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Gianna had mixed emotions seeing the boy,no word could come out from her mouth,


This is Reid’s elder brother,my son.


The son I gave up on so many years ago.


Immediately Gianna touched the boy,the pain vanished,


“Mommy,it’s has stopped hurting me.” He boy said,Gianna for once thought the boy was referring to her and she smiled,


The boy turned to Jasmine,


The woman who’d just realize that the boy was talking to her turned to him,



“You were saying?” She said nonchalantly,the boy frowned and so did the Gianna,


“Is this how they’ve been taking care of my son?” She asked herself,


“Mommy,let’s go home.” He said to Jasmine,who hadn’t noticed Gianna’s presence with them,


Gianna felt so jealous that her son was calling Jasmine mommy and not her,


“Go meet Nana Maurice, I’ll join you soon.” She didn’t look at the boy for once while she spoke,


Gianna couldn’t take her eyes off the boy as hr walked away,


He’s just like Reid just that this kid is more chubbier and well built.


Reid on the other hand is frail and looks younger, the boy don’t seem to gain weight much because of his health.


Justin felt the woman still staring at him as he walked,


He doesn’t like someone staring at him but with this woman,he doesn’t feel angry at her at all,


He’s just having a warm feeling towards her,


“Ma’am, you’re staring at me.” He reminded the woman,who came back to her senses and smiled at him,


“I’m sorry boy.” She mouthed,the boy turned and left,


Gianna was about walking back to where Dean was waiting for her but Jasmine stopped her,


“What do you want?” The woman asked her with a furious face,


“You should know that you don’t have right over that boy,”



Gianna found the woman’s behavior strange but deep down,she knows what this woman is saying is true,


She doesn’t have right over any of the boys,neither Reid nor this little one.


“And if you’ve totally forgotten, you signed a contract that you don’t have…”


Gianna knew what she was getting at,


“I know Miss and I don’t want to get custody of the boy.” She replied not wanting further embarrassment from the woman,


“Mommy,I’m waiting.” A voice spoke, Jasmine turned and saw Justin standing close by,


She couldn’t say what was in her mind again,she just brushed past Gianna and left with the boy,


Gianna was so unhappy when she went back to Dean and he noticed her sad face,


“What happened there?” He asked,she took a deep breathe and shook her head,


“Nothing,it’s just a little boy in discomfort.” She said,he knew that was not all but didn’t wanna push further,


“Dean I’m tired now,I think I’ll start heading home.” She said,she doesn’t want to stay here any longer,


“Can’t you wait for the result?” He asked,he wanted her to stay longer,


“No,I’m so tired.” She said with pleading eyes,Dean couldn’t refuse her,


“Okay,I’ll drop you off at home.” He signaled his manager that he’s coming back soon then left the hall with Gianna.


Andre was outside by his car smoking when he sighted Gianna come out with Dean,



What’s up with this woman?


He wanted to go and drag her with him when another man appeared with them talking to Gianna,he moved closer to hear what they were talking about,


“Ma’am, your son wants you to come with me.” The man said,


Unknown to Gianna,earlier Reid had been upstairs with his agent watching the scene between her and the little boy who looks like him,


“He must be my brother cause we look so much alike.” He’d said to his manager,


Seeing his mother’s happy face at seeing face,he couldn’t help but be jealous,


He wants his mommy’s love and care to himself and he’ll give his whole love and care to her,


He doesn’t want a brother and father that’ll come in and share his Mommy’s love with him.


When he was younger,he’d wished for a father but now he didn’t want one,


His mommy is his mother and father altogether, he doesn’t want any more interference in their lives.


“Reid?” She asked,


How come he’s here?


She looks at Dean who’s more confused,


He shouldn’t know that I have a son,I have to do something fast,


She smiled,


“Oh Reid, tell him I’m on my way.” She smiled casually at the man and he left,



“Dean,I’ll see you at the Gala tomorrow.” She smiled nervously,


Dean leaned closer and gave her pecks on her both her cheeks.


“Take care of yourself, goodnight.” He whispered after the kiss,


She nodded and walked to the direction of the black Rolls Royce Phantom, the man was waiting for her to get in first.


She got inside and saw her son sitting on the passenger’s seat fondling his cell phone,


“Mommy,” He threw himself at her,


“Reid,how are you and what are you doing here?” She asked the boy still hugging him,


“I was worried you aren’t home,so I called Principal Lee to bring me here to see you.” The boy half lied,


He couldn’t tell his mommy that him,her son is not who she think he’s.


He would tell her but definitely not now,


Agent Lee got the message and played along,


“Miss,your son was so worried about you and he pleaded with me to bring here.” The man said in reaffirmation,


“Thanks a lot Sir,” she thanked the man and turned to her son,


“I’m so sorry for not calling since.” She said,the boy nodded,


Meanwhile Andre who was watching the car,got into his and followed the Rolls Royce in front of him and they drove into the dark night.


When they got home,Gianna and Reid got out the car,


“Thank you Principal Lee.” She said to the man and pulled the boy to greet the older man,


“Thanks a lot Sir.” The boy mouthed,


The agent smiled,the boy’s so sweet when he’s with his mommy,


But when he’s dealing with others,he’s ruthless and cold,


Most times,it pains him to see a young boy of his age doing what Reid does,


Kid his age are busy playing with toys while this youngster was busy controlling a Toy Empire,


She took her hand bag inside while she was still outside with the man,


“Sir,I hope Reid doesn’t give you trouble in school?” She asked even though she knows the answer,


“No your son’s is a very good boy,he’s very smart and very sensible.” The man,


Gianna smiled,the man back into the car,


” I’ll be on my way Miss. “He smiled at her and drove away.


Andre who was standing at a relatively close distance,walked towards her,


Hey Gianna! ” He called to get her attention,she stopped at her track and turned to him,


Seeing him,her expression changed,




This man followed her home


Had he seen Reid?


He walked till he was right in front of her and he stopped,


“Wh……you…want…….me” She stammered, it was obvious she was


scared of him,


He cupped her cheeks,


“I want you.” He said casually like the word isn’t a shameless, She frightfully pushed his hand from her fave,


“Let me go.” She was like a scared kitten,ready to fight with the little strength she has,


This single action made him want to drag her to his car and make love to her,


Reid was inside trying to boil water for her to bath when he heard his mommy’s yell outside,he rushed to the window and saw a man standing with her,


With the look of things he was bullying his mommy, Who dares bully his mommy?


Furiously, he rushed to the kitchen and took the lukewarm water and marched outside,


“I want you to be mine.” Andre repeated,Gianna couldn’t say a word than stare at him with hatred,


“I’ll treat you we……” A warm water ran over him,


“Don’t you ever try bully my mommy.” The boy’s fierce voice roared,


Gianna turned and saw Reid holding the empty bucket,she left Andre’s front and ran to the boy,



“Mommy why didn’t you tell me this nerd was bullying you?” He pointed to Andre,who was still shocked at the action of the young boy,


Taking a closer look at the boy’s face,he was stunned,


This boy looks exactly like Justin.


Going down his memory lane,


The doctors had told him his second son died but when he asked for his sons corpse, they told him they’ve buried it,


Does this mean the child had survived and this woman took his child away?


Gianna who was now scared that he has got knowledge of her secret,she pulled the boy inside and shut the door.


No,she can’t let this man take her son from her.


Reid’s her life,she can’t leave without him.


Andre who was too shocked to move was still standing there even after they went inside,


She has my son,


The more reason I’ll want to make her mine.


With head filled with so many thoughts, he walked to his car and drove away.


To be continued

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