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Camille was so excited with the stunt she pulled,


“Now Gianna won’t be able to attend the party anymore.” She chimed with joy as she prepared breakfast for herself and her mom,


“Aunt Camille!” She turned to the loud voice that called her,


It was Reid,she frowned,


“Why did you steal my mommy’s clothes?” The boy asked her,


His tone was so high,in fact Camille became doubtful,


Is this Reid speaking or someone else speaking through him?


“You’re a thief and bet me dear,you’ll pay for this.” The boy snorted,


“And who’s gonna make me pay,little niece.” She touched the boy’s hair irritated at his behavior,


“Watch me make you pay.” With this he stormed out of the kitchen


Camille was stunned at the intensity on the boy’s word.


No,he can’t do a thing,he’s just a dumb seven years old.


After all, he’s nothing but a weakling like his mother.


Dean drove Gianna to EMPRESS,


EMPRESS is the leading fashion house in the State,


It’s a luxurious fashion shop patronized by socialites and top movie stars,


The shop was highly decorated, From Milan’s Fashion Week handmade tops to Italy range of luxurious dresses.



Its clothes are way expensive and the best,it’s exquisite designs can only be gotten by nobles and the wealthy,


A third class actress can not purchase anything there.


Its not an anybody’s shopping zone.


When they entered the building, they were met by Manager Alan Pierre,he’s the manager to Madame Bianka,the owner of EMPRESS.


Dean and Mr Alan Pierre had know for quite awhile now,so literally they are friends.


“Dean,you’re here,” The man happy the superstar had come to patronized them again,


“Wow, such a beauty,.Is she your girlfriend?” Mr Alan Pierre was astound at Gianna’s beauty,he hadn’t seen someone as beautiful and pure as her,


Dean smiled,


Wish she was.


He looked at Gianna who was red from blushing,


“She’s a close friend and my partner for the Met Gala,” He replied,


“You guys look good together,you can make the perfect couple.” The man complimented,Dean smiled while Gianna was still red,


“Have a seat,” He offered seat to the both of them,


“So what should I get you?” The man asked,


Since Alan was a top designer and makeup artiste and has worked for many top artists,


Dean wants him to personally do Gianna’s makeover and everything…



“I would want you to personally get your most beautiful and exquisite gowns for Gianna to choose from.” He said,


The man nodded,he turned to Gianna and asked her to stand up,


He wanted to see how her body is,so as to know what type of gown would fit her well,


“You can sit down.” She sat down while the man left immediately to search for her perfect gown.


Alan came back some minutes later,holding some few gowns with him and another lady walked in too with some more gowns,


“Miss if you don’t mind,can you follow us to the changing room?” He asked Gianna,


She looked at Dean,then stood up and followed,


Dean waited patiently for them to come out and while he waited another couple came into the shop,


It was Megan Sylvan and an older man,the both were holding themselves like couples in love.


He sighed,


Of all people on earth,why must it have to be her,


“Ah Dean, you’re here.” The girl smiled at him, “Hmm Meg,how are you?” He said hiding his frown,


“Dean Wilson,the Wilson’s brother?” The older man asked,Dean looked at him and nodded,


When they say the Wilson’s brother,they mean his older brother Dane.



He actually is the illegitimate son of his father while Dane was the legitimate son and the head of the family since their parent passed away.


The Wilson hold special powers in the States,


His brother control them all,cause he’s cold heartless and ruthless in nature.


The family was still gaining it’s stand in underworld dealing,they’re smugglers and money launderers.


But unlike his brother,Dean wasn’t interested in all that and that was why his brother sent him abroad at his young age.


He has the passion for acting and not in ruthless dealings. Extraordinary everyday from




Since Dane who was five years older than Dean,doted on his younger brother and father’s illegitimate son,he made sure Dean had his way,made sure he’s comfortable and made sure no one ever bullied him.


With this Dean was the apple of his brother’s eye.


Gianna and Alan came out later,the gown was beautiful but Dean doesn’t like it,


He wanted the best gown,so he stood up and scanned the place,his eyes settled for an elegant and glamorous red gown in the showcase.


“That one Alan,I want that one.” Everyone turned to the gown,


The gown was designed and sewn by the world known designer Helen Swift,it was in noble red.


The top came with a shoulder yarn followed by a small fluffy skirt flowing down from the waist.The silky gown was so exquisite and had all the curves in the right places.


“No Dean,that’s our IMPERIAL JEWEL.” Alan protested, Dean frowned,he wanted the gown no matter the cost,



“Then I want your IMPERIAL JEWEL.” He said adamantly, Gianna was not comfortable with Dean’s idea of her trying out the gown,


It looks so expensive.


“Dean let’s go for another one..” His look made her keep quiet, He wanted this gown for her and nothing can stop him.


Megan seeing that Dean was bent on getting the how for Gianna frowned,


“Paul,I want that gown too.” She whined,the older man who was with her had in eyes fixated on Gianna he didn’t here her speak,


“Paul!” She called louder,the man jerked back to his senses,


“Ehm eh,” he muttered,feeling embarrassed at his lustful thinking towards Gianna,


“I want the gown too.” She cried,tugging the man’s sleeve,


“Let her try it on first.” Paul said to her.


