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Episode 62









Olivia bit her lips as she stared at the hospital building. Her mother was doing fine, she knew that. But she still felt a bit worried.


” You’re getting worked up for no reason. Just relax.”  Matteo squeezed her hand lightly. He offered a smile which didn’t reach his eyes but Olivia knew she couldn’t bring anything about that up just yet.


She nodded silently and got out of the car. Alexander would have been the one with her but since he’s been away from the office for a while month, he had a lot of work to catch up on. She’d join him later.


” I don’t like this place.” She mumbled as they made their way down the hall that led to Mia’s room.


Matteo chuckled.


” No one likes the hospital,Amore. The ones that do always have a problem.”


” That’s just what you think. You’d be surprised.” She shrugged.


They approached the room quickly, smiling brightly when they met Mia struggling to eat the food given to her by a nurse.


” Mother.” Olivia breathed, moving closer so she could wrap her arms around her mother. Mia kisses her daughter’s head.


” How are you, angel?” She stroked Olivia’s hair gently.


” Good. The doctor said we can take you back tomorrow. ” Olivia’s smile widened as she gave the news.


” Why can’t I leave now? I’m feeling fine.” Mia scowled. She really misses being back in her room. Now that everything was going fine she and Isabella could keep trying to guilt trip Olivia and her husband into having their grandbabies. Mia thought about it and felt excitement take over. She’d have the most beautiful grandkids.


” I don’t know. You do seem fine. But a little more rest won’t hurt, right Matteo.” Olivia turned to Matteo who seemed a bit lost in thought. She snapped her fingers in front of his face, that sad smile appearing as soon as his eyes met hers.

” My apologies, Amore. What was that?” He moved closer and sat beside Mia on the bed.


Mia ruffled his hair a bit, eliciting a chuckle from him. Olivia pursed her lips into a thin line. He hadn’t been the same since she and Alexander returned.


She had met Isabella and Nicolas speaking sternly to him in the kitchen and all the while his head was low, as though he couldn’t bear to look them in the eyes. Matteo wasn’t that kind of person.


From what she had learned, he was frighteningly bold even at a tender age. He smiled a lot but there was always that look in his eyes which screamed ‘ be afraid ‘. Alexander had men to do whatever he wanted, whether it was to get work done, or to kill. Olivia had established that. But Matteo…he was the weapon. He was Alexander’s cavalry. His love and thirst for blood was terrifying.


Alexander had explained to her a bit about his family. For some reason he had avoided Matteo’s side.


” It’s not my place to say anything about him. ” He had said, and she didn’t push him. She already assessed him and understood all she needed to know. She feared to know anymore.


But right now he was making her anxious. She let Mia and Matteo chat for a little while, happy that Mia could bring out that childish part of him for a little while. It was her special power after all. No sane person would cross paths with Mia and not fall for her charms.


They stayed over for a little longer until Olivia decided they should let Mia rest ( much to their dismay).


” What’s up with you Matteo?” She turned to him worriedly, immediately they had stepped out of the room.


Matteo’s green eyes met her pleading gaze. He pursed his lips into a thin line as he studied the beauty before him. His chest tightened. There were too much burden on his shoulders and all he wanted was to be freed from the weight of it all. He so badly wanted to confide in someone. He wanted to let it all out but that wasn’t who he was. Besides, it was easier to smile and wave it off than to explain everything, reminding himself that he was alone and trapped.


He closed his eyes, forcing a smile that was too convincing onto his lips.

” I’m fine, Amore. It’s just that…I’m a bit nervous.” He lied.


Olivia’s eyebrows formed a straight line. Her expression saying ‘ I know you’re lying but I’m just going to let this slip. ‘ She’d bring this up another time and Matteo respected her for that.


” About what?” She tilted her head to the side, the rays of the setting sun on her skin made her eyes shine bright and Matteo wondered how anyone could be so perfect.


He grabbed her hands and gently caressed them, hoping that some of his problems would fade away.


” You know when we met in Italy and I told you my brother was in a coma?” He asked.


Olivia nodded.


” Well…he’s awake now.”  He sighed.


Olivia cupped his face, worry taking over her face.


” Isn’t that a good thing?… Is he…a bad person?” She frowned.


Matteo quickly shook his head, finding her concern adorable. Even if Zac was abusive he wouldn’t be any problem to him.


” He’s fine. He’s just a few floors above us actually. I visited him yesterday. You know, after you and Alexander left us here?” He teased. Olivia blushed in response, remaining silent as Matteo dragged her up the stairs.


” You want me to meet your brother?” She asked as they approached another hospital room.


Matteo nodded, a tiny smirk curling his lips.


” Sí. You’re going to love him.” He opened the door.


Olivia’s eyes widened slightly as she met a man who seemed older than than Matteo by very little years. If anything he looked like a different version of Matteo. He had curly, jet black hair which fell over his shoulders probably because he had been asleep for so long.


He was too deep in though that he hadn’t noticed them come in. His grey eyes caught her attention though, they were by far the prettiest color she had ever seen and they fit this man’s face perfectly. She snorted lightly, Alexander’s eyes were pretty and all but the man before her was gorgeous.

” Mi manchi cosí tanto fratello? I’m already here.” Matteo smirked.


( Translation: Missing me that much brother? )


The man lifted his head towards them, his bored gaze lingering on Olivia for a few seconds before returning to Matteo.


” Figlio puttana! Where’s my request?” The man growled lowly. Matteo chuckled, dragging Olivia closer to the bed.


( Translation: You son of a whore! )


” I’ll remember next time, I promise.  This is Olivia by the way. Amore, this is Zac. ” Matteo quickly changed the subject. He had totally forgotten his brother had asked him for a bottle a beer. He wasn’t supposed to have it but no one could ever really tell Zac what to do. And Matteo just went with him. It was always easier to listen to Zac anyway.


” The pleasure is yours.” Zac offered a small smile. It was obvious he was wasn’t used to smiling, because it came out as a much more sinister smirk. Olivia tried her best to to shiver under his piercing gaze.


” The opposite actually. How are you feeling?” She leaned against the wall, folding her arms against her chest. Zac squinted his eyes at her, assessing her for a long second. His smirk grew wider before he turned to his brother.



” Lei mi piace.” He said.


( Translation: I like her. )


” How do you think I’d feel after waking up from a 6 month coma?” Zac’s smile quickly dropped. Olivia thought for a while, then shrugged.


” Probably the way you look right now.”


Zac’s smirk returned. He really liked this woman. And she was pretty too. Olivia cocked her head to the side. She didn’t quite understand the man before her. One second he was bored with everyone and the next, it was like he was plotting something very sinister in his mind. He seemed to take every little detail into consideration.


She could tell by the  slightly slumped shoulders and almost invisible dark circles under his eyes that he was exhausted even after being unconscious for 6 months and feeling, well….shitty, as Alexander would put it.

Her phone rang and she rolled her eyes when she saw Alexander’s name appear on her screen. He always had perfect timing. You think or talk about him and poof, he appears. She excused herself and left the room.


” Don’t you know I’m busy?…”


Matteo and Zac watched her closely until she couldn’t be heard again. The both of them stared at each other, not feeling the need to say anything. That was at least until Zac broke the silence.


” Sta parlando ad Alexander in quel  modo?” He pointed a finger towards the door, an amused expression taking over his face. Matteo smiled.


( Translation:  She’s talking to Alexander like that? )


” You haven’t seen anything yet.”


Zac thought for a while before finally replying…


” Capisco perché la ami. ”


( Translation:  I see why you love her. ” )

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