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Gianna took out her ATM card from her bag with trembling hands, going outside the thug were still waiting for her.


She went to the nearest bank and withdrew the little thousands of dollars she has there,


Giving it to them, they counted it with a fierce stare,


Seeing it was complete,they strutted away not causing any more trouble.


Back to the company, the manager summoned her and fired her for ‘bringing massive troubled and loss to the company.’


While with those thugs earlier she hadn’t been much scared but now with the realization she was about to lose her job,fear gripped her and her eyes reddened.


She can’t lose this job, she has Reid to take care of and the bills at home are almost due,


“Sir please give me a second….” She pleaded but no avail.


The law came from the directors not him.


Even though he pitied her,he could do little to nothing to save her from this.



Gianna was a very good worker and during the short period she has worked with them,she has proven to be the best worker they’ve got so far.


Knowing she has a son to take care of,out of his benevolence, he promised to send for the the advance of five months payment to her account with the company’s approval.


Gianna couldn’t do much about it,so she went back to the office,packed her few belongings in a box and she headed for the door.


A handful of the workers were sympathetic with her,promising her that they’ll help look for a good job for her while the rest were excited,


To them,she was the main roadblock to their being promoted,she was stealing their limelight,now she out things are about to get easier for them.


One of the persons rejoicing was Ruth,she was Gianna’s coworker but despise the girl,feeling she’s acting like she’s too perfect and therefore making everyone like her including their department head favors her.


Gianna’s annual bonus was far greater than theirs.


Ruth had never liked Gianna,so her leaving was a blessing to her.


While she left the office,she was in tears


“What am I going to do now?” She asked herself,


“How am I going to take care of Reid?”


This is way too much for her to handle


The feeling of not being able to take care of her son is what’s hurting her the most.


Reid was a very intelligence kid,while kid his age still count with their fingers and toes, the boy was wise enough to finish any given maths in seconds.


The teacher at his daycare were so surprised at the boy’s IQ,



He loves to read and knows how to operate a computer,he knows the major and minor components of a computer and can fix it perfectly well.


“He’s so smart and was blessed with a godly and handsomely cute face.” One of his teacher had said to Gianna during a Parent Teacher Meeting,


“Most times,I wish I could just take him home and have him be my son.” The parents of one of his classmate had said to his mother having meeting the boy often,


“Well you can’t, cause I’m just my Mommy’s son.” Reid had said rudely but in his cute face that no one noticed the disrespect in his tone.


He was so well organized and smart that the girls in his class struggle to sit close to him,


This is the part that annoys him most.


Most times when he comes back home,Gianna would see series of flowers and love letters in his bag,unknown to him,kids slip this things into his bags without his knowledge.


‘Secret Admirers.’ Gianna had explain to him when he sees this things and get angry.


Meanwhile, In the De Marco Group,The office of the chief executive officer ( CEO)


Entering ones sight were luxurious fixtures,elegant and extravagant to the core.


A man stood by the window,his vigorous figure tall and slender with towering heights about 1.89 meters,his presence were overbearing.


He was looking out through the window to the buzzling city when the door opened,


A young lady walked into the office,when he turned and saw the person,his frown became deeper,



“Jasmine what do you want?” He asked,


The man was matured and really handsome,he is Alexandre De Marco,the heir to the De Marco’s Group and Empire.


The woman lip formed an arc as she sat down,


“Andre are you busy?” She asked,his frowning face was evident he doesn’t want to see her.


They’ve been engaged for years by his grandfather’s wish but to him,he was his fiancee by name.


He doesn’t love her one bit.


Why’s this man away cold and indifferent towards me? She asked herself,


The only time she has seen him smile is if he’s with his son Justin but with others,he just cold and aloof.


She has tried to get on his good side but no way,she even tried being loving and caring to the boy to get his father’s attention but no,


The boy’s also a replica of his father,cold and indifferent toward everybody.


He might see her as his mother and calls her ‘Mommy’but doesn’t treat her so,he treats her like his fathers mistress.


“What do you want?” He asked in a very high and displeased tone,


“Grandfather said he wants you to come home for…” His looks stop her from talking,


“Tell him I’m busy and won’t make it.” He stood up,took his jacket which hung on the seat arm and put it on.



“I have a meeting to attend now,you go ahead and tell him I won’t come,then next time if you’re coming here,try dress decently.” He said to her casting a hateful glance at her clothes.


Mere looking at her infuriates him,he hated her for the face that his grandfather had forced him to get married to her.


