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Just by rewinding his memories, he could vividly recalled the night he’d spent with the blindfolded young girl who couldn’t withstand his everything.


He’d willfully taken control of her and he’s eager to do that again


She’s such a delicate girl,like bubble that’ll pop in just one touch but rather,


In front of him,she’s shown her brave side,cautiously protecting her poor pride.


It was girl’s like her that move men to want to protect and care for them and that’s what she has just done to him.


However, this delicate girl has just happened to trigger desires he suppress deep within himself for long.


He wanted her,his body keep raging so bad that the so called ‘formular’ wasn’t simple as afterwards.


He wants her to be his till her last breath.


Seeing how haggard and dirty she was,she couldn’t go and get Reid from school like this,so she took a cab home and changed into another set of clothes,



When she got to the school,the other kids were gone and only her son was left, “Reid!” She called the boy,walking into the school gate,


The lad who’d been waiting for her for long raised his head up,seeing her,he ran to hug her.


“Mommy,what took you so long?” He cried,


Reid has been waiting for you since.”She squat in from of him and hugged the boy,


Careful enough not to release tears and letting her son she how helpless she’s. But the boy was sensible enough to know she is worried, “Mommy,what’s wrong with you?” She shook her head, “Nothing mommy’s just happy to see you.” She lied,


Who’s fooling who?


Mommy’s worried again and her face looks like she has been crying for long, the boy thought.


“Mommy did anyone bully you?” He asked,


He knows his mommy’s weak and people tend to bully her,


“No,no one bullied mommy today.” She said,he still wasn’t convinced but won’t persuade her to talk,


He knows how to go about in all this things.


“Mommy,remember you said you’ll get me crab cake today?” He reminded her, Crab cakes were his favorite and she’s promised to get it for him today.


“Ehm Reid… Could you mind if mommy doesn’t get it today,” The boy’s face fell,



“Mommy’s going back on her words.” The boy cried,


How’s she going to explain to her son that she has lost her job and…


Seeing her worried face even though she tries to hide it with a calm expression, Reid knows she’s troubled,


“Mommy,don’t worry about it,Reid doesn’t even like crab cakes anymore.” He pretended to be happy,so she wouldn’t be more worried,


I’m so sorry I can’t provide for you my precious son.


Seeing the boy good acting,she couldn’t help but smile, Extraordinary everyday from




Reid’s phone rang from her bag,


When she got home,she’d put her line in Reid’s phone to be able to get calls,


Rummaging through her bag,she brought out the phone, It was her best friend Janine.


“Hey Janine,” she greeted,


“Gigi,I’m home! I’m in the States now.” The caller screamed,Gianna had to shift the phone from her ear,


“Janine, you’re back?” She asked surprisingly,


“Yes,I’m back and back for good.” She shrieked in happiness,


“That’s good..”


“Let’s see tonight, its been so long and I really miss you,I want us yo meet tonight,I’ll send the address to you rightaway.” She hung up,the Gianna turned to her son,



While she was taking her call,Reid hid the parents teacher invitation inside his bag and she was too engross not to see his little action.


“Mommy where’s your cell phone?” He asked her,


She has her phone, so why bother put her line in his to take calls?


The boy was sure something went wrong,


“Ehm,my phone fell on the road and a cab driver ran over it.” She lied,


The boy wasn’t buying it,


He knows she’s very meticulous with her phone and that was why she bought him his own,so he doesn’t have to disturb her for hers.


“Okay mommy, let’s go home.” The boy said pulling her hands as they walked away.


That evening,she met up with Janine at a fancy restaurant,


“Wow Janine,you look so good.” Gianna complimented her best girl friend,


“I believe those Australians couldn’t get enough of you.” She said,


“Well,I for one prefer here to there,its good to be home.” Janine said acting all relaxed and peaceful,


“So how’re things going here?” Janine asked her,


“Well,things aren’t going really well,I just lost my job today,” Janine gasped,


Seeing Gianna,one would never know she’s going through a hard time cause she’s good at hiding her troubles,



“Why? What happened?” Janine asked surprised at the employer that could fire such a nice and hardworking person like Gianna,


“Well,it’s a very complicated family stuff,” She said,


“Because of Camille right?” She asked,she already knew that Camille had something to do in this.


That girl came from no good,had done no good and will do no good,


She’s a thorn to Gianna’s flesh.


“Well,since you’ve lost your job I think I might be able to help you get one soon.” Gianna was elated,


“I heard Denver Tower are going on about making a movie about ‘Green Love’?”She said again,


Gianna who wasn’t a fan of entertainment didn’t seem interested in it,


Gigi,they’re looking for a female lead actor, my source said Dean Wilson is the male lead actor, don’t you think you should go for it? I know how much you love acting and wanted to be an actress,”Gianna wasn’t interested in what Janine was saying,


“Gigi.” She poked the girl to get back her attention,


“Janine,I’m not interested and why do you think they’ll chose a nobody like me to be the female lead when they’ve got beautiful actresses like The Williams Sisters,Kate Lawrence and many other beautiful actresses?” She asked mockingly,


“Stop it girl. Haven’t you read the book ‘Green Love’?” Janine asked,


“This movies need someone delicate and serene to play the role of ‘Emily’ and don’t you think you’re that perfect person?” Gianna sighed,


“Do they have another vacant space apart from the female lead?” She asked,



“Yeah,I also heard they need a makeup artiste.” Janine said,


After thinking for awhile,


“I think I might just go for the make up artiste,than going for a big role like the female lead.”


“Okay,suit yourself.” Janine finally gave up, Gianna was such a difficult person to deal with.


To be continued

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