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Episode 8



Olivia rested her chin on her knees as she watched the sky turn dark. The ocean was so beautiful that she just had to take a picture. She had decided to leave Alexander and Celine at the table to watch the waves and drink in the view. They needed their privacy anyway, she thought as she remembered how clingy Celine was being. She drew randomly on the sand and awed at some seashells she would find. So far she was enjoying the trip. She had even called Miss Elle to ask about her mother. She was well, but still hadn’t woken up. Olivia made a mental note to visit her someday.

” Hello there.” She heard a masculine voice say. She raised her head and met with a pair of green eyes. The man standing next to her offered a smile and crouched down to her level.

” You don’t mind if I sit, do you?” He asked looking at her for some assurance. His Italian accent wasn’t thick but it was still there.

” If I said no would you leave?” Olivia frowned staring ahead as the waves crashed.

” Maybe.” The man shrugged. He really was good looking. His dirty blonde hair fell down his shoulders in curls and he was only wearing a tank top and shorts, which gave away his muscular body. His tan skin was obvious even under the dark sky.

” Help yourself then. I’ll be leaving soon anyway.” She shrugged looking back at the crowd that was getting fewer. Alexander and Celine were not at their table so it could have been that they left without her knowledge.

” Did you come here with someone?” He smiled tilting his head to the side.

” I would say yes but now I can’t seem to find him.” Olivia shrugged.

” Do you want to look for him?” The man asked.

” Are you offering to help me,Mr Man?” Olivia asked making him chuckle.

” Matteo. My name is Matteo.” He smiled extending his hand.

” Olivia.” She replied placing her hand in his. They were small compared to his big ones. Matteo grinned widely and placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

” Well, Olivia. Who are you looking for?” Matteo asked keeping her hand in his. Olivia noticed the prolonged contact and slowly withdrew her hand.

” My husband.” She stated looking ahead.

” Y-You’re married?” Matteo asked in disbelief.

” Is something wrong with that?” Olivia frowned on seeing his slightly disappointed expression.

” Oh no. I was actually hoping-”

” We would be more than friends? Yeah I figured. Staring is impolite you know.” Olivia shrugged noticing Matteo’s tinted cheeks. She had seen him staring at her a while earlier. Olivia had long expected him.

” My apologies.” Matteo smiled and Olivia shrugged it off.

” So how about we become friends? Just friends.” Matteo said after a moment of silence.

” Why?” Olivia frowned.

” Because I think you’re really interesting and would like to be your friend. I could show you other part of Italy if you want too.” Matteo grinned sounding quite excited.

Olivia thought about it for a while. There was no harm in it. She was only here for two weeks anyways. She might as well have some company since Alexander and Celine were always together.

” Sure. I don’t see why not.” Olivia exhaled as she continued to draw randomly on the sand.

” Well, can I get your number?” Matteo asked taking out his phone. Olivia nodded before calling her number for him. Matteo rang it and she immediately felt her skirt pocket vibrate. She took it out and saw an unknown number.

” I’ll save it later.” She said tucking it back.

” It’s getting late. Let’s eat before I walk you back?” Matteo suggested.

Olivia stood up and dusted the little sand on her skirt as Matteo followed suit. He led her to another table near her previous one and took out the chair for her. Olivia thanked him and say down. She noticed the beach was almost empty  and there was still no sign of Alexander or Celine. Matteo signaled a waiter and they both ordered their dinner.

” What do you do, Matteo?” Olivia asked after moment of silence.

” I’m a business man. Nothing special.” He shrugged.

” What type of business do you do?” Olivia asked. She had reason to believe Matteo was just any type of business man. If he could afford a place as luxurious as this then his business isn’t ‘ nothing special ‘.

” I own a few restaurants, and bars.” He shrugged, leaning onto his seats.

” But I have to warn you, I’m really stingy with my money. Especially to beautiful girls who got married before I even got a chance to meet them.”  Matteo joked and Olivia’s chuckled.

” Don’t worry Matteo. The last thing I want is your money. ” She said.

” Hmm. You should smile more often. I feel much safer now.” Matteo said and Olivia tilted her head.

” Safer?” She repeated.

” Yeah. You look so cute with that smile. To be honest I was afraid you’d slap me or reject me earlier.” He admitted shyly. Olivia thought it was cute.

” Then maybe I’ll smile more often.” She said making Matteo grin like an idiot.

” Did you come here alone then?” She wondered aloud.

” Yeah. Just wanted to take some time off work and relax. Also to avoid my grandpa.” He cringed at the last part.

” Why do you want to avoid him?” Olivia asked curiously.

” He wants me to get married to his best friend’s, son’s daughter. Or something along that line.” He pouted angrily.

” And you’re not ready?”

” Not quite. But if I’m getting married, I’m  going to find myself a wife not him.” He said and Olivia nodded in understanding.

” Is there anything wrong with the woman he chose for you?”

” I wouldn’t know. I’ve never even seen her.” Matteo scoffed.

” That’s awfully stupid.” Olivia voiced.

” You should get to know her first. You know he just wants the best for you.” She added.

” Lemme try finding one first, sugar. If I don’t succeed, I promise I’ll consider.” Matteo sighed with a smile as he sipped his wine.

” Consider?” Olivia smirked.

” Yes, Olivia. I’ll try. But forget about me. Where is that prick of your husband? How could he leave you all alone out here?” Matteo asked sounding irritated as he noticed the rest of the crowd leave. They were now alone, at least that’s what he thought. Before Olivia could respond, someone beat her to it.

” Right here.”

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