Tue. May 28th, 2024

Episode 56


Olivia sighed, pushing her weight off the window frame. This was all she did lately, stare out the window. She would watch other people go about and wonder whether they also had problems. Well, her kind of problem.


An insane, obsessed sister-in-law, abusive childhood and a sick mother.


Olivia hummed. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded but it was still pretty bad. She threw herself onto the insanely soft bed and stared at the ceiling. It’s been a month since she’d seen her husband and she didn’t like how affected she was by the distance.


She didn’t have feelings for Alexander. Well, she didn’t want to anyways. She wasn’t ready to love. She wasn’t sure she knew how to.


Alexander will teach you, a voice teased. Olivia groaned, a scarlet color coated her cheeks as she felt her body heat up. She didn’t like this feeling, not one bit.


She turned to the side, her eyes spotting the phone Alexander had bought for her. It still looked brand new, as if she hadn’t even touched it. She never really used it anyway.


Olivia reached for the phone, her fingers itching to call anyone, Alexander, Mia, Matteo. She had to admit she missed them a lot. Especially her mother. It had been a while since they saw and Olivia felt like the worst daughter in history.


She suppressed the urge to call her mother and threw the phone onto the fluffy white pillows. This was worth it. She’d be happy when everything was finally over.


However, Olivia couldn’t scratch the feeling that something terrible was going to happen.Β  It made her uncomfortable as she felt her heart sink into the pits of her stomach.


” Please be safe.” She whispered to no one in particular. But her mind, of course, wandered off to her attractive, yet childish husband.


If anything happened to him she wouldn’t forgive herself. Maybe she should go back. Maybe she could take Matteo’s advice and fly back in his jet. Olivia exhaled harshly, the urge to go back was strong. Maybe it was time.


She really didn’t have a good feeling.


~ ~ ~

Matteo and Alexander watched with wide eyes as Sarah held a gun towards Nicolas. HeΒ  Β Β  was shielding Isabella with his body, a broken expression on his face, though he did a good job at hiding it.


” Baby, please. We love you.” Isabella sobbed, trying desperately to reach her daughter but Nicolas wasn’t having it.


Matteo slipped back into the hallway, much to Alexander’s confusion. But before he could comprehend, he met his sister’s gaze. Just like when he left, she had that manaical look in her eyes. It was like she had fully gone mad.


Sarah turned to him, her cold eyes watching his every move intently. As much as she didn’t want to kill anyone, she felt like it was something she had to do.


” Don’t do this.” Alexander slowly descended the staircase.


Sarah pulled out another gun, aiming it at her brother’s forehead, this made Alexander halt.


” Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing stop it now, Sarah. I’ll leave with you if that’s what you want. ” Alexander raised his hands in surrender when he heard the gun click. His cheerful twin sister was gone.


” No. That’s not what I want. What I want is to end this. To end this all.” Sarah gritted, snapping herself out of her trance-like state.


” This isn’t a game-” Nicolas growled but the sound of a bullet close to his feet, cut his short. Isabella gasped at the action.


” Princess please.” She begged dropping onto her knees.


” Just drop the gun and this will all be over. I’ll forget this ever happened and no one will take you to prison. Just f**king drop the gun!” Alexander said harshly.


” That’s the thing, brother, I can’t forget. ” Sarah shrugged, ignoring the thick tension in the room.


Tension which she had caused.


” And if I’m going down, someone will have to go down with me. I’ll give you the privilege to decide though. You have five seconds.” She added, looking between them.


” Five,”


Nicolas and Alexander shared looks, neither of them knowing what to do.

” Four,”


Isabella attempted to get up and shield her husband but as always, he wouldn’t have it. Sarah cackled humorlessly.


” Three,”


” You’re not thinking straight Sarah, stop this!” Alexander yelled.


” Two!”


” What’s going on, here?” A soft voice came.


” One.”


The bullets went flying, but not at all the way Sarah had wanted, because in the nick of time, Matteo had shoved her from behind in an attempt to save someone.


Unfortunately, he failed. She was quick enough to fire two bullets, one into his ribcage, and another stray bullet.


Matteo fell backwards with a grunt before he lost consciousness.


” Noo!” Alexander yelled with wide eyes as he watched his cousin’s body tip backwards. He tried to run over to him but Sarah had recovered and was aiming the gun at him again.


Nicolas who had wrapped his arms around his wife looked to see whether his son had been hit only for relief to wash over as they realized that it hadn’t hit anyone of them.


But then it came rolling down the stairs.


Mia’s body.





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