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As Dean and Gianna got out of the elevator, people turned to their direction immediately,


“Wow,that’s Superstar D”


“Who’s the girl beside him?”


“Gosh,he’s so handsome, if he speaks to me,I’ll fly.”


“Is she his girlfriend? He’s holding her so protectively.”


“No I don’t think so,he doesn’t have a girlfriend.”


“I love you superstar D!”




“Dean! We love you.”


“Superstar D is so handsome,I wish he’ll turn and look at me.”


The people especially young girls wowed and threw their selves on them as they duo passed,


Most of them weren’t there for the audition, they just wanted to see Dean Wilson,’ Superstar D’ as they fondly call him.


Thank God for the guards, they were able to get Dean and Gianna out of the crowd,


The ‘wos’ and ‘yays’ was so much,Gianna looked at the man walking elegantly beside her,


He look like a powerful but nice king,with his elegant walking step,



One could tell he was born to the noble or wealthy families of the States. “He’s very popular, wonder why don’t I know him?” She asked herself, She sighed,she knows the answer,


As much as she loves acting,she’s haven’t had the time to indulge herself in entertainment gist and reals.


Or more,social medias,she isn’t really a fan of it and doesn’t indulge herself in it. Andre walked out of the elevator with fury all over his face,


How dare that man take his woman away?” He was so mad and furious,


When he came out,the paparazzi were everywhere he didn’t want to create a scene,so he blend into the crowd,


Since only some few people had seen his face and they’re all noble men who’d come to pay homage to him.


The crowd didn’t noticed the demi god walking through them,


He stood from a relative distance and watched what was going on between Gianna and Dean,


“So you’ll come back tomorrow?” He asked her,she nodded.


“Okay let me drop you off..” He offered,


“No,never mind,I’ll go home by my self.” She said to him,


She still has to go get her son from school and she won’t want anyone to see the boy,fearing of her secret being exposed.


“Okay then.I’ll see you tomorrow by ten am.” He said,



She smiled,


“Okay,by ten.” She turned to leave when the silence between them got awkward,


“Gigi,” he called and she turned,


“Have a great day.” He said after her,she nodded and waved goodbye at him.


Andre,seeing that Gianna had left,he wanted to go to Dean to give him a serious warning when his phone rang,


Looking at the caller ID,it was Justin,


He took the call,


“” The boys word slurred as he cried out and that got him worried,


“Justin! Justin where’re you? Daddy’s coming there right now.” He toss his phone into his pocket and ran to his car,


Justin’s having one of his heart pain again.


This pain is always so excruciating the boy who seem strong can’t withstand it.


Turning on the engine,he zoomed away not minding to call his chauffeur to come drive him.


Unknown to Gianna,Camille had been at the audition and had seen her walked pass with Dean,


“What’s Gianna doing here and why’s she with Dean?” Camille asked herself,


She was jealous and troubled seeing a lowly person like Gianna walking and also holding hands with the Superstar,


Why does good things always come to Gianna?


She’s beautiful and very lovely people always get captured by her charms.



That girl must be a vixen that reincarnation to steal men’s attention.


Now,she’ll have to deal with this wretched adopted sister of hers before she takes everything and leaves her with nothing.


When she got home later at night,she went to her father to tell him about the audition,


Actually,she’d gone earlier without his knowledge,so she did want to tell him in cade if she get selected,


“Father,I have something important to tell you.” She said respectfully,


He was busy with dinner,so he gestured her to wait till he finishes his meal.


When he’d finished his meal,she took out the dishes to the kitchen and washed up everything.


Tony watched her in amazement, and bewilderment,she has never done any chores at home,willingly,


This must be something very important she wants to ask me for.


Waiting for her in the living room,he adjusted his glasses as he saw her coming out of their kitchen


She sat beside him and cleared her throat,


Carol came out,


“What’s the meeting going on?” She asked nonchalantly as she sat across Tony swiping the remote control,


“Mother,I’ve a big announcement to make,” Camille aired, the woman now focused her attention on her daughter,



“I’m going for a big audition tomorrow.” She gladly announced,Carol screamed in happiness,


“In Denver Tower,its for an upcoming movie ehm….whatsititsname again.” She


racked her memory while Tony sighed,


“Green Love.” She said excitedly,


“Camille, wouldn’t it be better if you go back to school and get your degrees than wander about hoping to get chosen in a big movie..” Tony said,the mother daughter duo frowned,


“Father if I get the role,I’ll be paid lot of money and I’ll become famous, then I’ll get you and mother a nice house,a nice car and a…..”


