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Episode 4


Alexander stared at the fine blonde before him. She was pretty but so far she hadn’t impressed him at all. His mother would never accept her as a daughter in law. She was quite arrogant and he could tell she was ill-mannered.

” Have you decided on what you’ll have baby?” She purred, dropping the menu card to reveal her exposed cleavage.

” I’ll have the usual.” He nodded towards the waiter standing by their table.

” I’ll have whatever he’s having.” Alyssa said, not taking her eyes off Alexander.

” Tell me about yourself Alyssa.” He said attempting to start a conversation. He was already bored and just wanted to get back to work.

” Well, I’m 20. I’m looking to become a model very soon. I’m single but hopefully not for long and I have alot of stamina.” She purred the last part making Alexander cringe internally. She was a no for him.

The waiter arrived shortly after and Alexander patiently waited for her to finish. He tipped the waiter generously and made sure to drop his date off before anything else.

” So I’ll see you soon?” Alyssa whispered seductively cupping his cheek.

” Sure.” Alexander said getting out to open her door. Alyssa walked back to the door and blew him a kiss before getting in. Alexander cringed and made a mental note to never make the mistake of taking her out.

He drove back to his penthouse with a throbbing headache and a bad temper. He shut the door with a loud bang, ignoring his maid and took a long shower before going to bed. He would take the other one tomorrow and if I didn’t go well, he would have to find another way.


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Olivia stared at herself through the floor length mirror in her stepsister’s room. She looked good to say the least. Her full black hair was held up in a high ponytail and the simple blue dress she wore made her eyes stand out. She tucked a loose strand behind her ear and applied a fair amount of lipgloss to her lips. Alyssa had refused to apply makeup on her face and Olivia couldn’t be more happy. It felt like her face was getting suffocated.

” Madam, Mr Payne has arrived.” Gwen, the new maid announced snapping Olivia out of her train of thoughts. Olivia flashed her a small smile and wore the black heels her father had given her. It was the first thing her father had actually bought for her and Olivia despised it. She wanted nothing from him and only hoped that her plan will succeed. She would gain her mother’s freedom and be free from her father’s grasp.

” Good afternoon Mr Payne.” She greeted the young man in Black suit. She had to admit, he was very handsome. He had wavy brown hair and amber coloured orbs. He had broad shoulders and she could tell he was built from the way his suit fitted perfectly.

” Shall we?” The young man asked stretching his hand towards the door. Olivia nodded, and gracefully walked by his side till they reached his expensive looking car. Her father was right’ she thought, ‘ this man was indeed rich ‘.

Olivia and Alexander drove in silence until they arrived at a fancy looking restaurant. Alexander got out the car and opened Olivia’s door. She thanked him and got out, before following him into the expensive building. They took their seats and gave their orders to the young waiter.

” Olivia Martinez. Am I correct?” Alexander started, studying the lady across him. Unlike her sister, she didn’t put much effort in looking good yet she was still beautiful.

” Yes, Mr Payne.” She answered. The waiter came with their order and they dug in.

” Tell me about yourself then. I want to know more about my wife to be.” Alexander said leaning towards her.

” Well, I’m 19 years old. I clean, cook and despise commotion.” She started.

” Well, you’re going to have to learn to like it because I’m a billionaire. Paparazzi are bound to follow me.” Alexander said.

” If it’s for my partner, then I’ll try.” Olivia said, taking another bite of her dish.

” Partner?” Alexander mused. He didn’t know why but he found this particular sister amusing. She never once threw herself at him and she was bold enough to look him right back in the eyes when replying.

” You are looking for someone to stay with you. Not a wife.” She pointed out. Alexander squinted his eyes.

” It’s quite obvious. Why would a man as young and handsome as yourself want to settle down so quickly?” Olivia said leaning on the table to return his gaze.

” You think I’m handsome?” Alexander smirked.

” Well, you’re not exactly bad looking. The point is, I would love to be that person Mr Payne. I will be the wife you want me to be. I’ll cook, clean, and make no commotion. You live however you want as long as I’m treated as a human.” Olivia said and Alexander smirked. He might have just found the perfect person.

” I have a girlfriend.” He said not looking away from her caribbean blue eyes.

” I don’t mind. Like I said, I hat commotion and I try my possible best to avoid it.” Olivia said. Alexander sunk into his seat and pondered over what she said. So that’s what she meant. It sounded pretty okay to him.

” What’s in it for you? I assume you also need something.” Alexander said, waiting for the catch.

” I simply desire to be with you.” Olivia said resting her head on her fist. Alexander remained silent, whatever she was planning, he would find out soon.

” Do we have a deal, Mr Payne?” Olivia said stretching her small hand for a handshake. Alexander took it gratefully, smiling at the feeling of her soft skin against his.

” Please, call me Alexander.” He smiled, letting go.

” Alexander…” Olivia trailed off. Alexander hummed at the melody of her voice.

” Then I’ll take my leave.” Olivia said, getting up. Alexander frowned as he watched her get up.

” Where are you going?” He asked.

” I want to go back. There’s someone I want to see.” Olivia turned with the blank expression she had carried from the beginning.

” Who is that?” Alexander frowned, getting up and placing the bill on the table.

” Someone you shouldn’t worry about.” Olivia said walking out of the restaurant.

” A man?” He asked blocking her path.

” Woman.” She replied causing him to relax.

” I assure you Alexander, there is no man in my life so you shouldn’t worry about that.” Olivia said and Alexander nodded.

” Then I’ll meet with your father soon.” Alexander said opening the car door for her. She thanked him and got in.

” Please hurry then.” Olivia said as they drove back.

Just like earlier, the drive was completely silent as no one attempted to start a conversation. Alexander pulled up at the entrance of the building and Olivia got out.

” You’re supposed to wait for me to open the door.” Alexander mused as he stared at her back. Olivia turned slightly.

” My apologies. Maybe next time.”

Alexander nodded and watched as she entered the house, not once sparing him a glance. He smirked to himself. She was definitely the one.






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