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Towards the end of the party,it was getting hotter,


Directors are just out looking for young girls to spike and take home with them to pass out the remaining night.


Predators, lurking around the corner looking for innocent preys to devour.


Dean knows the ways of these men,so he decided to keep Gianna closer,


He didn’t want to let her out of his sight.


This is the most scheming part of the night and he wouldn’t let Gianna be drawn into these predator’s net.


Gianna was seating alone while Dean was attending to some few guests but he didn’t go far,


He’d asked her to come closer but she refused,wanting to sit down after having to stand for awhile now.


Megan walked towards her


( Megan was the girl they met at EMPRESS)


She took out a seat and sat beside Gianna


“Wow this gown looks beautiful on you.” She complimented,


Gianna looked at her and smiled,


The girl placed on hands on Gianna’s neck,


“Is this TEARS OR ROSES?” She asked stupefied,


Gianna didn’t say a word,she just nodded while the other woman continue to look at the necklace in amazement.


“You’re very lucky dear,” Gianna looked at her,


“You’re beautiful and smart,just got the female lead role in Green Love,having Dean Wilson as your boyfriend…” Gianna frowned,


Now she knows where all this is leading to,


“Dean isn’t my boyfriend, we’re just friends.” She made a very high clarification on the last part of the sentence,



“Okay pardon me,he isn’t your boyfriend but your friend but all the same,you’re lucky dear.” Megan apologized,


Gianna wasn’t interested in whatever this woman was getting at,she just wanted to get home and go lay beside her son.


“So what are you getting at?” She asked the woman paranoid,


“I’m not getting at anyone,just wanted to say sorry for how I treated you at the EMPRESS earlier yesterday.” Megan mouthed,


Gianna nodded,


“It’s no big deal, it was just a minor misunderstanding.”The girl looked at her,


You sure have a good heart. Gianna didn’t know what to say at this,so she kept quiet,


“Friends?” The girl brought out her hand,


“Friends.” Gianna took it in a handshake,


“Let’s toast to out new found friendship.” A servant passed holding a tray of wine, Megan took two glasses of wine and gave one to Gianna,


“Toast.” They gently hit the glasses together making a clink sound then Megan drank hers,


“Why aren’t you drinking?” She asked sullen,


“It’s just that,I can’t handle my drink.” Gianna whispered, Megan nodded,


“Okay you have low alcohol tolerance.Let’s get you some juice then.” Megan called another servant,



“Get Miss Gianna a glass of juice,then get me another glass of wine.” The man left immediately taking her orders.


The man came out again with a glass of wine and another glass of juice,


Giving each to the two women, they toasted again and drank their drinks.


Megan stood up,


“Gianna,I got to go now,Paul will be waiting for me.” She pecked her and left while Gianna sat alone.


Manager Sullivan was still helping Dean out cause he was drunk,when someone tapped him from behind,


“Manager,Dean’s partner Gianna,it looks like she’s drunk.” He looked at Gianna who was sitting at the other table,she seems so uncomfortable and her head was almost going in circles,


“Go…take..GI..GI..home..” Dean stammered,


“Even in his drunken state, he still cares about her.” The manager said,


“Help me keep him up while I attend to Gianna.” He left the man with Dean and walked to Gianna,


I thought I had to handle Dean,now I’ll have to handle her too, Why do I get to manage people with low alcohol tolerance?


He helped Gianna up and carried her to the entrance,


It was cold outside and she was cold,


So he took out his jacket and put it on her


He was trying to get Gianna into Dean’s minivan when someone ran to him,


“Manager Sullivan,Superstar D is throwing up inside.” The man informed him,



He looked at Gianna,


This is not good.


He carried her out of the minivan, then went in search of a cab that’ll take her home.


The first three cab had no driver,do he went for the fourth one, A man was inside,


Seeing him carrying Gianna,the man came out immediately and helped the manager put Gianna at the back seat


“Please can you take her to this house for me?” He brought out the scribbled address Dean had given to him.


The cab driver took it,


“Okay Sir.” He nodded, got into the car and zoomed off while the manager walked back inside,


Praying she gets home safely.


As the car drove out of sight,


Another head popped out from the front seat,


The two men smiled at each other,


“Let’s call the boss.” One said to the other,


“Okay.” The one who was driving gave his phone to the other,


“Boss,we’ve got her.” He said to the receiver.


Jasmine was still laying on the bed with Aaron, when his phone rang,


“Boss,the job is done.” The caller said,



“Okay,I’ll send you the address, make sure you send her there.” He said then hung up,


And send the address of Don Juan’s residential area to them.


Smiling to Jasmine,he said


“They have her and they’re taking her there.”


Jasmine smiled,


This is going to be a real scandal for Gianna.


I think I should go one more round for making this plan of your successful. “Aaron said,smiling seductively at her,


She stood up from the bed,


No,Andre must be worried about me now.” She pocked up her gown went to the bathroom to get dressed,


Aaron followed her in,


“Stop deceiving yourself, he’ll wouldn’t even notice your absence talk more of looking for you.” He took the gown from her and ended up making love to her there.


Meanwhile Andre was sick worried,he wasn’t seeing Gianna anywhere but Dean was being held upstairs by his manager.


Where had she gone to?