For almost eight years,he’d continued to postpone the wedding date cause he can’t even imagine himself getting married to her.


He walked out of the office without turning back at her.


Jasmine was so angry,she looked at the skimpy clothes she was putting on,


For years she has tried to seduce this man who calls himself her fiancee but each time she get humiliated.


How can a man resist her charming body and an invitation to make love to her.


Slowly she started doubting his potency but when she looks at Justin,her doubts faded away.


He’s the replica of his father,like they were both casted from the same mould.


Since,she was confirmed to be infertile, Andre treats here like an abomination, he can’t even stand her presence in same room with him.


Andre and his driver where driving to Denver Tower for a meeting.


Denver Tower was the biggest production house in the States and the De Marcos owned seventy percent share of the company’s asset.


So any movie that was going to be produced or directed there would have to go through his approval before being contemplated on.


His family owned most of the State’s biggest companies that nothing goes on without their knowledge.



The De Marcos excel in both legal and underworld business making them famous and respected.


They’ve got shares in World Finance Market, so no country can stand against this single family.


Their coastlines spread across Europe, Asia and North and South America making them a very strong Empire.


Andre being the first grandson of the family handles every affairs going on in his grandfather’s stead.


Since the man is old and just a few years from his death,he handed every affair of the company to his favorite and most reliable grandson and under Andre’s supervision, the Empire continue to grow stronger and wealthier by the day.


His ruthless and cold behavior made people scared of him,he’s the demi god of the States.


Many had heard his name but few had been privileged to see his face.


Going to the Denver Tower,they’re about to work on a new movie, so his approval is needed before any other thing.


Gianna was just walking down the street with her box and tears in her eyes,she was at lost on what to do.


“Soon it would be school over and I’ll have to go get Reid from school.” She thought,


“How do I manage from here?” She asked herself,her thought were running wild she didn’t notice the car coming from behind her.


Before she could get away,the car brushed her down scattering her files all over the road.


She fell down with great impact and bruised her knee.


Not knowing whether it was the pain or her problem,she sat on the floor with her head facing down,moisture filled her eyes.


As a kid she was met to face tough conditions,since no one wanted her,she began early to fend for herself till Tony finally brought her home.


She’s not the type of girl to give up easily but now with the event of things,


Paying up Camille’s debt and losing her job,she gave up and that brought great tears to her eyes,making her cry heartbreakingly,


Not far from her,the engine of the Porsche stopped running,the door opened and an exquisite and expensive leather shoe touched the floor,


Looking at the girl in front of him,Andre felt a tinge of familiarity towards her,


Do I know her before?


She looks like a twenty or twenty two year old wearing simple office outfit but a stunning beautiful body.


Even though her outfit looks bedraggled and cheap,it accentuated her beautiful body the more.


The little exposed part of her skin was so fair and flawless,Andre looked at her with great desire but it was masked with a cold profile.


Seeing her bruised knee,he dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out his wallet,


Shoving some dollar bills to her hands,she was still crying but didn’t touch the money,


This woman is so greedy,he brought out a lot more bills and shoved it again,she didn’t touch it.



Rather his rude attitude infuriated her the more.


Since he was young,he learnt something,


‘Money can solve every problem.’


Seeing her refuse his money made him angrier,he took out his checkbook and wrote a blank cheque then handed it to her to fill it up with the amount she wants,


She took it and stood up,


Greedy woman,his head told him,


Facing him,he was shocked to see her,


‘This is the same woman that did the surrogacy eight years ago.’He was shocked to see her,


After that obscure night years ago,he couldn’t forget her face,so beautiful and charming and her voice so soothing like music.


She tore the cheque into pieces and threw it at him,


“I might be poor but hate to be degraded,your money means absolutely nothing to me.” She let the few dollar bills fall to the floor,then she gathered her files and limped away.


If it was to be any other person, he’ll let them pay but looking at her,he was so astounded to see her again,he didn’t get angered at her insult.


He stood there for like five minutes,watching her leave before he turned to his car.


But something caught his attention, she’d forgotten her ID card on the floor,


He bent and picked it up, putting it into his pocket,he walked back into his car,leaving the money there for some peasants to come and pick, he drove away.


Placing a call to his manager immediately,


“Aaron,I’m sending you some something now,I want you to gather information on the person from now till evening.” He ordered,the man replied him and he hung up.


Now he has found her,he isn’t gonna let her slip away.


To be continued.

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