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Episode 11


*.   🎶🎶   I know e no easy, to understand me

You know I love you but am always on the road

Can’t lie you put me in the mood

And I know you want am too…🎶🎶 *.




Olivia fiddled with the Hem of her dress. She was quite bored and the fact that she couldn’t really use her phone made it worse. They were currently on their way back home and  she was sure they had spent more than three hours on the jet. She decided to distract herself by thinking of her mother. Just yesterday night, Miss Elle had told her that her mother was awake and fine.

The only problem was that she had chronic ulcer and her pneumonia was even worse. She hated her father for what he had done to both she and her mother and one way or another, he would pay. Olivia smiled as she remembered how relieved she was to hear her mother’s voice. She promised to visit her soon and she planned on keeping her promise, because right now, her mother was the only thing that mattered. Not, Her marriage, Husband, or even herself.

She rested her head in the seat and soon began to fall asleep. Although she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched.



Alexander closed his laptop and rubbed his face in annoyance. He hadn’t been in a good mood since that night. Two weeks had alright flown by and it was the shittiest two weeks ever. He spent most of the so called honeymoon with Celine because Olivia would simply refuse to follow them. Not like he wanted her to. Even when she would eat with them she was always so silent. She had been silent from the beginning but this particular one was making him uneasy. / She was really good at the silent treatment / he thought.

Even Matteo was pissed off with him and didn’t bother showing up at the suite again. Also, not like he cared about him too. Matteo always annoyed him most of the time so he was grateful for the silence. He glanced at her sleeping figure across him and sighed.

He didn’t like being on bad terms with her, that, he’d have to admit to himself. He looked at the blonde sleeping on his shoulder and frowned. He was aware of how nearly everyone in his family didn’t approve of her but what he didn’t understand was why they loved Olivia almost immediately. Then again, she was a very interesting person.

The pilot’s voice rang in his ears, telling them that they would soon be landing. Alexander nodded his head. This meant he could finally be able to get back to his office and work. He noticed Olivia stir in her sleep before she woke up.

In no time, they were on land again and heading back home. Once they reached the mansion, Alexander made for his office to check if anything was out of place. Sometimes when he was away his parents would come over all in the name of work only to mess it up. Especially his father. Thankfully, it wasn’t touched at all.

He went to his room and took a quick shower before putting on some sweats. He wasn’t going back to work because he didn’t want his parents to know he was back just yet. As he sat on his bed, he heard a soft knock on his door.

” Come in.” He answered nonchalantly, thinking it was one of the maids. The door opened to reveal Olivia standing by the frame. Alexander stared into her emotionless blue eyes, almost forgetting about everything else.

” Mr Payne.” She called./ So she would call him by his last name whenever she was mad at him? / Alexander noted.

” That’s not my name.” He frowned. It didn’t sound right coming from her.

” I want to visit someone.” She said staring back into his orbs. Alexander smirked internally. She was so demanding even when she was asking for permission.

” May I know who?” He asked leaning against the frame.

” A friend.” Olivia answered. Alexander nodded his head.

” Fine. My driver, Raphael will take you. Just tell him when.” He sighed turning back to his bed.

” Can I not go by myself? I know the way.” Olivia’s voice stopped him.

” No.” Alexander replied.

” Why not?”

” Because you are my wife Olivia. But if you can handle the bunch of nosy paparazzi that will come after you then be my guest.” Alexander said getting frustrated as he felt a headache coming on.

Olivia remained silent before nodding.

” Thank you.” She said and left at once.

Alexander closed his door and locked it in case Celine decided to come see him. He wasn’t in the mood for anything right now and he hadn’t really been since he got married. Probably because of the work he had. He made sure to close all curtains, windows and door before lying down. How could he sleep without doing that? He didn’t feel safe even in his own house. It was like his every move was being watched. No. His every move was being watched.


The next day….

Olivia had gotten ready as early as possible to see her mother. She was unusually happy today because she would finally see her mother. She didn’t even wait to have breakfast as she hurried towards the black limo waiting for her outside.

” Morning.” She greeted the middle aged man wearing a suit.

” Morning madam. Are you ready?” He smiled back.

” Yes. Let’s go.” Olivia said and the man, Raphael, nodded before opening the back door for her. Olivia got in and read the address miss Elle had sent her to him. Raphael nodded and they drove off.

Olivia could feel herself on the verge of tears. Tears of happiness. She video called her mother last night and couldn’t hold back the sobs that escaped as she spoke to her. She wanted to surprise her by visiting. Although miss Elle already knew about it. Her heart raced as she got closer to the duplex where her mother was. Once they parked in front of the house, Olivia thanked Raphael and got out.

She knocked on the door almost impatiently as she felt they were taking too long to answer. Soon the door was opened by Miss Elle who enveloped her in a hug.

” Right this way dear.” The woman smiled, leading her down the hall.

Olivia’s smile stretched her whole face as she met her mother’s back inside a room. She seemed much more healthy than back at her father’s house. Tears slid down her cheeks as she met her mother’s surprised gaze.

” Olivia.” Mia whispered softly.

” Mother…..”

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