He looked at his son,


“Justin,have the driver take you home, daddy has to finish something important.”


“But daddy,it’s very late now.What work can’t wait till it’s dawn.”



“Its a very urgent work.” He touched the boy’s hair and signalled the driver to take him home,


While he went outside, got into his Bentley and left the place.


His original plan was to drive to her house and see of she’s safely home but on his way,


His car almost crashed with another cab.


The car just stopped abruptly in the middle of the road and him who was on full speed behind it could step on the break pedal on time,


There by crashing into the cab,


He got out of his car angrily while two men emerge from the cab,


“Are you blind?” One of the men rudely said to me,


Andre who was not much a talker didn’t say a word,he only went to the front of his car to check it any serious damage had been done to his car,


But in the process of checking his car,his eyes moved to the back seat of the other car,


And he saw a young woman in the car,she was asleep,he saw only her hair since she saw sitting down.


The men who noticed he was looking at the lady in the car,moved to the window side to block his view.


“Move out of the way.” It was a terrifying order,the men couldn’t stand his grace.


Andre walked to the window,the woman’s hair was covering her face,so he didn’t see her face but felt a very familiar connection to her,


“Get her out.” He ordered the men,



Like some hypnotized idiots,they scurried to the car and brought the woman out to him,


He shifted the hair on her face,




What’s she doing with them and Why’s she drunk?


Looking at them men,he frowned.


They dare lay hands on his woman.


“Get her in my car.” They carried her gently and placed her on his car and ran back to him,


“Now get lost.” He ordered, they scurried back into their car while he went back to his,adjusted Gianna and drove away.


Instead of going home,he drove her to his beach house in the outskirt of the city.


Taking her out of the car,he carried her into the mansion.


She was mumbling something inaudibly, he carried her to his room and lay her on the bed.


Looking at her,he felt aroused.


Gosh,this woman has really done great harm to me.


Mere looking at her,I just want to rip her off this cloth and make wild love to her……..


Alexandre De Marco, when did you become this lustful?


He asked himself,


The moment you set eyes on Gianna McKenna.


Seeing her toss and turn on the large and soft king size bed,



He helped her out of the gown,then took off the jewelry from her neck,then covered her with the blanket.


He couldn’t bear to stay in the same room with her avoiding the risk of sleeping with her,he went out of the room and rested in the balcony.


He wasn’t feeling sleepy at all,he was restless,


One part of him was telling him to go inside the room and make love to her while the weaker part was pleading with him to let the lady rest.


Feeling so disturbed, he brought out a cigar from his pocket,light it on and inhaled the stuff.


It was already noon when Gianna woke up,with a splitting headache,she looked around the unfamiliar room she was in.


“How did I get here?” She asked herself,


“Cause you were so drunk,you couldn’t go home.” A male voice,she turned to the voice and her eyes met Andre’s.


She frowned,


This shameless man.


Was she really drunk and he brought her here?


She slightly opened the blanket to look at her legs,


“Don’t worry,we’d quite fun yesternight?” He said mockingly,


Gosh,I’m naked.


She was only in her panties.


The man walked towards her as he saw color drain her face.


“You were so wild last night and I enjoyed every bit of it .” He said to her,


She wanted throw him the pillow beside her but her hands on time,


“You’re so shameless!”


“You’re a pervert!”


“How can you take advantage of my drunken state to fill your selfish desires,Andre?”She said angrily,


He loves every bit of her anger and leaned closer to her and whispered to her,


” Didn’t I tell you that you’re my woman and I have right to you whenever I want.”


“I hate you Andre,you’re a bastard!” She pushed him away and stood up from the bed


He frowned,


So many women are praying earnestly for the opportunity to be on the same bed with him but here she is refusing like he’s a deadly disease.


She realizing she was naked except the white lace undies she was wearing,ran to the bed and grabbed the blanket,covered her nude body,she picked her phone and left the room.


She was down the hall when her phone rang,she looked at the caller ID,


It was Dean,


Smiling like a teen in love,she accepted the call.


“Hey, how’re you doing?” His groggy voice asked through the phone.


“I’m fine though,just have a headache but it’ll be gone soon.” She replied him,


Unknown to her,a shadowing figure appeared in the hallway and stood close by,listening to her conversation.


“I’m sorry,I couldn’t take you home yesternight..” Dean apologized, she smiled,



“You don’t have to be Dean,you tried a lot for me and I’m so grateful.” She replied him,


Andre frowned,


This woman’s something else,


She’s being nice and sweet to Dean while with his she’s away angry and ready to fight him.


She’s really something else.


“Would you mind if I ask you out tonight by seven pm,let’s go out for dinner?” Dean voice was pleading,


This is how a man should behave not that jerk that thinks that he can get whatever he wants.


“Okay,tonight by seven.That’s a great idea.” She replied him,


Andre matched forward.


How dare her?


Accept to go on a date with another man.


Before Gianna could say another word,he took the phone from her,


“She isn’t going anywhere with you.” He yelled at Dean,then threw the phone away from the window.


“Andre!” She cried as she heard the shattering sound of her phone.


“How dare you?” She pushed him,


Tears were falling from her face,


“You’re not permitted to call him or go out with any other man,you’re mine and mine alone.” He said and went and seat while she continued cursing him and crying.


To be continued.

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