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Episode 13


* 🎢🎢🎢 Cheers to my friends and clique

When I call demma all pullin up quick

Strapped up with the guns and the swords and things

Bring hell to anybody wey try test me…🎢🎢🎢*




Olivia played temple run on her phone, as the couple before her sucked each other’s faces like there was no tomorrow. Olivia found it irritating.

” I’ll miss you so much baby.” Celine pouted.

” I’ll miss you too. Bye.” Alexander said as she pecked him one last time before getting walking out the mansion and into the car. /She was finally gone/ Olivia thought to herself. She took one last spoon of her ice cream and made her way upstairs to her room.

She took a quick shower and changed into some comfy pajamas. The night was still young and she didn’t quite feel sleepy yet. She laid in her bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. It’s been a few hours since she got back and she’d only got a call from Matteo once. Olivia smirked to herself. He must be really busy now. She couldn’t imagine someone as silly as Matteo concentrating on work.

Speaking of work, Olivia had been meaning to ask Alexander if it was okay to get a job. She didn’t want to feel like a burden to miss Elle by letting her take care of her mother so she thought it would be a great idea to get a job and send some money to them. She was going to get a job no matter what. It wasn’t like there was anything interesting to do in such a big place anyways.

Olivia closed her eyes and took deep breaths as she felt sleep gradually overtake her. So much for not feeling sleepy at all.




Alexander grumbled as he tried to brush his now due hair. He knew a day like this would come after so long of denying his hair treatment. The truth was, that stuff but like hell and it took so long to finish. He’d have to sit down and let his stylist relax, wash, stretch, and do all sorts of things make it look smooth, silky, and overall, not hurt when he brushed it.

His hair was soft, but Alexander had a very sensitive scalp which was why he never, on any circumstance, let anyone touch his hair. He raked his hand through his half strong and half soft hair and sighed. He was done with treatment. He was going to find another way to deal with his hair, but no more treatment.

He used some gel to slick his hair back and was glad it didn’t look too different from the way he felt it was. He adjusted his grey suit and baby pink the before making his way downstairs. He was surprised to meet Olivia waiting for him in the dining room though. He usually was the one to wake her up first.

” I won’t be having breakfast today.” He said clutching his briefcase tightly as he returned Olivia’s gaze.

” Till you return then. There’s something I need to talk to you about.” She said taking a sip of apple juice.

Alexander nodded his head and walked out the building. Today he felt free. No clingy blonde, high pitched ranting, and definitely gold digging. /He was a while new man today/ Alexander nearly chuckled at how relieved he was. He greeted Raphael as he got into the backseat. The drive to his workplace wasn’t quite long but it took time. Time which he used to ponder over what Olivia said. What did she want to talk to him about?

” Good morning, Mr Payne. Welcome back.” His secretary greeted him. He nodded at her and headed straight for his office, basking in his untouched it was as he set off to the day’s work.

Meanwhile at the mansion…


Olivia walked into the millionth room the mansion and sighed. She had asked Benjamin to give her a tour of the mansion since she never really knew where was where and now regrets it. She wondered why Alexander had so many rooms in his house if he was going to stay here all alone.

” Master doesn’t really stay here. He usually lives in his penthouse near his office and only comes here with the rest of his family. But since he’s married now, it’s his home.” Benjamin smiled answering the question in her head.

” Okay. How about you? You seem too young. Are you new here?” Olivia tilted her head.

” No madam-”

” Olivia.” She corrected him. Benjamin smiled nervously before correcting himself.

” Olivia…my parents served his parents for a long time. My dad was a bodyguard and mom was a chef. She gave birth to me there and I practically spent my whole childhood there too. I decided to come stay Master because, well, I was the only one who truly understood his mood swings and attitude.” Benjamin said with a smile. Olivia nodded her head and continued to walk further until she reached a wooden door.

” That’s the library.” Benjamin said opening the door for her. Olivia gasped as she met so many talk shelves filled with books. She and always loved reading but never got the chance to after she finished college. Secretly, might she add. But that was a story for another time. Or not at all. Her past was something she didn’t like to remember but dealt with it anyways.

She gently grazed her fingertips over different books and smiled as the smell if old books and wood filled her nostrils.

” Before master became CEO, he loved to read so much. Especially about Greek mythology.” Benjamin chuckled. Olivia hummed. She never really thought Alexander would be interested in such. Then again, she never gave him much thought.

” It’s almost dinner time. I need to leave. Do you want to stay some more?” Benjamin turned to her. Olivia shook her head. She’d come back another time. Alexander could be home any minute and she needed to tell him what she had planned.

The maids had already finished cooking when she arrived, much to her disapproval so she waiting in the living for Alexander to return.

The office…

Alexander checked his wrist watch and realized it

was getting late. He raked a hand through his messy hair and

sighed. His employees had already left for the day and he

also need to get back home. He preferred working from the

comforts of his bed anyways. He packed his stuff and exited

the building where Raphael was waiting for him by the limo.

Alexander got in and began to scroll through his email

when he saw a text from Celine followed by a nude picture.

He wasn’t quite impressed as nudes made him cringe so he

deleted it quickly and didn’t bother to reply. /At least she knew

he saw it./ He shrugged.

He arrived home soon and met Olivia sitting on one of

the leather seats in the living room. He cleared his throat to get

her attention.

Welcome.” She simply said, before making her way to

the dining. Alexander found it amusing how she never played

when it came to food. He went upstairs and changed into some

sweats before meeting her on the table.

” What did you want to talk to me about?” He said as she

served him some rice.

“I’m getting a job.”

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