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When Andre was done with her and was sure the potency of the drugged had worn off,he got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.


He’d lasted almost four hours on her and was willing to go more if not that he noticed she was very weak and can’t bear to carry him again.


When he came out of the bathroom, he noticed her phone was ringing, so he accepted the call after checking the caller ID ” Baby Reid “appeared on the screen,


“Hello mommy,where are you?” A child voice spoke through the phone,


Mommy? So she’s has a child already?


“Reid has been waiting for you and can’t sleep at all.” The boy continued to complain,


“Mommy please come home soon,Reid missing you.”


Andre was baffled,


What irresponsible mother would leave her son at home and go to the club to be…..


“Mommy,are you there?” The boy asked since no one was speaking,


“Well boy,your mommy…” The boy didn’t allow him finish,


“Who are you and what are you doing with my Mommy’s phone?” The boy’s childish and sweet voice was replaced with a more cold and demanding voice,


Andre was shocked at this,


This boy was being a sweetheart awhile ago,


How come he’s authoritative now?


“I’m your Mommy’s boss and we’re busy with a tough job,so she’ll be staying later at the office,


“What office?” The boy asked him doubtfully,


“I though mommy was going for an audition?” The boy argued,


This boy’s so smart,


“Yes you’re right,it part of the audition.” He lied again,



“Okay sir,do make sure you take care of mommy and don’t make her overwork herself.” Before he could say another word,the boy ended the call to his amazement,


He took the phone and threw it into the bin,then left the room to allow the woman sleep well cause if he stayed longer,he might end up giving in to the urge of making love to her again.


When Gianna woke up, she found herself in a strange but very luxurious room,


“How did I get here?” She couldn’t recall anything,


Moving her legs to come down from the bed,her thighs hurt,


“Gosh what did I do?” She was frightened,


She recalled rejecting the drink from a man and he forced her to drink it but anything after that was out of her memory league,


The door opened and she hurriedly wrapped herself with the blanket,


A woman popped her head inside,she was holding a tray,




“Lilian!” She called out,less scared now,


At least she knows……


Wait,how did Lilian know she was here?


“Good morning dear,how’re you feeling?” The woman asked her,she was so embarrassed she couldn’t say any word,


Years ago after that night with the boss,Lilian had been the first person she saw in the morning had asked her this same question,



“The boss said you should take this.” The older woman showed her the pills on the tray,


It’s a contraceptive pills.


Gianna took the pills and swallowed it,flushing it down with the glass of water.


The same man that had deflowered her has taken advantage of her the second time.


It was more of like fate was playing a trick on her.


“There are some new clothes in the bathroom, mind if you go have a shower and change,” Gianna couldn’t say a word,


“I’ll have someone bring your breakfast and change the sheets.” Gianna looked at the sheets,they were so rumpled and was evident of their intense love making yesternight.


“Don’t worry for the breakfast,I’m not hungry.” She said,


“Well,the boss ordered we make sure you eat before you leave.” Lilian persist,


Who’s this boss that he’s to dictate her life for her,


He did that years ago and she tolerated it cause it was for his children’s wellbeing but now she’s free of that contract,so he should tell her what to do and what not do do.


“Okay.” She couldn’t voice out her protest,so she just obeyed and walked into the bathroom to scrub herself.


When she came out,breakfast was already on the table,so she changed into the clothes they’ve bought for her,


Wow,this clothes are of high quality,


They must be very expensive.



When she finished her breakfast of egg and bacon with toast and a cup of tea,she stood up.


My phone?


She rushed to her clothes and searched for the phone but it wasn’t there,


“Lilian please did you happen to see my cellphone?” She asked the woman,


She shook her head and then brought out a new pack of phone,


It’s the latest iPhone model,


“Here,the boss asked me to give you this.Your was damaged.” Gianna took the phone,


How did her phone get damaged?


And why would the boss get her this expensive phone to replace the old and worn out phone he’d damage.


This boss must sure be a very wealthy man and she would really want to see his face.


Like Lilian heard her thoughts, she spoke up,


“Hurry up Gianna,this boss’s waiting for you downstairs.” She turned to the woman,


“Why?” She was scared,he might want to scold her or maybe he might have found out about Reid by going through her phone,


“I don’t know, you won’t want to keep him waiting.” She fearfully took a step forward and followed the woman downstairs to see this so called boss.


Outside the hotel,a Bentley parked by the side of the gate,


Gianna and Lilian walked towards it with the latter leading the way,


“What if this man has found out about Reid and want to take him away,


I can’t let that,Reid’s my only baby,I can’t leave without him.


Her mind was wandering as they approached the car,


Lilian opened the back door,gesturing her to enter but she couldn’t,


The man in the passenger’s seat had a cold aura emitting from him that scared her,she wanted nothing but to take her son and run somewhere he won’t see her.


“Come in.” The man ordered,


She looked at him again and swallowed hard, but Lilian slightly pushed her and the next thing,she was in the car and Lilian closed the door,then went to the passenger’s seat at the front.


The man with her closed the partition between the front seat and the back seat so as to have a private moment with her,


Looking at her,he wanted nothing more than to rip the clothes she was wearing and make love to her in the car but he had to control himself,


Andre when did you become this lustful and insatiable?


