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Episode 6


Olivia stared at the humongous building before her. She knew her husband was rich but she didn’t overthink it. Alexander got out of the car and so did Olivia. The blonde lady, who Olivia learned was called Celine, waited arrogantly for Alexander to open her door. She threw Olivia a smirk as she interlaced her hands with Alexander’s and walked into the building. Olivia shook her head and trailed behind them.

” Welcome, sir.” A young man in a suit greeted by the door. He looked at Olivia quizzical for a second before nodding his head as if he had found out who she was by mere looking at her.

Olivia scanned the interior of the house and it was fabulous as well as expensive. She would sell her soul and still not afford such a luxurious place. Her stomach rumbled once she sighted a variety of dishes placed on the dining table across her. She took in a deep breath and ignored her raging stomach. It’s been days since she ate a proper meal but that was the least of her worries.

She walked towards Alexander who was too busy trying to pry Celine off him. She clearer her throat to get his attention, earning a glare from Celine.

” Alexander…” She started, gaining his attention.

” I need to talk to you. Please.” She added. Alexander nodded and muttered something in Celine’s ear before she reluctantly let him go. Olivia walked farther into the living room till they were far enough from Celine or any listening ear.

” I apologise for bothering you but I would like to make a call.” Olivia said. Alexander squinted his eyes at her, trying to understand the woman before him.

” I do not have a phone.” She added and he simply nodded his head. He took out his phone and handed it to her. Olivia took it and Alexander could have sworn he saw a smile on her face.

” It’ll just take a minute. Thank you.” Olivia whispered before disappearing down the hallway.

Olivia knew how to operate a phone even though she never really had one. Coming from an abusive and inconsiderate family, she had to know a little bit of everything. It took a full minute before she fully understood how to operate the phone but she eventually did. She quickly dialled the number she had memorized a few days ago and impatiently waited for the owner to pick up.

” Hello? ” Came a soft voice.

” Miss Elle? Is that you? Are you there yet?” Olivia rushed to say. Her heart was racing wildly and there was only one thing that would calm it down. The woman on the other side chuckled.

” Yes my dear. I have your mother right here.” Olivia placed her hand over her mouth as a sob tore out. / He actually set her free. / She thought.

” Thank you. Thank you so much. C-Can I please speak to her? ” Olivia smiled as a tear slide down her cheek.

” Not quite dear. She’s passed out- but you shouldn’t worry, we’re at the hospital.” Miss Elle said and Olivia remained silent. Too many thoughts ran through her mind. What if she passes away? What if she has some incurable illness? What if she’d never be able to see her again? Her body remained frozen and she felt her knees go weak.

” She’s fine Olivia. I promise. Just some cuts and bruises. She’ll be stitched up and I’ll take her home okay? She’ll speak to you as soon as she’s awake. Okay dear?” Miss Elle’s voice consoled. Olivia nodded her head and hummed even though she knew Miss Elle couldn’t see her.

” I’ll talk to you some other time. Take care of yourself and thank you again. Bye.” She said and hung up, making sure to delete the number immediately. She quickly wiped the tears on her cheeks and straightened her composure.

” That was definitely more than a minute.”

Olivia turned to find Alexander leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He had taken off his suit jacket and was left with a white button up shirt and dress pants. Olivia walked up to him and handed him the phone.

” My apologies.” She said and walked passed him. Alexander bit the inside of his cheeks for a while before turning to follow her.

” My parents will be here anytime from now. Remember what I told you.” Alexander said taking a seat by her in the living room.

” We’ll be having dinner with them.” He added and Olivia nodded. She looked around the room and realized Celine was nowhere to be seen. / That’s a relief. / She thought. The last thing she wanted was to hear that piercing voice again. She leaned into the soft sofa and almost lost herself in the comfort. She exhaled deeply and stared at the ceiling. She needed to get herself together. Impressing Alexander’s parents might be the toughest task yet, but she knew what she was doing.

” Hurry up, Nicolas. I really need to see this ‘ wife ‘ of his. ” Isabella practically jumped out of the car. Her husband sighed and followed her into the grand building. He was also eager to see his daughter in law. The woman his son had decided to settle with. If there was one thing he was sure of it was that his son wouldn’t make a foolish mistake.

” Welcome, Master.” Benjamin, their former Butler greeted. Nicolas nodded his head and followed his wife to the living room.

” I’ll go get sir.” He said and disappeared up the stairs.

” That’s was quick. You know Mom, I at least expected a few days alone with my wife.” Alexander came down soon after and hugged his mom who was too focused on the woman beside him to listen to his words.

” This, is Olivia Martinez. Now Olivia Payne. Your daughter-in-law and my wife.” Alexander gestured to Olivia who flashed a friendly smile at the people in front of her. She noticed that Alexander was a mixture of his parents. He had his mother’s eyes and hair, but everything else was from his father.

” Good evening Mr and Mrs Payne. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Olivia smiled.

” Where did you find her?” Isabella squinted her eyes at her son. She wasn’t completely mad at her son. The fact that he didn’t choose that whore of his was satisfactory enough.

” She’s one of my employees’ daughters.” Alexander answered. Isabella nodded.

” How did you meet?” She went on.

” He was out on his lunch break and I happened to be in the same place.” Olivia smiled.

” How did he convince you to be his wife. You’re not with him for his money are you?”

” Mrs Payne, if I were after money I wouldn’t agree to be his wife. Rather I’d go after unfaithful old men or even go to a bar. There are better ways to get money than practically give up my freedom. I simply desire to settle and your son wasn’t against the idea. ” Olivia said, shocking both parents and Alexander.

” I like her.” Isabella smiled.

” That’s a relief. How about we get to know each other more over dinner huh?” Alexander smiled and everyone agreed.

They all took their seats on the table and Olivia began to serve them all. She did not do it to impress them,but because it was something she was used to. Her father had imprinted the idea that she was a slave in her mind and it would take some time before she stopped.

” Why thank you, Olivia. I’m glad to see that my son did choose his fake girlfriend as a wife.” Isabella smiled, finally voicing out her mind.

” If he did wouldn’t that be his loss?” Olivia asked taking a spoonful of rice. She hummed at the taste. It was delicious. She was too engrossed in her thoughts and the sweet smell of food clouded her thoughts that she missed half of the conversation at the table. After a very long time, she ate to her fill.

” Olivia.” Alexander’s strained voice called. He sounded quite upset.

” Yes?” Olivia frowned at his expression. What had she done to make him mad?

” Did you hear what mother and father said?” He asked clutching onto his glass cup so tight that Olivia feared it would break.

” No. No I didn’t.” She said meeting his distant gaze.

” You should get ready. We’re going for our honeymoon.”



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