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Episode 5


Mia stared blankly at the cracked roof. She could tell it was sunny outside from the way Ray’s of sunshine peeked through it. She tugged at the rusted chains on her wrists, hissing from the sharp pain they sent throughout her body. She had long gotten used to the smell of blood and iron as she had been locked up for as long as she could remember.

She glanced at the deep wounds on her thighs and used what was left if her dress to cover it up, though it didn’t do much. She desired nothing at the moment than to hold her daughter in her arms and run her hands through her thick, soft hair. / Whatever is she doing?/ She thought to herself. / Has she eaten yet? Is she alright?/ These questions have been on her mind forever and it takes everything in her not to break down whenever she sees her daughter.

Olivia’s smile flashed through her head and her heart melted. She put her trembling hands together and prayed that her daughter got the best of this world. Her thoughts were cut off when she heard the doorknob jingle. Mia had long gotten used to the pain. The fear was nothing new to her and she would gladly take it as long as her daughter wasn’t involved anymore.

/ It’s better this way / she thought. She’d rather take all the pain than watch her beautiful little girl suffer before her own eyes. She placed her palms on the wet, concrete floor and hung her head as she heard the door open with a creak.

” Mother.” The soft voice made Mia jerk her head so fast that it nearly snapped. She stared into the beautiful blue eyes that matched hers with a smile on her face. Her daughter was fine.

Olivia knelt down in front of her mother and placed another container of food and water beside her. Without a word said, Olivia began to feed her with her hands and Mia obediently took it all. The last thing she wanted was for her daughter to worry over her and if this meant she would be at peace then so be it.

” Mother?” Olivia called making Mia hum due to a mouthful of pasta.

” How would you feel if I told you that I’ve found a way to set us free?” She continued and Mia quirked a brow.

” What are you talking about child?” She frowned. Freedom? That would mean she would finally be able to be with her daughter in peace. It was a dream come true.

” You and I will finally be free from that man’s grasp, mother. ” Olivia smiled, tucking some strands ofΒ  thinning hair behind her mother’s ear. Mia stared at her daughter skeptically.

” And what have you chosen to sacrifice for that?” She asked making Olivia sigh. Mia knew the man she was married to. There was always a catch.

” I’m getting married.” Olivia said, avoiding her mother’s gaze. Mia raised her hand and lifted her daughter’s gaze to meet hers.

” I do not approve of it child. I know your father very well. He’ll just use you for his own-”

” No mother! I’m serious. I’ve got it all planned out. This man is not a fan of father’s. He’s not what you think. He’s really kind, and sweet. He just wants to settle.” Olivia lied through her teeth. It was the only way Mia would agree.

” Why not Alyssa then?” Mia frowned.

” He wants to rob him. She isn’t competent.” Olivia said, not getting into detail. Mia nodded her head. This sounded like what he would do. She moved her hands to her daughter’s cheeks and gently caressed them.

” Are you sure about this my dear? I don’t mind staying-” Mia started off but Olivia shook her head.

” I’m sure.” She said with a small smile. Mia reached over and placed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead. She was the only person sheΒ  lived for. If anything happened to Olivia then she would be no different than a corpse.

” I trust you. Now please go before he comes back.” Mia said hugging her daughter tightly. Olivia struggled to keep the lump in her throat from escaping as she hugged her mother gently, being extra careful not to but her fragile body. With one last glance at her mother, she got to her feet and walked out the window, making sure to pack the evidence of food with her. Mia leaned against the cold wall and wrapped her hands around her legs. Before she could control herself, a son tore out her throat and tears streamed down her cheeks. / Oh God, please help my daughter./ She cried.

” What?!” Alyssa screeched as she watched the young man before her present a paper to her father. William eyed it skeptically before taking a pen from his pocket.

” Please do not waste my time Martinez. I really don’t have much of it. Just sign the damn paper and give me my wife.” Alexander said ignoring her cries as he leaned forward. He watched as Martinez pretended to read the contract carefully and internally smirked. / He wants to fool me/ Alexander smiled inwardly. What Martinez would never know is that he, Alexander, would always be a thousand steps ahead.

After five minutes of his time wasted, William clicked his own and signed the bottom of the contract, a few spaces from Olivia’s signature. Liam, who had been watching the scenario in amusement took the paper and folded it before tucking it into his pocket.

” Well, I’m glad that’s over. Now where is my wife?” Alexander frowned, scanning the room as he noticed Olivia wasn’t in sight.

” I thought I made it clear that she wouldn’t need to pack anything.” Alexander raised a brow at William. Before the old man could reply, Olivia appeared in a yellow floral gown which commented her skin beautifully. She curtsied before him and he nodded, ignoring the seething girl by the door. He extended his hand, which Olivia took gracefully, and stood up. His two lawyers and Liam follows suit.

” I do hope I won’t be hearing from you anytime soon though. My wife and I will not tolerate any rubbish.” Alexander turned as the rest exited the building.

” Of course not.” William hurried to say as he met Alexander’s cold glare. Olivia made a secret gesture with her hands which William returned almost immediately. She breathed a sigh of relief. She would call her mother immediately she got to her new destination.

They exited the building Olivia grew to hate and she couldn’t help but feel relieved. She didn’t know what would happen from now on but she sure was happy to leave. She watched as the other me in suits got into their cars and drove away. / Thank goodness, there wasn’t going to be a wedding./ Olivia thought. It would just be a colossal waste of her time.

She spotted the sleek black car in which they would leave and quickly yanked hand hand from Alexander’s grip.

” Anything wrong, Miss Martinez?” Alexander paused at the sudden behavior.

” Your girlfriend already hates me. Keep holding my hand and she just might kill me before we get ‘ home ‘ ” Olivia said and Alexander nodded. Sure enough, the blonde in his car was shooting daggers with her eyes at Olivia who didn’t seem to care the least as she got into the backseat.

Alexander got in as well and drove off. But not before taking one last look at the dark- haired lady at the back. / She was really something / He thought.

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