Actually the IMPERIAL JEWEL was meant for one body and only that body could carry it.


Alan was still debating with Dean about letting Gianna wear the dress when another couple walked in,


It was Alexandre and Jasmine De Marco,


Gianna swallowed hard as her gaze landed on Andre,


He was wearing an elegant black suit while Jasmine was wearing a simple but sophisticated velvet gown.


She moved closer to Dean when she noticed Andre was staring at her,



“Alan,get Gigi to try out the gown.” Dean said for the last time not minding Andre’s presence.


“Okay.” Alan went to the showcase and took out the gown then went in with Gianna.


How dare he call her so intimately?


Andre was fuming in anger.


Alan made Gianna wear the gown and he redid her makeover,she looks excellent.


When she came out,Dean,Paul and Andre couldn’t take their eyes of her.


This woman can make an emperor lose his throne.


“Gigi,you looks so beautiful.” Dean managed to say,he couldn’t take his eyes away from her.


Alan nodded,


She’s the only one that can carry this gown.


Seeing Dean complimenting her,Andre frowned,


“It doesn’t look good on her,Alan take it back.” He said, Why?


“But President De….” The man cold glare made Alan keep shut,


“This gown definitely has one carrier but it isn’t her,so let her take it off,” Dean was now angry,


Alan led Gianna back to the changing room and she took off the gown.


This man is so evil,


Why trample of my pride like it means nothing.


When they came out,Alan kept the gown back in the showcase.


Jasmine seeing that Andre has not supported Gianna smiled,


“Andre,I want the gown….I want to try it on.” Alan didn’t move an inch by her




He found Andre’s attitude overbearing but couldn’t dare say it out loud.


Seeing Andre insulting Gianna made Megan happy too.


Gianna’s a nobody and shouldn’t wear the IMPERIAL JEWEL.


“No one touches the gown.” Andre ordered,Jasmine frowned,


She’d expected him to give it to her but here he’s ordering that no one should touch






“Well sorry President De Marco,I want that gown for Gianna.” Dean said arrogantly,


The two men had a very high personality,


It’s no surprise they can go against one another.


“Alan,how much does it cost?” Dean brought out his checkbook,


“Two hundred Million Dollars?” He said looking at the man angrily,Alan couldn’t say a word.


He’s caught between a rock and a hard place.


He can’t dare offend Dean and wouldn’t want to offend President De Marco too.


“Two Billion?” Dean asked again,


“Five Billion?”


“Ten Billion?”


Gianna became scared as Dean increased the billing,


But she loved as he protected her pride which Andre was bent on shattering, She wouldn’t want to cause a fight between this two men,


So she tapped Dean hand,


“Don’t worry about it, I love the other gown not this.” She whispered to him,


Dean anger cooled by her words,taking one last look at Andre,Dean sighed.


“Alan,get the other gown for Gianna.” He pointed at the first gown they’d brought out.


Alan wrapped the gown and handed it to Dean,


“Here’s you money.” He wrote a blank cheque and handed it to Alan,


“Write the price and catch it later on,then remember, you’re gonna get Gianna ready for the Gala tonight.” Alan took the cheque while Dean took Gianna’s hand and they left the shop.


That night,Dean came and picked Gianna from Tony’s house while they went to the hotel and had Alan do her makeover for her there.


The Met Gala was held at Grand View Hotel and many stars were present,the paparazzi were everywhere,so as to get the headline for tomorrow’s news.


Gianna was nervous, she hadn’t been to such parties before, so before they left,she kept asking Dean and his manager questions,


Dean and his manager found her so amusing,


“I can’t handle my drink,so make sure to let me not drink any alcohol.” She reminded the manager,



“So does Dean,he can’t handle his drink too.” Manager Sullivan said,Gianna laughed


“He doesn’t?” She asked again,the man nodded while Dean frowned,


“It’s just the normalities.”He said,loving the feeling that she was with him tonight.


When they went to the entrance, all eyes was on her,


The William sisters who were being praised by the paparazzi got jealous when they all turned from them and faced Gianna.


This girl has just stolen their limelight.


Everyone turned to Dean and Gianna,


She’s so beautiful.


They look so perfect together.


Omg,she’s an angel.


Her gown is so beautiful.


I heard she got signed in to Denver Tower and she’s also has the female lead role in Green Love.


Her name’s Gianna,she just got signed in recently.


She’s so beautiful.


Comments and compliments came from everywhere as they walked inside


Kate Lawrence and the William’s sisters were right across Gianna and Dean,they smirked as the two passed them,


This Gianna of a girl is a vixen reincarnation, see how she stole our limelight. “Fanny complained to her sister and her friend.


For the past years Gala,the three had been the talk of the whole paparazzi but this year seemed different,


Someone is out to top them but that wouldn’t work.



Gianna has to be shown her place, she can’t just come in and steal our show.”Kate retorted and the two sisters nodded.


They’ll have to make Gianna make a fool of herself tonight.


To be continued.

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