“Camille, do you think the industry is as simple as you think? No,its filled with predators waiting and searching for innocent preys like you to feed on.” He explained,getting angry at her silliness,


“But Gianna’s allowed to be there?” She said thinking her father knew of Gianna going there.


The man frowned,


“Liar,Gianna wouldn’t go to places like that,she’s to mor…” Camille didn’t wait for him to finish before she flared up and turned to her mother,


“Mother I’m not lying,I saw Gianna in Denver Tower,she was walking with Dean,Superstar D.”


“Why’s Gianna allowed to go when I’m not permitted to go.”


Tony was getting infuriated at the girls word about his Gianna, the next thing that followed her running mouth was a slap that shut her up,


“Don’t you ever say such thing about Gianna again!” He yelled,stood up and walked into hhis room,leaving the girl to wail and complain to her mother,



“Mother he slapped me because of that wretched girl.” Camille cried while her mother consoled her,


“Don’t worry,mother’s giving you her permission, you can go to that audition, you have my full support.” Carol encouraged the girl,


Deep down,her hatred for Gianna grew astronomically


When Andre got home,he rushed to his son’s room like he was being chased,


“Justin,” The boy was lying on the bed with his grandfather and Jasmine sitting beside him,


“Father,I’m here.” He called him with his weak voice,


Justin,how’re you feeling?” He asked the boy feeling his temperature with the back of his palms,


This man only shows his sympathetic and sweet side to his son while with every other person, he’s nothing but a fearful Lord.


Jasmine sighed,


The boy didn’t want to say anything with his mommy and great grandfather present and Andre noticed the boys discomfort at their presence,he turned to them


“Grandpa, you can leave now.I’ll take it from here.” Saying this the boy was relieved,


He wants to talk to his father alone.


Immediately they left,he sat up and stared into his father’s eyes.


“Justin what’s it?” He asked the boy,wondering at how the boy was staring,


“I had a dream about mommy.” He said,



“What about to Jasmine?” He asked his son,he hate referring to her as his sons mother or his fiance,


“Not that mommy,it was another woman.She was so beautiful and so caring,she was stroking my head lovingly but this mommy came and dragged me away from her.” He explain,


The boy was dreaming about Gianna…then Jasmine taking him from her forcefully…


“Don’t worry,you’re gonna be fine.” He made the boy lay back on the bed,


He need to call Aaron,to talk about what he dug up concerning Gianna current life.


“Father,stay with me.” The boy’s eyes called as his lips spoke,he took his big palms to stop him as Andre turned to off the light and leave the room


He say back and started stroking the boy’s hair till he was sure the boy was fast asleep.


When Gianna arrived home from Janine’s, she ate what her son had prepared for dinner.


Even being intelligent, Reid had great culinary skills,


His master chef’s skills surpassed his mother’s, so from when the kid was five years and seven months, he began to prepare simple dishes but now,he’s so good at cooking, he doesn’t let his mother cook at home.


He know how to purchase vegetables and meat,he knows that red meat isn’t good for his mommy and she loves her food to be spicy and her favorite so far is his home made Crab cake and garlic shrimps and she loves it more with his fruit splatter.


He’d always told her,



“Mommy’s job is to be beautiful while Reid takes care of her stomach,cause the best way to mommy’s heart is her stomach.”


And he was damn right,Gianna loves and enjoy her son’s food than the ones in Five Star Hotels


“My Reid is a better cook than any other person in the world,he’s the best cook in the world.”


The next morning,she’d fully explained to Reid what she was going to do,so immediately she left,he called his agent,


“Hello Agent Lee,it’s Reid.” He introduced himself,


“Sir Reid,good day.” The man from the other end greeted,


“I want you to run a check on the new movie Denver Tower are working on,check what and what they’re working on and last but not least, I want my mommy to be the female lead,you know what you must do to make that happen right?” He told the man,


“Yes Sir.” The man replied,


“Then come pick me up from my house,I want to personally watch over mommy.


“Yes Sir.” The man replied again,Reid hung up the phone and turned to his computer,


His demeanor has changed,his face is now cold and void of emotions.


He doesn’t seem like the seven years and nine months boy he’s,


Rather now,he’s nothing but greatest and youngest shareholder of Dunnex Toy Empire,the largest toy empire in the whole world.


To be continued

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