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Episode 58


Olivia exhaled for the millionth time. She hadn’t even sat down since she returned or even had any time to rest. It was the least of her worries. She knew something terrible would happen yet what she had witnessed still affected her greatly.


” Luckily, the bullet didn’t pierce any vital organ. ” The doctor’s voice rang in her ears.


” It managed to tear through her skin but that about it. She’ll be fine, don’t worry.”


Never had she been so relieved in her life before. Her fingers trailed lightly over her mother’s arm. It felt so cold against her skin. Mia hadn’t woken up since they had called the ambulance to pick her up.


She didn’t get a chance to see her daughter come back.


Olivia still hadn’t spoken a word to anyone too. Her head was spinning and her mind swirled with so much feelings. Relief, anger, and something she couldn’t place her finger on just yet…. emptiness?


Her family was outside, waiting patiently for her to return so they’d take her home and come back the next.Β  She knew they had so many questions for her. Now that she knew her mother was alright she would answer them all.


She heard the door open slightly before closing back shut. Her eyes remained fixated on her mother’s peaceful sleeping figure as she felt strong arms snake around her waist. She didn’t need to look to know who it was.


Alexander rested his head in his wife’s shoulder. He trailed his hand down her arms, interlocking their fingers before reaching it to his mouth and kissing the back of her hand.


” I’m sorry I couldn’t -”


” Don’t.” She cut him off.


It was in no way his fault. If anyone was to blame it was his sister. Alexander sighed, he didn’t know how to explain to his wife how much of a failure he felt like. He couldn’t protect the one person she cared for most.


” I could have done something, anything.” The bitterness in his voice didn’t go unnoticed by Olivia.


” I said, Don’t.” Olivia stated firmly.

She let out a sigh before turning to Alexander. Her crystal blue eyes clashed with the golden ones she had yearned to see for the past month. She couldn’t explain the way her heart kept thundering in her chest or how she was slowly losing her will to stay strong.


” What do you mean, Olivia? I couldn’t even protect the one person you care for. What use am I then?” Alexander avoided her gaze, clenching his hands as he reflected on how helpless they all were earlier.


Olivia studied her husband carefully. She was confused as to why he still didn’t understand her words. Did he not see that she wasn’t blaming him for anything?


” You think my mother is the only person I care for in this situation?” Her eyebrows furrowed.


Alexander’s eyes slowly met hers. Olivia squinted her eyes at him before turning away with a quiet huff.


” When I left you, my mother knew about it.”


There was a pause.


” What?!”Β  Alexander sounded dumbstruck. Olivia turned to meet his shocked gaze. She rested her back against the hospital bed and crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh.


” I told her. She didn’t know where I was going though.” Olivia shrugged. Alexander pursed his lips…his eyes studying his wife skeptically.


” Matteo knew too, didn’t he?”


Olivia peeked at him from under her lashes. He didn’t seem too happy but it was the truth. She nodded.


” So you told him where you were going but you couldn’t tell me? Damnit Olivia! Did you have any idea how scared I was? Did you not think I could protect you?” His sudden outburst didn’t faze her though.


She expected it.


” I stayed with him, in Spain. I told him not to come to you because he’d get killed. Just like Raphael.” Olivia continued.


Alexander scoffed.


” You knew about that too.”


” I knew everything even before you did. The cameras, the notes, the shrine, Sarah…I knew it all.” Olivia pushed herself off the bed and took a step closer to her husband.

” Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was barely audible and he was looking anywhere but her.


” Did you think-”


” You were the only person who could stop this once and for all. If she didn’t get her hands on you we all would have been dead.” Olivia took another step closer.


” I was so scared.” Alexander whispered, unable to hide the pain in his voice as the lump down his throat kept moving higher.


” I thought you were being tortured.” He squeezed his fist.


” But I wasn’t.” Olivia reassured him, startling him a bit by how close she had gotten.


” I was watching you from Spain… Helping you.” She admitted. Her lips curled lightly as his eyes widened.


” Parker, you-”


” Mhmmm.” Olivia’s smile widened. She folded her hands behind her back as her face inched closer to his.


” You sent Matteo back.” His eyes glanced down to her lips and he found the want he had been suppressing trying to surface.


” Not without a bulletproof vest of course.” She added, humming softly as his hot breath fanned her skin.


” You planned all this…”


” To make it so easy for you. To close that chapter as soon as it was opened…” She stood on the tip of her toes, their lips now only centimeters apart.


” To come back to my husband sooner.” She concluded.


Alexander stared deep into her crystal blue orbs for a long second, the admiration he had for this woman was skyrocketing with each second. He cupped her face gently, basking in the beauty she had been blessed with along with the sweet scent he had been longing.


” I love you.”


His lips collided with hers in the most passionate way. All the sadness, anxiety and emptiness he had felt washed away as he pulled his wife into his arms. It wasn’t like their first kiss, this was filled with so much raw emotions and the love they felt for each other was undeniable.

” You’re amazing. Do you know that?” He breathed once the finally pulled away after what felt like an eternity.


” No.” Olivia placed her hand on one of his that were cupping her face.


” Then you should. Because you, Olivia Rosaline Payne…are the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever had the pleasure meeting. And I will forever be grateful for having you as my other half.” Alexander smiled widely, pulling Olivia into his embrace.


They remained in comfortable silence, enjoying their newfound peace. Until realization hit Alexander…


” Just one question.” His hold on her tightened a bit.


Olivia frowned upon how his voice had suddenly gotten husky and dark.


What could have caused this all of sudden?


” When you were at Matteo’s place…what exactly were you wearing?”






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