Tue. May 28th, 2024

Episode 57


They stared at the body in horror. There laid Mia,in a pool of her own blood clutching onto her side and writhing in pain. Her breathing was deep and heavy and it honestly looked like she would succumb to death at any minute.


Not caring that he was at gunpoint, Alexander ran towards his mother-in-law, kneeling by her side. His eyes searched her body frantically. He didn’t know what to do. He noticed the side of her stomach was bleeding, soaking her hands and dress with the oozing red.


” What is wrong with you!?” He screamed towards his sister. How could she do this? How could she shoot her cousin and Olivia’s mother?


How would Olivia react to this?


A tear rolled down his cheek as he lifted Mia’s body carefully onto his laps. He couldn’t let her die. He wouldn’t.


Alexander glanced at his cousin’s body behind Sarah. The pain in his chest intensified as he stared at the unconscious body. How could she do that? She had just killed his best friend.


” Sarah put the gun down, Now.” Nicolas growled.


His authoritative side showing. He used that tone which as kids, they never disobeyed. Even now. But it didn’t seem to have an effect on Sarah, at least not any longer.


” Zip it, Nicolas. Or you’re next. You see, I didn’t intend to do this.” She scowled, gesturing her gun towards Mia.


” I actually wanted to kill you all. Because if I can’t have Alex…” That psychotic smile made itself present across her face.


” No one can. But you see, that’s a bonus. Now your perfect daughter-in-law won’t have anyone else. Just. Like. Me.” Sarah took slow steps backwards.


” How could you?” Alexander whispered, the pain was evident in his golden orbs.


” It’s quite easy, Lexie. Really. You just do it like this…” Sarah smile, turning the gun towards her temple.


Nicolas and Isabella stared at her, the love and hope they once had for their daughter was fully replaced by a mixture of pain and anger.

What exactly was she doing?


” This is what I wanted to do once I arrived. To end it… to end… myself. But I guess I had a change of plans. I surely can’t be the only one to be miserable, Can I? It wouldn’t be fair.”


A low growl emitted from Alexander. Sarah chuckled.


” Tsk, tsk tsk. Your wife was right., Lexie.” She eyed Mia distastefully.


” We can only die when it’s our time. There’s no such thing as an early death. ” She smiled.


Alexander held Mia closely against his chest, her breathing was rugged and the blood just kept oozing. His heart hammered in his chest as his eyes caught onto something behind his sister.


” And I guess my time has come. Any last words?” Sarah’s eyes searched them mockingly.


They were silent.


” That’s disappointing, but fair. Goodbye loved ones. Don’t miss me too much.” Sarah closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was ready to pull the trigger.


” I’d like that pleasure.”


A scream tore through her as the unbearable pain shot through her thigh. Sarah fell onto the cold floor, her hands automatically clutching onto her right thigh. All eyes darted towards the owner of the voice.




Her cold blue eyes were trained onto Sarah’s body as she took slow steps towards her. The anger in her eyes was evident but as always, her lips were sealed. Sarah’s face drained of color and her eyes showed an ounce of fear.


Before she could reach for them, Olivia kicked the guns beside her away. She towered over Sarah’s figure making sure to look her dead in the eyes before firing another shot into her shoulder blade.


Sarah grunted, her facial expression contorted into that of pure pain. She let out a dry laugh.


” Finally came out of hiding I see.”

Olivia stared at her, her grip on the gun tightening with each word that came out of Sarah’s mouth.


” I always knew you were just a scared little b**ch. Only coming for my brother now? Is this what he deserves?” Sarah rasped out.


Olivia’s gaze shifted to Mia for a split second before returning to Sarah. How she yearned to end her life right that moment.


” What’s stopping you, now? Scared?” Sarah coughed, the pain in her body magnified with each movement.


Olivia’s eyes met with Nicolas’, Isabella and lastly her husband’s. Alexander’s eyes swirled with an emotion she couldn’t decipher, she didn’t want to. At least, not at the moment. She searched their eyes for any plea to stop.


She didn’t want to kill anyone. She didn’t want to be as cruel as her father or Sarah. But no one would ever lay a hand on her mother and get away with it.Β  She didn’t want to care.


Her body remained stiff as she aimed the gun at Sarah’s forehead. That sickly smile she hated was plastered on her face, hoping to get some sort of reaction from her.


” Kill me, Rosaline. Don’t be that little girl. Your daddy would be disappointed.” Sarah panted heavily.


Olivia remained silent. She wanted to give her a chance. But everything in her was refusing that idea.


” Go on! Kill me you b-”


The bullet went through her skull, and there she was. Lying unconscious with a bloody hole in her forehead. Olivia’s eyes shifted to the blonde man with a sly grin plastered on his face. He twirled the gun in his hands playfully.


” I couldn’t let her finish that sentence, Amore. I could hardly contain myself the first time.” Matteo shrugged.




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