Ever since you met this charming woman.


“What do you want from me sir?” She asked him,feeling nervous as he raped her with his eyes,


“Nothing much,I want you.” He said lightly but with great severity,


She coughed,


“You said what?” She hadn’t expected him to say that,


Doesn’t he have any shame at all?


“I want you to be my woman,I want you to be mine.” He said,she took a deep breath,


Now,she’s in for it.


“How much do you want?” He brought out his check book,


“Two million dollars.” Since that man had brought her for two hundred dollars for last night,he’ll do her s favor by making his two million dollars,


Immediately she felt insulted by his words, Seeing her frown,he tore out that cheque,


“Is it not enough,two hundred million.” He started writing another check, “Sir,do you think I’m that cheap?” She asked tears filed her eyes,


He was surprised, he’s expected her to be happy but here she’s,shedding tears, “You call two hundred million cheap?” He was astound,


“Sir,if you want to but me I can sell myself to you but can you afford it? She asked wiping the tears from her eyes,putting a more furious look,


Yes,”He boasted,there’s no amount she calls he won’t give to her, “Well Sir,my price is your heart.” She said and he frowned,


He’d expected her to call monetary price but here’s she asking for his heart, Many women would be dying to share his bed and she’s being hard to get,


“Sir,if you can pay with your love for me,I’ll gladly sell not only my body but my whole life too.” She said,



“Sir,if you’re willing to give me what I want,I’ll be sure to come back.” With this words,she opened the slowly moving car and jumped out,


Since the car was moving slow, she didn’t sustain any injury.


Andre was astound as he saw her leave the hotel and hailed a cab outside and left.


She’s really something else but in all,


I’ll have her as my woman whether she likes it or not.


When Gianna got to Denver Tower, the audition has began,


She met Dean at the door of the auditing room, he was actually waiting for her,


“Gigi,how come you’re late, hurry up and go inside it will soon be your turn.”He took her bag and she ran unto the room,


Kate who’d seen how Dean who was always giving them cold shoulder was helping the new girl,she couldn’t help but feel jealous,


Who’s she any ways that Dean has to care for her like that?


With the boiling jealousy in her,she couldn’t perform well during her audition and she got disqualified by Director Selden,


This made her more angrier,


The last straw that broke the Carmel’s back was when she saw Dean helping Gianna rehearse before it got to her turn,


“What’s so special about her that everyone has taken a great liking to her?” She sighed as she left the room.


With Dean’s help and support, Gianna did very well during her audition and the director’s present were so impressed at her performance.


“She has really good acting skills.”


“She’s the Emily we’ve been looking for.”


“Beauty and brain,what a nice mixup.”


“Well Gigi,you did perfectly well,well just have to wait for the result to see who gets chosen but I’m sure as my next breath it’ll be you.” Dean had been so happy for her,


“All thanks to you.” She felt,he was the one who made it more easier for her and he deserves the praises not her.


Taking her to his BMW minivan,he brought out an invitation card and a Emperor Armani designer’s bag and handed it to her,


“The Met Gala is just a day from now,I’ll want you to wear this.” She was elated,


This is how a man should treat a woman,not that stupid boss that was pricing her worth.


“Its so beautiful, she opened the bag not wanting to take out the cloth from it,


There was another box inside the bag,she took it out,


It was a jewelry box.


Opening it,she was astounded at what she saw inside,


It was the Mary Klerk summer designer’s jewelry,a complete set and it’s the only one of it’s kind.


Very expensive that not all nobles can get it,it was meant for the really wealthy and powerful people.


“Isn’t this too much?” She manage to ask,


“Nothing’s too much of a damsel like you.” Dean whispered to her, she smiled at him,



“Thanks a lot Dean.” She showed a great deal of appreciation to him.


When they went back inside for the result calling,Andre,Jasmine and little Justin were present.


Andre turned and saw Gianna holding hands with Dean and smiling with him,


His fury knew no bound,


Not wanting to create a scene in front of everyone,he left the hall.


Director Selden got on the stage,son the murmuring in the hall died down,


Those who were present during the audition already knows the result,


“Hmm Hmm.” The man cleared his throat,everyone turned towards the stage,


“On behalf of the Denver Tower Entertainment and Green Love,I would love to welcome everyone present here tonight,” He smiled,


Justin was with Jasmine at the front when he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he winced,


Not wanting to create a scene,he endured the pain but it became worst,


He tugged Jasmine’s gown but the woman was so busy greeting her friend she didn’t notice the boy’s discomfort,


“Mom….” He winced holding his chest,the woman was so engrossed in her


discussion she has totally forgot about the child with her,


Gianna was with Dean but something caught her attention, it was a boy in the front,


Though she couldn’t see the boy’s face but she could feel the child’s in great discomfort,



“Dean,I’ll be right back.” She let go of Dean’s hand and made her way pass the crowd to the front,


The boy had bent down,one hand in his chest while the other on his knee, She made her way to the front and knelt in front of the boy,


“Are you okay boy?” She placed her hand on his head, “My chest…it hurts.” He cried raising his head up,


Gianna was surprised, shock ad and happy seeing the boy’s face.


To be continued.

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