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Aaron got the information Andre wanted concerning the woman,keeping it in the boss’s table he turned to leave but Jasmine came right in,


“Where’s Andre?” She asked him haughtily,


“He’s not in,he went for some meeting with…..” He said,she doesn’t care,


Where he is doesn’t matter to her.


When she wanted to leave,her eyes caught sigh of the documents on the table and she strode forward to see it,


Aaron couldn’t stop her,he was just a mere manager and she was his boss’s fiancee,so he swallowed hard,


How’ll she react of she finds out the boss is digging up on another woman?


Like she knew his fears,she turned to him,



“Mind if I see theses?” Actually she doesn’t really need his approval to check this papers,


She opened the file,it was containing details of someone,


‘Gianna McKenna’


The name had some old stirring in her,


She flapped out the pages,not really reading the content of it but stopped when she saw the pictures of the subject,


“I know her.” She said to herself,


She opened the next few pages,it was pictures of the lady and a small boy.


She took a closer look at the boys face and gasped,


“Isn’t this Justin?”


“No,Justin looks more chubbier than this kid.”


“But they..” Her eyes moved to the lady standing with the kid,


This is not happening,


This girl was the surrogate eight years ago


How come she has a child that looks like Justin?


Then she recalled something,


Back then,the woman was pregnant with twin and it happened that one died.


Or did she hide the child for her selfish gain to get into the family.


Most women uses their children to gain status into rich families.


She was really surprised at what she saw,


And now Andre has decided to get information on her,




She opened another page,this time around it was the woman but here was when she




“Isn’t this Gianna from the orphanage?” She pointed to the frail looking kid,


Deep down her memory etched,


Scenes of a young girl defending herself and her,Jasmine standing with her friends accusing and mocking the girl of stealing her jade,


“I didn’t steal it,its mine.” The frail kid cried but the kids wouldn’t believe her cause,she Jasmine was a real princess.


Actually, she’d stolen the girl’s jade at night when the kid was asleep.


When the girl saw it on her she knew immediately that it was hers and decided to get it back but she,Jasmine had lied it was hers and get everyone to believe her.


She’d done that to get possession of the jade cause it was really beautiful but when the wealthy man came and took her as his lost granddaughter, she realized something,


There’s more to Gianna and that jade,that people cannot see.


Gianna is the real young mistress of the De Marco Family and the daughter of Katerina.


Knowing this truth,she decided not to let anyone know of her big secret.


A few years after she came into the De Marco’s Mansion,the old man decided to run a DNA test on her secretly,since she shows no resemblance to his Katerina.


But Jasmine got wind of it,she played fast by bribing the doctors in the hospital to fake the result.


It came out positive, that she’s Katerina’s daughter.


The old man believed her,even though it was so obvious that she isn’t even close in resemblance to Katerina.


‘Maybe,you looks like your father,he’d said to her when the result came out the second time.


If Andre see this,he’ll know of my secret and he’s sure going to expose my true identity.


She took out the files containing Gianna’s childhood pictures and the one she’s with her son,


Aaron was surprised at what she’s doing,


“Ma’am…” She gave him a deadly glare and he kept shut,


After taking the necessary ones,she left just a few with almost no useful details in it,


“Aaron,I’m sure you don’t wanna get me angry.” She walked up to him seductively,


“Make Andre believe theses are the only information you got on her and I’ll reward you greatly.” She trailed her hand over his face,


Which is worst,


Offend the boss without his knowing




Offend his fiance and get punished


Seeing the situation at hand,he nodded,


“I’m gonna keep this a secret between us but you’ll have to do something for me.” He took advantage of the situation and kissed her fingers one after the other,



“You know how much i love you and has secretly wished to have you beside me since the day I met you….” She shut him up,


Now she knows what he wanted,its no big deal to her,


She’s been doing this for long and this is no new thing to her.


“Okay,meet me at Grand View Hotel tonight at eight.” He took her hand and kissed it lightly,


As long as she gotten what she want,she can give in to him.


Now,she’ll have to think of a plan to get rid of Gianna and her son.


No one can ruin her already good plan


No one can take her place as the young mistress of the De Marco family.


On the day of the audition, Gianna got Reid ready for school and dropped him off the school,


She hailed a cab and went to the audition centre at Denver Tower.


The place was so crowded when she went here,from the outside,she’d to push her way in.


Seeing the crowd,she started feeling nervous,


“What if I don’t get chosen?” Taking a deep breathe, she walked into the building boldly and calmly.


In the large hallway,there were so many beautiful girl,sitting down and waiting for them to be called.


