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Episode 61






” I was gone for fifteen minutes and you’re already- what exactly are you doing?” Olivia pinched the bridge of her nose and released a frustrated sigh.


Ever since they arrived at their new home Alexander wouldn’t let her breathe in peace. He was anywhere and everywhere and she’d be lying if she said a small part of her didn’t like the attention. That huge part however….


” Felt like hours to me.” He grumbled clutching tightly onto the dress she had removed before going to take her shower.


Olivia sighed. The past few hours with himΒ  were like taking care of a child. She held the towel on her body firmly and took a seat beside him. Alexander instantly let go of the dress and pulled his wife into his arms. She was his heaven and he wouldn’t let her go.


” Are you sure you run a billion dollar company?” Olivia’s eyebrows furrowed as she pretended to ponder over what she had just said.


” No. We run a billion dollar company. If you were to leave me it’d crumble. After me of course.” Alexander shrugged.


” You’re being a baby. Do you realize?” Olivia turned to him, his golden eyes met her blue ones. She hadn’t really considered how close they were but now that she did, her heart was thundering within her.


” But I do things to you. Don’t I?” Alexander smiled. She could see the hope glistening in his eyes as he awaited her answer.


It was a relief that he couldn’t hear her heart.


” No.”


” Oh.” Alexander’s hold on her loosened, a wistful expression taking over his face.


” Don’t be like that Alexander.” Olivia sighed.


” Okay.” His posture had straightened and she felt uncomfortable with how silent he had become. Olivia pursed her lips as she studied him intently. Of course he was doing things to her. But how did he expect her to say it.


” When did you realize that you loved me?” She fiddled with her fingers on her thigh.

Alexander turned to her, a bit taken aback by her question. She avoided his gaze, a light blush creeping onto her cheeks. She was adorable to say the least.


A small smile played on his lips as he began recollecting their moments together.


” I fell in love with you a long time ago. I only realized that much later. That day you told my parents to stop scolding me for letting you come home alone?” He smiled.


Olivia tried to recall that moment. She had collapsed right in front of the gates. It was a rainy day and her migraines had returned. Olivia winced at the memory. It wasn’t the best for her.


” What did I do to make you love me?” She frowned. From what she recalled, she didn’t do anything special. She was soaked, dishevelled and drained. What on earth made him attracted to her at that moment?


Alexander smiled and entwined their hands.


” You were just…you. Sassy, indifferent, and cold. But you were-and still are the cutest thing I had ever seen. I already told you, I fell earlier but just hadn’t realized. Always so straight to the point. You were so confident and unapologetic in everything you did, you have that pure and innocent heart that I just couldn’t resist you. You made me rethink every decision I made and from day one you began making appearances in my dreams. You made me want to hold you close but at the same time it was like you were pushing me away…”


He paused to release a breath and give her hand a squeeze.


” I think it was how you were able to pull off being sassy and sΒ£xy that made me fall for you. You always put me in my place, which by the way no one ever tried to. You had absolutely no respect for me and looked at me straight in the eyes when talking back. I was amused…” He chuckled, planting a long kiss on the back of her hand.


” I loved you from that very moment you told me to play my part of the contract. That moment you asked whether I ever tasted the salad in Celine’s mouth whenever we kissed…” Alexander threw his head back and laughed.


Olivia didn’t find it amusing though. She was too busy letting her husband’s words sink in. Her heart was going to explode if he said anymore words. But she wouldn’t stop him. She loved hearing him speak. The smile in his eyes and the wide grin on his lips wasn’t something she wanted to disappear. She’d be shocked everytime she remembered that she was the cause of that smile.

” You made everything mane sense to me. I don’t know how…but you just did. And I’ll say it over and over again. I love you Olivia Payne. So very much.”


Alexander concluded. He looked at his wife and was surprised to find her cheeks stained with tears. The tip of her nose was red and she sniffled slightly. Her lips quivered and the light sobs escaping them were barely audible.


He pulled her into his arms and laid her head on his shoulder.


” Would you… would you tell the whole world that… that you love me?” Olivia whispered. She didn’t know why she had asked that but her mind wasn’t hers that moment. She couldn’t control herself.


” That’s easy…” Alexander leaned closer so his breath was fanning her neck. She shivered at the feeling.


” I, Alexander Payne, love you, Olivia. I always will.” He planted a small kiss below her ear.


” I said the whole world.” Olivia frowned. Alexander chuckled, wiping her tears with the pad of his thumb.


” Silly gioiello, you are my world.”


He cupped her cheeks and stared into her eyes intently. He so badly wanted to show everyone that she was his. And he would. Olivia placed her hands on his and smiled.


” I fell in love with you the day you blindly helped me out of my blood soaked clothes.” She admitted softly, chuckling when he winced.


” That…was the worst day of my life. Please don’t repeat that again.” He cringed.


This time, Olivia threw her head back and laughed. Something she hadn’t done in a very very long time. Her husband stated at her in shock and adoration, it was impossible to miss the love in his eyes.


” You have a very goofy laugh.” He chuckled.


” No one is perfect, sweetheart.” Olivia chuckled.


Alexander smiled and pulled his wife close. He kissed her shoulder blade and smiled.


” I know. But you’re pretty damn close. The best part, you’re all mine.” He kissed her cheek.

” I was kidding.” Olivia’s expression turned serious all of a sudden. Alexander lifted his gaze to meet hers. Kidding about what exactly?


” You do make me feel things. It scares me a lot. But I know now that it’s nothing to be afraid of. I like the feeling.” She ran her hand through his dreads.


” I never wanted to admit it to myself. I never thought I ever would.” She chuckled somewhat humorlessly.


” I can’t hide the obvious anymore Alexander. No matter how much I try to. The truth will always be the truth.” She sighed.


” And that is…?”




” I love you.”




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