Fri. May 10th, 2024

Episode 7


I                 Alexander slumped into the leather seat of his jet. They had been in the air for hours and he was getting more pissed by the second. He was not happy with the idea of a honeymoon at all. Two weeks of nothing meant two weeks wasted. To make matters worse, Celine sat right next to him and wouldn’t stop blabbing about how excited she was to return to Italy after so long. Alexander didn’t know why exactly he let her follow but at least he knew he’d have someone to entertain him.

He glanced at the set of seats across him. There sat Olivia, staring blankly at the new iPhone he got her. He had asked Benjamin to order one the moment she left with his phone the other day. He could still remember the way her eyes sparkled with joy when he handed it to her. She had thanked him with a small smile and left. Alexander had always wondered why she never fully expressed herself. She would carry a blank face all day, answer him as though she were a machine and sometimes she were too sassy for her own good.

Even Celine never dared to talk back to him at times but Olivia did and would keep the most straight and innocent expression he had ever seen. He thought she was weird. Always lost in thought, and somehow a workaholic. She’d refuse to allow the maids work since they wouldn’t let her cook and sometimes she appeared to be a deep sleeper.

He watched as Olivia bit her lower lip. It was something she often did when she was in thought. He wondered what in earth she was thinking about. He also wondered whether that was the same reason she was crying the other time. She had wiped her tears but he could tell she cried. He tried looking up the number she had contacted but she deleted it. That’s made him suspicion. Now he had a reason to get to know her more.

He heard the pilot’s voice informing them that the jet was about to land. Celine squealed in her seat, nearly making him flinch. Her voice had to be the most annoying thing in the world. He took in a breath as the jet began to descend.



Italy was absolutely beautiful. It was exactly as Olivia had imagined. She had never been on a plane before talkless of traveling anywhere. But now she was in Italy. She only finally got to enjoy the view now that they were in Alexander’s car. Immediately they had gotten off the jet they were nearly blinded by paparazzi.

Olivia had to move over and loop her arm over Alexander’s as they walked towards the car. She flashed a smile here and there since, this was what she signed for. Literally. She quickly let go once they entered the car, making sure to look anywhere but Celine’s direction. Of course, not because she was scared, but because she didn’t want any trouble.

” Baby, when do I get to go sight seeing with you? It’s two weeks of relaxation and I can’t wait to be with you.” She heard Celine purr, obviously to make her jealous. But the thoughts in her head were already slipping her out of reality.

” Anytime from now is fine.” Alexander replied with a shrug.

Their driver pulled up in front of a massive hotel, Alexander’s hotel to be exact, and they all got out. They walked in to their suite. It was designed just like Alexander’s mansion back home. There were only two room and Olivia guessed Alexander and Celine would share one.

” Come here Baby. This one is so ours.” Celine squealed looking into one of the rooms. Alexander took of his suits jacket and followed her in, leaving the other room for Olivia. Olivia helped herself to the queen-sized bed in her room, instantly falling asleep. Something she had been doing since she got married. She couldn’t blame herself though. Sleep and food were two things she was denied before. Now that she has the freedom to, she helped herself.

” What do you mean she has to come with?!” Celine screeched, making Alexander roll his eyes.

” Need I remind you that this is my honeymoon?” Alexander replied nonchalantly putting a new shirt over his head.

” So? You don’t even like her. I don’t know why you didn’t just propose to me instead.” Celine gritted making him turn to her.

” So you better zip it or I’ll send you back where you came from. Yes, I don’t like her but she is still my responsibility and it’s either you deal with it, or book the next flight back.” Alexander said darkly. Celine huffed but didn’t say a word as Alexander walked passed her and to the living room.

He took a seat at the dinning table where the food her ordered was arranged neatly. Celine soon joined him and they waited for Olivia.

” My apologies for making you wait.” Olivia said as she came out of her room. Alexander noticed how tired she was and guessed she must have slept. He watched as she walked over to him and helped him to serve some pasta before taking her seat.

” What? Aren’t you gonna serve me? Or is it because-”

” He is my husband. My responsibility. You are no one so don’t flatter yourself. I believe you have hands, Miss Sandra?” Olivia cut her off. Celine’s face was as red as a tomato and she clenched her teeth so hard Olivia thought they would crack.

” It’s Celine Baker to you bi-”

” Can we just have dinner? I don’t need any of this right now. ” Alexander sighed, though he was slightly amused by Olivia’s reply. Celine glared at Olivia from across the table. She would teach her a lesson.

They ate in silence till the end and Alexander informed Olivia about the little outing he had promised his mother. Olivia simply nodded and went back into her room before coming out shortly after in white long sleeved top and orange skirt, which stopped right above her knees. She pinned her hair in a half ponytail and let loose strands fall, framing her face.

Alexander and Celine made their way to the car outside with Olivia beside them. The warm breeze kissed Olivia’s skin lightly as they exited the hotel and the setting sun made Italy even more beautiful. She got into the backseat of the car as Alexander and Celine sat up front. They drove silently till they arrived at their destination which was not quite far from the suite.

Olivia got out and scanned the area. It was a beach and it was absolutely breathtaking. There were a few people there and it looked like an event was taking place. So many forms of entertainment was being displayed on a stage and people were clapping with excitement. Olivia stared at the sand beneath her feet. She definitely picked the right time to wear sandals. She followed Alexander and Celine to an empty table and they took their seats.

A waiter appeared and asked them what they would like. Alexander and Celine both wanted wine but Olivia shook her head at the young man. She was still stuffed from the food she had eaten earlier. She took another look at her surrounding and frowned. So she was supposed to just relax and enjoy the show? She didn’t know how to but she might as well try.

She turned towards the group of dancers that had just appeared and focused on them, ignoring the two people kissing across her. / May the honeymoon begin / She thought.

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