Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 54



Mia stared wistfully through the window. Her heart was pounding viciously in her chest and she felt empty again. It was the same way she had been feeling since she learnt that her daughter was gone. Her sunshine, her beautiful little angel was gone, and there was nothing she did to stop it.


She remembered the night when Olivia walked right into her room and told her she was leaving. She didn’t say why, when or where she was going, all she she did was ask her to trust her.


And she did.


Mia was just scared. She couldn’t help it. This was about her only child and daughter. The only person that made her truly happy. She was glad Olivia told her when she was leaving else she was sure she’d have a heart attack the next day.


It’s been almost a month since she saw her daughter and she was forced to watch Isabella and Nicolas worry tirelessly over their son and daughter in-law, trying anything and everything to help find her.


A big part of her was very happy that there were others who loved her daughter and would care for her just as much as she did, but a tiny part of her deep down was sad.


What if they stole her daughter from her?


She knew she wasn’t the best mother, but she wasn’t so bad either. This family had it all. Money, a good home, and love. Something hers didn’t really have. She couldn’t lose her daughter. She’d be nothing without her.


Mia stared at her phone. She was tempted to call her daughter again but she knew that, like the last numerous times, she wouldn’t be able to reach her.


The sky was a dulk grey color. It was cold and windy. There was no sign of the sun anywhere and it honestly looked just how she felt.


Hopeless and alone.


Mia clasped her hands together on her thighs and took a deep breath.


” Lord, save these kids. Bring them home, please.” She breathed.



The door suddenly burst open and Isabella came in frantically with teary eyes.

” He’s back, Mia. Alexander is here. Come look.” The woman rushed out immediately after.


Mia gently got off the bed, ignoring how her heart was banging her chest. Her breathing was laboured but she tried her very best to keep it to herself.


She walked out of her room and stood at the top of the staircase, watching with a sad smile as the couple welcomed their dishevelled son and his cousin.


Alexander smiled at his parents. He could only imagine how worried they were. He didn’t know how to break the news to them. How would he tell his parents that Sarah was the enemy? They would be heartbroken.


He spotted Mia at the top of the stairs and felt a oang in his heart. She reminded him of his failed promises. She reminded him so much of his Olivia and he could just imagine his wife looking at him from the too of the stairs with that usual stone cold expression on her face.


Ignoring his parents questions, he made his way towards his mother-in-law and pulled her into his arms. He wanted Olivia just as much as she did.


Mia wrapped her arms around him. He was her comfort for now. She had missed him greatly.


” I’m so sorry. I’ll find her, I promise.” Alexander murmured against her hair.


” I know.” Mia reassured him.


She pulled away and flashed him a sad smile. She knew he would find her. She had faith, in both of them. They would find each other. It was either Alexander found her or she brought herself back to him. Mia knew it.


She just wondered who would come first.


” How are you dear? What happened?” Mia cupped Alexander’s face.


” It’s a long story. Excuse me.” Alexander sighed.


He needed to freshen up. His mother was already calling the doctor because of the wounds on his hands and feet and a shower sounded really good at the moment.

He wanted to be clean before giving the dirty news.


He just hoped they wouldn’t freak out half as bad as he thought.


He was right. They went crazy. His mother specifically.


Isabella sobbed uncontrollably in her husband’s arms and it was obvious Nicolas was trying to hold back.


Why did it have to be his daughter?


” I need to see my baby, Nick. Take me to my princess.” She balled his shirt aggressively before sobbing harder.


” Is Olivia alright? Since she wasn’t with your sister where could she be then?” Nicolas turned to Alexander.


Isabella stopped abruptly, the realization only dawning on her that instant.


” Where is your wife, Alex?” She whispered, both her hands over her mouth.


Alexander hung his head low. He felt Matteo pat him on the shoulder sympathetically. This wasn’t what he needed.


He wanted his wife and he’s keep emphasising that till she was brought to him.


” I’ll find her. She’ll come to me and we will be with each other again.” His tone was laced with determination.


He could lose hope in alot of people, but not his vixen.


” We know.” Mia gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.


~ ~ ~


Matteo looked around to see if anyone was watching. The coast was clear. He took out his phone and finally answered the call.


” You aren’t supposed to be using this phone, Amore.” He said.


” I know. I just wanted to make sure you landed safely.” The slight concern in her tone made his heart flutter.


” I did. Your husband is okay too.” Matteo smiled. He could imagine how happy Olivia would be with the new.


The line was silent. But only for a little while.

” That’s…a relief.” Olivia swallowed. She was still not good at expressing herself.


” I think you mean, Oh thank heavens!” Matteo tried to mimic the voice of a squealing woman’s voice.


It came out quite well. A bit rough, but well.



Olivia chuckled from the other side.


” How’s everyone. You’re with them aren’t you?” She asked.


” Yeah. They’re not really in the happiest state. They just found out.” Matteo sighed.


Olivia nodded in understand, even though she knew he couldn’t see her. There was nothing she could say.


” What now?” He asked after a moment of silence.


” That’s up to you. It’s not time to return yet. ” Olivia shrugged.


Matteo bit his lower lip and nodded.


” Okay. I need to go. Take care of yourself, Amore.” Matteo hung up.


He tucked the phone into his jean pocket and turned around, only for his body to freeze upon meeting his cousin’s gaze.


They stared at each other in silence. Matteo’s heart was beating fast under his cousin’s gaze, but he dare not show it. He feigned relief and said,


” What are you doing here? Is mom asleep?”


Alexander eyed him. His golden eyes not leaving Matteo’s green ones.


” They’re eating. I’m not hungry, so I came to see you.” Alexander replied.


” Well, I am. Come on, I’m sure you haven’t eaten in-”


” Who were you speaking to?”




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