Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Episode 10


~🎢🎢…Na you I want to retire with my love

See all the li-ku-ku things you do

Them make me no no

This distance is taking a hold of me for sure

Baby come Ku Lo Sa…..🎢🎢 ~





” Are you sure Alexander is going to be happy with this?” Olivia frowned as Matteo dismissed the blonde waitress who was trying too hard to get his attention.

” What? You’re scared of him?” Matteo snorted.

” No. I just think he should know where I am. Not that I minded but he did the same thing last night, didn’t he?” Olivia shrugged as the waitress came back with their order.

” Which is why you should get pay back.” Matteo said as a matter of factly.

” I’m only asking you because my phone’s dead. Otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince you, you know.” Olivia raised a brow at him.

” Fine. I’ll call him now. ” Matteo groaned. Just as he dialled the number, his phone began to vibrate vigorously.

” Speaking of the literal devil.” He smirked as Alexander’s name flashed across his screen. Olivia listened carefully as Matteo picked the call and kept it on speaker.

” Where the f**k is my wife, Matteo?” He seethed.

” Hmm… someone’s clearly forgotten his manners.” Matteo said feigning confusion. Olivia took the phone from his hands before he could say anything else to piss her husband more.

” Do you need something, Alexander?” Olivia asked right after she took the call off speaker.

” I need you to tell me where you are.” Alexander sounded displeased.

” No need. We’re on our way back.” Olivia replied before hanging up the call. It was getting late anyway. Matteo had practically shown her all of Italy. He bought her so many things against her wish including candied, clothes, bags, shoes, and souvenirs. They even visited nearly all the malls in Italy too.

” Tired?” Matteo chuckled as she handed him his phone.

” A bit. But the thought of going back there just drains me.” She said picking at her food.

” I take it you don’t want to see that slut just yet.” Matteo chuckled.

” I don’t have a choice. Sadly before I get to my bed, I have to meet her.” Olivia said, getting up. Matteo followed suit and left some money on the table.

” You don’t like her?” Matteo asked opening his car door for her.

” I don’t have anything against her. She’s just insecure.” Olivia shrugged as they drove off.

” I call it being a local dog. Bitch to be precise. The lowest kind.” Matteo sneered.

” How do you even know her? She’s Alexander’s girlfriend not yours.” Olivia turned to him.

” She was with my brother too.” He shrugged.

” Does Alexander know about it?” Olivia couldn’t help but ask. If he did, then she would believe he was just like the rest of the men she’d met.

” No. If he did I don’t think he’d even let her near him. My brother is the only relative Can, gets along with. Besides me of course.” Matteo winked at her.

” Is that why you like to frustrate him?” Olivia smiled lightly.

” Of course! If I don’t who will?” Matteo asked as if it were something so big of a deal.

” Does Celine know that they’re cousins?” Olivia frowned.

” Yeah. She met Alexander at a party she attended as my brother’s date.” Matteo sighed, as if the thought itself was getting him irritated.

” You didn’t tell Alexander about it?” She tilted her head to the side.

” No. Will you?” He glanced at her.

” It’s not my business. He can find out for himself though.” She shrugged looking out of the window.

” Do you even like your husband at all?” Matteo chuckled.

” On a platonic level. ” Olivia replied not taking her eyes off the road. There was a moment of silence afterwards until Matteo arrived at the suite and pulled up.

” What about your brother? Is he aware of this?”

” Nah, he’s in the hospital. A coma actually.” Matteo sighed. Olivia decided not to ask any more questions from this point. She simply nodded her head and got out of the car as Matteo followed tight behind her.

Alexander tapped his foot impatiently on the rug beneath his feet as he waited for his ‘ wife ‘ to return. He was beyond livid when he arrived and realized she wasn’t at home. He tried calling her phone numerous times but she never picked and that only infuriated him the more. / Was she having that much fun with his cousin that she’d refuse to answer his calls?/ He thought.

The more questions that filled his head the more livid he became. / How immature / He thought. She should have at least informed him of her whereabouts.

The door opened revealing his wife and the man he so wanted to kill at the moment.

” Where were you?” He seethed furiously.

” Relax, cuz. I just took her for a little sight seeing.” Matteo said rushing to defend Olivia who, on the other hand didn’t seem fazed by what was happening.

” And you didn’t think of informing me. Your husband. About it? And here I was thinking you were mature.” Alexander spat.

” Dude, at least know the reason why she didn’t before y-” Matteo started but Olivia cut him off.

” Don’t.” She simply said. Matteo turned to her with and expression that showed just how pissed off he was also getting. Olivia shook her head at him and he exhaled deeply.

” If you are mad, I’m the the one you should attack. I took her away because there was no-freaking-body here. And here you are mad because she went out when you were the one who left her all alone. On your honeymoon.” Matteo gritted out. Feeling the rage resurface.

” You talk about being mature when you’re the one who walks around with a f**king puttana who wants nothing but your filthy money and deny your responsibilities as a husband. If you ask me cuz, that’s f**king stupid.” Matteo had said this all with calm although his distaste was very evident.

” Leave. Now.” Alexander growled as he took a threatening step closer towards Matteo. Had it not been for Olivia who held Matteo’s arm, only goodness knows what would have happened.

” Matteo, please leave. Thank you for today.” Olivia said softly. Matteo sighed and nodded his head before leaving.

” Explain yourself.” Alexander folded his arms across his chest.

Olivia remained silent as she stared into his golden eyes.

” This better not repeat itself.” He snarled before walking past her.

Olivia made her way to her room and locked the door once she got in. She slumped onto her bed and made sure to charge her phone. She fell asleep quickly, the anger she felt only vanishing for that night.

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