Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 12


*🎢🎢🎢 Me like the way that you roll it, it jiggy like that

And I know that you know that me feel ya,

And everybody evil nobody holy like that

Put your hands on the pole ( whine selecta)…🎢🎢🎢*




Olivia sighed in content as she listened to her mother’s soft voice. She had been in this room for hours with her head on her mother’s thigh but it felt like mere seconds as the thought of leaving crossed her mind. Her mother was playing gently with her hair and humming a soft tune which reminded Olivia of her nostalgic childhood.

” Mother?” Olivia called. Mia hummed a reply.

” Did father let you go so easily.” She asked making her mother freeze. Olivia sat straight from her lying position and stared at her mother.

” Well, yes. I was actually very surprised. He just…set me free.” Mia replied, confusion evident in her voice. Olivia nodded her head and return to her previous position. Whatever her father was planning had nothing to do with her mother and she was glad about that. It was between them and no one else.

” So, my dear. Tell me about your husband. How is your marriage going.” Olivia turned to face her mother and frowned when she saw the excitement in her eyes.

” It’s going just like any arranged marriage, mother. Except I don’t have time for hate.” Olivia shrugged making her mother sigh.

” Why don’t you try to make the best of it? Enjoy yourself my love. I mean, he’s not so bad,is he?” Olivia could hear the fear in her mother’s voice even though she tried to hide it.

” He’s alright mother. He works alot. But takes good care of me.” She said hoping her mother would forget about the conversation.

” So….uhm….what about kids?” Mia asked after a moment of silence almost making Olivia fall off the bed as she attempted to get up.

” What?” Olivia half glared.

” I mean, you are a married woman now. You’re going to have to have kids.” Mia smiled, ignoring her daughter’s glare.

Olivia shook her head. She had never really had any experience in intimacy before other than the time she was nearly raped by her father’s friend. She escaped narrowly and cried for hours. But that was a secret she’d take to her grave. Not even her mother knew because Olivia was sure if she did, she might have lost her. Ever since then she had it in mind that men were just wicked and filthy.

” I don’t promise that’s going to happen anytime soon mother.” Olivia said much to her mother expectations.

” I know. But you will someday. I just hope I’ll have a chance to see them.” Mia smiled sadly, hoping her daughter would feel an ounce of guilt. She peeked from under her lashes and realized Olivia’s face was stone cold.

” Yeah. Me too.” Olivia joked making her mother chuckle.

Olivia felt her phone vibrate and frowned when she saw Alexander’s name on her screen. She stared at it for a while, contemplating on whether to pick it up in front of her mother.

” He got that for you?” Mia smiled, referring to the phone. Olivia nodded with a sigh before picking up the call.

” It’s 6:49pm, what kind of friend are you visiting?”Β  Alexander’s voice came.

” I’m on my way now.” Olivia said.

” No, you aren’t. Raphael is here with me so I’ll be coming to pick you up.”

Olivia frowned. She didn’t want Alexander to meet her mother just yet.

” I know, I’m already on my way home. If you must come then I’m right I front of a tall fish company on Main street.” Olivia lied, ignoring her mother’s gaze. She hung up before Alexander could reply and began packing her things. The fish company was only two roads away so she could hurry before they arrived. She just hoped they weren’t close.

” I’m terribly sorry mother. I have to go. I’ll make sure to call you later. My regards to miss Elle.” Olivia hugged her mother and kisses he cheek before leaving the house in a hurry. Mia shook her head with a smile. She could only hope her daughter would loosen up. She almost felt pity for her son-in-law.

Olivia exhaled a breath of relief as she approached the tall building she had told Alexander about. She looked around for a place to sit but didn’t find any. She tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear and waited patiently for Alexander. She knew Raphael could have told him the address but what use would it be for him? It wasn’t like Alexander was interested in her family.

Shortly after, the same black limo appeared and pulled up right in front of her. Raphael opened the back door for her and she thanked him before slipping in. She wasn’t surprised to find Alexander inside, typing away on his laptop too. They drove in complete silence all the way back home. Olivia didn’t mind at all, she was bubbling with happiness inside and couldn’t hide the small smile on her face. This, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Alexander.

Olivia stepped out of the limo immediately they arrived and went into the mansion. She met a variety of dishes set on the dining area and smiled. She wasn’t really hungry since she ate with her mother but didn’t mind having more. Especially since the food looked amazing.

Alexander made his way to the dining room and took a seat. Olivia followed after him and asked him what he’d like to have.

” Lasagna.” He said, not taking his eyes off his phone. Olivia served some lasagna on his plate and served herself some too. They are in silence until Alexander spoke up.

” I take it you’re going to be visiting this friend of yours quite often.”

” Not quite.” Olivia shrugged. The last thing she wanted was for her father to find out where she was. William was a cunning man, and never did anything without thinking it through. Olivia didn’t want a situation where he would use her mother to get what he wanted.

There was more silence at the table as neither wanted to utter another word.

” Babe?” Celine’s voice called as she approached the table.

” Guess what?” She cheered as Alexander hummed in response.

” I have everything in this world except two things, one is time. And should know its something I don’t want to waste.” Alexander replied nonchalantly making Celine huff. Olivia thought his reply was quite arrogant but didn’t care.

” Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be going for a photoshoot for this Vogue magazine tomorrow at Spain. I’ll be gone for a week tops. So don’t miss me too much darling.” She cooed, placing kissed on his cheek. Olivia could see them from her peripheral view but didn’t care enough to look at them.

” Oh, when are you leaving?” Alexander asked feigning concern.

” In the next twenty minutes. So, I was thinking we could have some fun before I go?” Celine purred in his ear, loud enough for Olivia to hear. Alexander nodded and let her drag him into one of the guestrooms. She smiled once they left, now she had all the food to herself. Funny how she felt even more hungry even after she had eaten./ The things ulcer does to you./ She thought.

She enjoyed herself that night, knowing fully well that Celine wouldn’t be around for a while. Not because she was jealous, but because she didn’t like the way Celine thought she had an effect on her. At least now there’d be peace. At least she hoped so.

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