and pulled her hands,


“Camille let’s go home.”


As she tugged the girl’s hand,so they can leave


A man tapped her from behind and she turned to him,


The mans look so dangerous and his clothes were so rugged, he Jas tattoos all over his arms.


Gianna shuddered at the sight of him,


“Wow,you’re Camille’s elder sister? You look so beautiful and I know you’ll taste good.” His mannerism was so poor,Gianna knew for one he’s a thug.


He passed a drink at her but she refused,


“You can just commented in here and go back like that, join us for a drink.” She refused it,


She’s very poor at handling alcohol, so she doesn’t dare take it,cause one sip is enough to send her to a drunken state for long.


“No,I’ll just leave now..” She turned to leave bit the man pulled her back,


“I’m so sorry mister but I can’t take the drink.” She cried but the man insisted,when she became adamant, he forced her mouth open and poured the drink into her mouth,


It wasn’t alcohol though rather it was sweeter.


But little did she know it was spiked with Love Hunting Power.


This is a dangerous aphrodisiac that can make someone greedy for sΒ£x,


It’s been sold out in black market and the worst of it is that it’s sold at cheaper rate there making people get it easily.


Any victim of this powder is addicted to sΒ£x for as long as the potency of the drug last,


It can last for as long as seven to eight hours depending on how much got spike in the drink.


The victim can’t get pregnant due to the drugs effect and won’t recall anything that happened when the drug was in potency.


Before Gianna could know what’s happening to her,it was too late,


Her loins were getting warm and she was getting an unusual sensation between her legs.


“Is everything ready?” The man asked his fellows, they nodded and headed him the card key,


“Here’s the key to the room.” He took the key from the man,


“Take her to the car and remember, no one should disturb me tonight.” He ordered,they took Gianna’s from him and together,they all walked to his car.



Andre had just finished his meeting with the board of directors from Hurricane Groups when he saw the man coming out from the elevator,


The man was holding a young girl who seemed like she was drunk. The man latched to her so closely,


Since he didn’t see her face clearly, he didn’t know that the drunk lady was none other than his woman,Gianna.


Leonardo had just lay the girl on the bed,she was murmuring some words and squirming,


Seeing her do this turned him on the more,he licked his lips,


“That Camille is such a devil,imaging paying your debt with your sister’s body.” Two hundred thousands dollar for this beautiful creature in front of him. “Well,I should be lucky that I was given this pretty woman as my pay.” Gianna was so uncomfortable,the heat seem to worsen as time goes by,


She just want nothing than to quench this insatiable desires she’s having.


As the man was about pulling off his pants,someone knocked on the door,


I thought I’d asked those scumbags not to disturb me,


He wanted to ignore the knocking and get to business but it became persistent, Looking at the girl on the bed,he smiled foolishly,


“I’m coming baby.” He went ahead and opened the door,three men in black with cold faces slapped him and he fell back into the room,



“Who’re you guys?” He got angry and wanted to fight back but one of them who appeared to be their boss punched him,


“I didn’t do anything bad,I bought her for two hundred thousands dollars at the club,please spare my life.” Leonardo had never been this scared all his life,


“Next time you don’t mess with the boss’s woman.” The man who had punched him said,


“This boss’s woman?” Leonardo contemplated,


“Who’s this your boss?” He asked the men,


Immediately he said that,Andre walked unto the room,he couldn’t take his eyes off the woman who seem to arouse his lustful desires with her cries,


“She’s my woman.” He answered the man coldly,


The man looked up to see the face of the so called boss,


His face was like something calved out from a god,


He’s tall and has a strong but slender body.


His looks alone can make one freeze.


He’s like an aristocratic lord,


“Who’re you?” Leonardo trembled at the man’s presence,


“I am Alexandre De Marco.” The man said,Leonardo was shocked,


Now he’s offended the States demi god by trying to touch his woman,


His woman?


But this is Camille’s elder sister,



If what this man’s saying is the truth and she’s his woman then he is doomed for.


“Take take him outta here and do take good care of him.” Leonardo couldn’t miss the evil glint in the man’s eyes as they took him away.


“I’m so so…..” The man slammed the door at his face while the other men dragged


him away.


Andre walked to the bedside and looked down at the woman who was squirming,


Waiting for someone to cool her off with his touch,


“Is she that cheap to be bought for just two hundred thousand dollars a night?” He asked himself as he caress her cheeks,


Taking off his shoes and jacket then lay next to her and helped her easen the fire that was burning within her with his touch.


To be continued.

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