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Episode 9



~🎢🎢 Wetin dey your mind I want to know

Anywhere wey you carry me go I go follow

Girl you making me high Colorado

And I no really mind if I overdose….🎢🎢 ~




Olivia took a sip of her water and watched as the two men before her shared looks. Matteo had a bored expression on his face while Alexander didn’t seem pleased.

” Oh… you’re married to this asshole.” He smirked, not taking his eyes off him.

” Long time no see, Xan. Never knew you were married though.” Matteo chuckled, enjoying Alexander’s bad mood.

” It doesn’t concern you.” Alexander gritted out.

” What do you mean by that, Xan? I’m your cousin so it does.” Matteo said faking hurt. Olivia tilted her head in confusion. So they were cousins? What a coincidence.

” That’s doesn’t mean.” Alexander dismissed.

” Oh, I take you finally left that gold digger of yours?” Matteo asked with slight distaste. Olivia frowned. / Did no one in his family like Celine? / She thought.

” She’s still with me.” Alexander said, folding his arms across his chest.

” Oh, so you left this beauty for an overused hole?” Matteo scrunched his nose in both anger and disgust.

” It’s not your business.” Alexander growled.

” Oh, but had Olivia not been claimed I would have totally taken her away. You should be careful cuz, I held back, that doesn’t mean other will.” Matteo smirked.

” And what’s that supposed to mean?” Alexander frowned.

” It means you shouldn’t leave your damsel in distress, preso quel, fratello? ” ( Translation: Got that brother?)

” Olivia, we need to leave.” Alexander said, ignoring his cousin’s words. Olivia looked down at her empty plate and nodded.

” Thank you for today, Matteo.” She said, offering a small smile.

Matteo grinned widely and raised his glass of wine, before eyeing his cousin mischievously.

” Oh don’t sweat it, mia moglie. Besides, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you more often. ” He smiled as he watched them leave. ( Translation : My wife).

Olivia walked in silence with Alexander till they arrived at the suite. Without a word, she made for her room door.

” I thought you said I wouldn’t have to worry about you being with other men.” Alexander’s voice stopped her.

” I thought you were supposed to be down there with me.” Olivia turned her head to the side.

” Nothing happened between us. But you and I both have a part to play in this. Just a reminder. Good, Mr Payne.” Olivia said and walked into her room, leaving a seething Alexander alone.

She immediately headed towards the bathroom and took a bath as she replayed everything that had happened today. She did nothing wrong, but if Alexander thought she did, then he could punish her. But there was no way she would apologise for talking to Matteo.

Once she finished, she wrapped a towel around her body and sat on the king-sized bed in her room. She heard her phones buzz and quickly picked it up, thinking it was Miss Elle. She was slightly disappointed when she realized it was just Matteo but she was happy nonetheless.

Goodnight Dolcezza(q‒̀ᴗ-) – M


Olivia frowned but then replied.


Are you insulting me? – O


Of course not, sweetheart. – M


Then speak in a language I understand or I won’t hesitate to block you. – O


Your bluntness hurt me, amore. But I’ll try. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be coming to show you more of Italy tomorrow. – M


Okay then. Goodnight.- O


Olivia turned off her phone and placed it on the stand next to her bed. She didn’t want to know how Matteo would find their suite and she didn’t care. All she wanted was to get some rest and see how tomorrow would turn out. She quickly changed into a silk, cream-colored nightgown and laid down on the bed. She could hear faint arguments outside but that was none of her concern. The only thing on her mind before she fell asleep was her mother’s health.




There was a soft knock on Olivia’s door as she brushed her hair by the mirror.

” Come in.” She said, putting it into a neat bun. The door creaked open and Alexander stood by the frame. Olivia glanced at him through the mirror before speaking.

” Good morning, Mr Payne.”

” That’s not my name.” Alexander was quick to reply. Ever since last night when she called him that he hadn’t been completely comfortable. It was like he had been slapped across the face. He wasn’t okay with the idea of leaving her all alone at the beach but Celine had forced him to dance with her and later dragged him back to the suite.

” Alexander.” She hummed getting off the stool she was in and turning to him. She was wear an off white dress that went all the way to her knees. The sleeves were long and it had a deep V-neck. She was stunning to say the least, but Alexander wasn’t going to say that.

” Breakfast is ready.” He said before leaving.

Olivia grabbed her phone and followed him to the table where Celine was already helping herself to…salad? In the morning? For breakfast?

Olivia tried not to cringe at the thought of eating leaves first thing in the morning. In her head, she pictured herself with the head of a goat, munching happily at some lettuce and held back a snort. Not tats she didn’t like salads, but she just couldn’t eat them for breakfast. But Celine….that was all she ever ate.

” Do you ever taste those when you kiss?” She blurted before she could control herself. Alexander halted before turning to her in with a frown. However, the amusement in his eyes were unmistakable. Olivia excused herself from his gaze and wended towards the table where she tried to hide her embarrassment with a glass of orange juice.

They ate in absolute silence, at least until Celine reminded Alexander about somewhere he has to take her. It involved a shoot…or whatever Olivia might have heard. Alexander sighed before telling Olivia that he would be fine for a few hours. Olivia simply nodded, too absorbed in the aroma and deliciousness of her Italian breakfast.

Immediately they finished, Alexander and Celine left the suite and Olivia was back in her room. / Well, at least I have some time to myself. / She thought. Right on cue, she heard a loud knock coming from outside. She exited her room and headed straight for the door. Whoever was knocking needed to calm down.

” Tesoro! Morning.” Matteo grinned from the other side.

” Why were you knocking like that?” Olivia frowned.

” Because, we have a long day ahead of us and absolutely no time to waste.” Matteo said pulling her by the hand.

Before Olivia could say anything, she was being dragged towards the exit. / This should be fun. / She thought with little humor.

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