“I can’t wait to be chosen, so I can act along side Dean,he’s so charming.” One girl said to the other who frowned,


“In your dreams,I’ll get chosen that role.” She argued,



“Sir please where’s the office of the manager,she asked a security guard,


Are you here for that audition? “Thanks man asked,she shook her head,


Well no sir,I’m here for the makeup artist position.”She corrected,the man smiled,


“Well Miss, you should go for the female lead,you’ll fit in perfectly well.” The man said,she laughed,


“Don’t flatter me Sir.” She said,


“No Miss,I’m being honest…but since you want see the manager in charge…Go upstairs to the fifth floor, the office is by the left.” She directed,she nodded and thanked him.


She was walking out of the elevator when she bumped into someone,


“Oh sorry,I’m sorry Sir.” She pulled away from the man,


Two men in black were behind him,


“Hey Miss,can’t you see.”One of the men rushed to hit her but the man held him back,


“Let her go,Miss,you’re okay?” The man asked,she nodded trying to straighten her rumpled cloth with her hand.


“Yes,I’m fine.” She manage to say,


This man is hot as hell,he’s tall and slender with his slacks showing his nice body shape.


“You’re here for the audition right?” The man asked,


Gosh,this girl is break taking,she’s so beautiful and charming,


Her clothes might be of low quality but it was like the clothes made her look more like a goddess on earth.



“No,I’m here for the position for the makeup artiste.” She said fluently, The man was stunned at her mode of speaking,


“Miss do you know you can pass out as the female lead?” The man lean to her and whispered,


She smiled like what he said meant nothing to her,


“No Sir, I’m not interested.” She politely turned down the man.


He felt aroused by this single action, so many girls would die to have such opportunity but she’s turning him down politely,


‘This man seemed to be wealthy but she doesn’t want to get involved in the dirty plays of these rich men.’


“I can help you get it if you want to.” He said coolly,she obliged, “No thanks.” She turned to walk away but he called her back. “Miss,you wanna see the manger?” He asked,she nodded. “Follow me,I’m going to meet him.” He said smiling,


His smile was so genuine,she followed him at a close distance.


Dean couldn’t help but be astound at the girl beauty.


She’s so pure and so real,


He’d met girls,quite good number of them,beautiful and charming but not one of them had enticed him as this one.


She’s so pure and innocent,


Like Emily coming out from the novel



Him being the male lead knows the qualities of the female lead and he as seen it all in this young girl walking behind him.


“She’s the Emily we’ve been looking for.” He thought to himself.


Director Selden was so angry,


All the candidates present,none of them passed out as Emily,


“Director Selden,what’s matter?” His assistances and the other directors asked,


“All this are trash,none of them match up to the personality of Emily.”


He rumbled the paper and cleared the table in anger,


We’ve been auditioning for over three days now but none of the ladies present match up to Emi…..”


The door opened and Dean walked inside with a young girl of about twenty two years walking behind him,


“Director Selden,you don’t have to worry anymore,I’ve found the perfect Emily for the movie.”Everyone looked up to the woman behind him.


“Here’s the Emily we’ve been looking for.” He said sitting on one of the executive seats available.


Gianna couldn’t argue,


Now this man’s going to make me make a fool of myself now.


“Young girl,what’s your name?” Director Selden asked her,she look up at him,


“Gianna, Gianna McKenna.” She replied and took her eyes from his,


The men eyes her ravishly,



“Gianna can you come back tomorrow for your audition?” He asked nicely,she didn’t even know when she nodded.


Director Selden like the girl at the instance,she has the carrying of Emily,pure and innocent.


She’s the one we’ve been looking for.


Leaving the room,Gianna didn’t look back,she hurried out of the room like a prey that just escaped its predator.


“Hey Miss, wait up for me.” Dean ran after her,she froze and turned.


“Miss,you didn’t tell me your name,” He asked her,all of a sudden her nervousness drained away.


This man seems to be nice,


“My names is Gianna and you’re?” She brought out her hand for a handshake,


“I’m Dean Wilson.” He smiled,revealing his beautiful dimpled chin.


Her hands were soft and lovely,just like a cute stuffed toy.


“Nice to meet you.” She said smiling,


Andre walked put the elevator, the first sight he met was Gianna and Dean in a handshake, smiling at each other,


What’s she doing here? He asked himself,


Seeing Dean hold hand with her made him boil with jealousy.


The two walked past him as he came out of the elevator, they entered and closed it before he could say a word.



Not wanting to ruin his reputation for being cold and heartless,he made the guard leave while he pursued them taking the other elevator.


No one dares get intimate with his woman.

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