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For the next two days,Andre refused to let Gianna go back home,


She was tired and vexed,


Actually there was nothing she did for him if not him forcing himself on her when he dim fit and that’s literarily almost all the time.


Gianna though is always jealous of him,cause right after this,


She does nothing than fall right back to sleep while the man who’s always full of vitality go on with his work.


Andre got her another cell phone when he came back from work that night, The first person she called was her son,


“Hello mommie!” The boy shrieked in excitement,


She smiled,


“Yes Reid,how are you?” She asked the boy,Andre snorted loud,


Is he feeling jealous of his son too?


This man’s really some jealous freak.


“Mommy,I’m not fine


Mommy,Reid’s very sad.Mommy didn’t come home to Reid and mommy didn’t call Reid since.” The boy feigned in his childish saddest voice,


“Mommy’s sorry Reid,mommy’s really sorry.” She said,


An idea came to the boy,


He might scare his mommy and she’ll come running back to him very fast,


“Aargh!” He shrieked,


“Reid?” Gianna asked frightened,


“Aargh!” He cried again, then he dropped the phone on the floor,


“Reid! Honey what’s wrong?” Gianna kept asking but no one was speaking,


She ended the call and turned to Andre,


“Please take me home,Reid’s not well.” The man frowned hearing his son isn’t well,


He stood up from the seat while she just changed her clothes and they went downstairs.


Got into the car and Andre drove them to her house.


Reid smiled at himself with his trick,


“Now mommy will leave that man and come running to me.” He got himself a glass of water and sat in the living room,looking out the window to the dark starry night.


No,what if mommy comes and see me healthy and strong?


She’ll not be happy and will say I lied.


He got out from the window side and picked his phone,


“Agent Lee,come take me to the hospital now.”


“Okay but….” The boy hung up and sat down on the couch,


Feeling satisfied with himself.


Gianna was very worried,


“Andre drive faster please.” She urged the man,he frowned,


How faster can I go than this?


He accelerated the car speed,making her jerk backward and hitting her head on the car head rest,


“Andre! Please slow down,do you us to die?” She said angrily,


He stopped the car and turned to her,


“What’s it with you?


I drive carefully,you asked me to go faster. I go faster you complain I want to kill you.”


“I’m sorry Andre but I’m just worried about Reid.” She apologized to him,


He sighed and stared the engine again.


“Have she called yet?” Reid asked his manager as he lay on the hospital bed,


The man checked his phone and shook his head,


“She hasn’t called yet.” He replied,


The boy’s face fell,


Will his mommy choose that man over him,her beloved son?


The manager was quite unhappy too,


Yes for the fact that Reid’s smarter than his age and he’s very capable,


It doesn’t mean she could leave him for almost three days alone at home.


He never expected her to be this irresponsible.


Andre pulled by the street and Gianna rushed out of the car, She ran straight into their apartments but the house was empty,


“Reid!’ She called,


“Honey where are you? Mommy’s back home.” She called out but still no reply.


She began to cry,


God,hope nothing had happened to him?


She was still searching the house when her phone rang,


It was an unknown number,


Maybe this person has idea on where her son is,


She accepted the call,


“Hello,is this Miss McKenna?” The caller asked her, She nodded,wiping her eyes,


“Yes, I’m Miss McKenna.”


“Well,you’re son Reid is in City Hospital. Can you come there now?” The caller asked,


“Yes,yes I’m coming now.” She grabbed her purse and ran outside,


Andre was still waiting for her,she got into his car and turned to him,


“Please take me to City Hospital, Reid’s there.” The man didn’t ask any question, he just turned in the engine and started to drive.


“Is she coming?” Reid asked his manager, the man nodded,


“I scared her,so she’ll be here anytime soon.” He announced,the boy’s lips curved into a smile.


This boy’s so cunning.


The manager shook his head but didn’t say his thought loud.



When they got to the Hospital, Gianna jumped out from the car and walled briskly into the hospital while Andre went to park his car properly.


The first person she was when she ran into the hospital was her adoptive mother,Carol.


