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Episode 59


What sort of question was that supposed to be?


Olivia’s mind struggled to comprehend the reason behind her husband’s question. What was even more difficult to comprehend was why she was feeling so bothered by his heated gaze. His golden eyes were sending multiple shivers down her spine and she just knew he was aware of that effect on her.


” Nothing.” Her eyes darted towards her mother’s bed only to tear back to him when his grip on her waist tightened.


” Nothing?” His head tilted to the side. There was that deadly tone in his voice and it only made her clamp her thighs shut.


She didn’t like this feeling one bit, but there was nothing she could do about it. It was like she was in a trance now. A trance only he could put her in.


” No.” She breathed, blinking a few times as though that would help her make sense.


” Then explain to me. Because I sure as hell know that you didn’t pack anything when you left.” Alexander pulled her closer.


” I-It doesn’t matter.” She gulped nervously, the confidence she had moments ago was nowhere to be found.


Alexander seemed to have noticed, and he was enjoying every second of it. He couldn’t let this chance slip away now, could he? The anger he felt over the possibility of his wife not wearing anything decent while at his cousin’s had completely disappeared, only to be replaced by something else…..want.


” Oh it does, gioiello. It f**king does.” He tilted her chin so their lips were once again only centimeters apart.


He would never ever get tired of those blue eyes.


” You know your tongue tasted so nice….” His lips curled into a smirk.


” I want to taste it again.” He leaned forward, making sure to glance at her one last time before pressing his lips against hers.


He wanted her so badly at this point he would take any chance he got to take her. His tongue devoured her mouth passionately and he groaned softly when a soft moan escaped her throat.


This was pure heaven.

Olivia pulled away breathlessly. Her head was spinning and she was sure Alexander could hear her furious heart rate. For the first time in so long, all the heat was rushing to her face. She was sure her face was more red than a tomato. Her eyes remained glued to the floor as her mind replayed all that had happened in the past few minutes.


Something was wrong with her….right?


” Jewel…”


She looked up to meet Alexander’s hooded gaze. His tongue slid hungrily over his teeth and his breathing was heavy. It was like she was staring at someone else at this moment. Someone… different.


A knock on the door tore their gazes away from each other. Matteo came in with the most annoyed expression plastered on his face, rolling his eyes dramatically when Alexander growled.


” Oh shut up.” He scoffed.


” What is it Matteo?” Olivia cleared her throat, her confidence slowly resurfacing. Thank God for Matteo.


” Isabella and Nick have been asking me questions you should be answering, Amore. If Sarah’s gun didn’t kill me I’m sure I’ll kill myself.” He folded his arms across his chest.


Olivia nodded in understanding. She followed the blonde out of the room, making sure to avoid eye contact with her husband. It would only weaken her again.


” Olivia darling!” Isabella jumped into Olivia’s arms, startling her a bit.


” How are you? I’m so sorry about….” Isabella paused, sniffling slightly.


” It’s fine, mother. I’m okay. ” Olivia hugged her mother-in-law gently. She genuinely didn’t feel at all angry. What happened was not their fault and she was sure as hell glad that they were alright.


Nicolas placed a hand on her shoulder, a sad smile tugging at his lips as he pulled her into his embrace, his action shocking her.


” I’m glad you’re safe. We were worried about you.” He whispered against her hair.


Olivia’s shoulders relaxed and she rested her head on his chest just like she did with Alexander.

” I’m really am fine…Dad.”


The word sounded so foreign to her. But if it made Isabella and Nicolas’ smile brighten, she could get used to it.


Alexander’s head peeked out the room.


” Call the doctor Matteo. Mia’s awake.” He nodded towards his cousin who immediately did as he was told.


Olivia’s eyes widened and she pushed past her husband to meet her mother. A small sob escaped her lips and she wrapped her arms around Mia’s neck.


” Princess.” Mia caressed her daughters hair gently with her left hand.


” I missed you. I really did.” Olivia whispered, wiping the tears that stained her cheeks.


” I thought I wouldn’t see you again.” She sniffled.


” It’s okay. I promised I wouldn’t leave you, didn’t I ?” Mia smiled widely, once again pulling Olivia into her arms.


This was the moment she had been waiting for for a past month. Now her daughter was back and she was happy. Mia mouthed a ‘ thank you ‘ to Alexander who only tilted his head in confusion, but nodded either way.


” Mia Martinez?” A young man walked in with Matteo behind him.


” Yes?”


” How are you feeling now?” The young man smiled, walking over to them. Olivia realized he was the doctor and pulled away from her mother.


” It hurts a bit. But I’m better.” Mia said.


” I’m Dr. Jenkins by the way.” He flashed his pearly whites at her.


” When can she leave?” Alexander asked.


” In a few days. She isn’t fully recovered and I’ll still need to check up on her. You can always visit her till she leaves though.” Dr. Jenkins replied.


Olivia sighed. She wished her mother didn’t have to spend any longer in the hospital but she was glad her mother was alive. She really was.

” Thank you.” Olivia smiled at him.


” Yeah, thanks. ” Alexander plastered a fake smile.


” Come on Liv. Visiting hours are over. Bye , Mum.” Alexander hurriedly kissed Mia’s forehead before dragging his wife down the partially empty hallway.


” What are you doing? I never said I was ready to leave. Your parents are still in there too.” Olivia frowned, struggling to meet her husband’s pace.


” Because, jewel, you and I…” He pulled her closer.


” Have some unfinished business.” He lightly bit her ear.



Olivia squirmed in his grasp as the chills returned. Alexander smirked before dragging her towards the car they had brought to the hospital. As he did, Olivia knew….she just knew that however tonight would turn out, she wasn’t going to have the upper hand.




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