“Oh thank heavens,Gianna you’re here?” The woman asked seeing the girl,


Thinking the woman was here for her son,she heaved a sigh of relief,


“Hurry up,the doctor said she needs to undergo a surgery.” The woman said,


Gianna’s heart skipped,


Is the case so serious Reid has to undergo a surgery?


But the doctor had told her that a surgery can’t be carried on the boy now, Be cause of his fragile body,


So he should continue on his medication.


Gosh,she’s so careless,


She shouldn’t have left the boy alone for long.


She followed Carol into a room while the woman kept complaining non stop.


“There’s no way I and your father can get one million,one million for the surgery, So we need your help,Gigi.


We really need your help.” The woman cried,


Gianna wasn’t even paying attention to her, Not until they got into the room.


She didn’t see Reid in the room,


There were some some older women in the room and at the other end,


Where Carol was heading to,


There,a young girl lay,


Her face couldn’t be seen cause it was wrapped in bandages.


Gianna stopped walking,


“Where’s my son?” She asked scanning the room but there was no sign of Reid there,


“Your son?” Carol asked indignantly,


“I don’t know where he’s, you came here for your sister right.” Gianna sighed,


She should know that Carol is a selfish woman and wouldn’t care about anyone apart from herself and her daughter.


She turned to leave but Carol heard her back,


“Are you going to leave your sister here?” Carol raised her voice to gain the attention of the other women in the room,


“I don’t have a sister,she’s your daughter do go take care of her.” She retorted feeling irritated at the woman,


A tight slap ran across her face that sent her staggering back,


“Camille is your younger sister Gianna,


Can’t you be affectionate to her for once,


For over twelve years we’ve taken care of you,


I and my husband brought you out of that orphanage and took care of you. Can’t you just do this for us?” Carol asked in her most pretentious manner,


Some other women turned to her,


“Can’t you help your sister?”


“Hmph,such ungrateful child.”


“We saw you the other day on TV, you were with Superstar D,can’t you be least passionate and help your family?”


“Such unfilial daughter, God should never bless me with this type of child.”


Seeing the women supporting her,Carol went to Gianna,


“You have a very wealthy boyfriend,can’t you ask him to help you? One million is not much money for you.” She said,


“I don’t have any rich boyfriend to get money from and I don’t have money to give you and your daughter.” She retorted still holding her cheeks that was stinging her from the slap she received,Carol frowned


“She doesn’t want to help me,she doesn’t want to help her sister.” She cried while the women seeing her in pain rain more abuses on Gianna.


“She’s a mistress to a very wealthy man still she doesn’t want to help her family.” Another woman said,


Gianna felt like crying but then a familiar voice echoed through the room,


“Who just called her a mistress?” The male voice asked, everyone kept mute and turned in direction of the door,


The man in all his kingly grace walked majestically into the congested room,


He wrapped his arms around Gianna’s waist, “Stop crying please.” He coaxed her,


Raising his head, his eyes scanned the room,


“You said she’s ungrateful and selfish right?” He asked with his cold voice,


“But she sacrificed her youth being a surrogate to help alleviate her family’s financial problem.” He said and turned to Carol,


“And you forced her into it remember?


You treated her life tramp all through the years she lived with your family and you expect her to care for you.” Andre voice was laced with poison, The women who were all supporting her turned against her,


“How can you be so heartless and call yourself a mother?.”


Andre looked at Gianna,


“Come let’s go look for my son.” He took her hand and walked away from the room,leaving Carol to the mercies of the women.


“Carol!” Another voiced called,they all turned yo the door,


Tony stood there furious, he walked into the room and gave Carol a tight slap,


“This is for the pain you’ve put Gigi through all this years.”


Then another slap,


“This is for forcing her into that contract years ago.”


Then another,


“This is for taunting the poor girl for having a sugar daddy when she came home with Reid.”


“And so you know,this marriage is over.” The man stormed out of the room.


While Carol stood back and started crying.


Tony was so mad at himself,


Had he protected his daughter then all this wouldn’t have happened?


He need to beg for Gianna’s forgiveness, for not trusting her then.


He needs her forgiveness.


To be continued.

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