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Episode 51


” You’re kidding.” Matteo’s nose scrunched up in disgust.


” Okay.” Olivia shrugged, leaning against the headrest and running a hand through her hair.


” Please tell me you’re kidding.” Matteo demanded.


” Would it make you feel better?” Olivia deadpanned.


Matteo groaned in response. He didn’t like the way things were looking. He couldn’t help his cousin because there was a risk of losing his life too.


Sarah had planned everything perfectly. She knew their every move and could predict what they would do next. She was smart.


Too smart.


” She had years to think of how to get her way. She’s observant too.” Olivia let out a breath.


” Alexander still doesn’t know.” Matteo ran a hand through his hair anxiously.


His cousin was living with the enemy as they spoke.


” He should by now. I don’t think she can take it anymore. But I doubt he didn’t know from the start. He’s not stupid.” Olivia rested her head in her knuckles, losing herself in deep thought.


” But why? Why would she, of all people, fall in love her own brother? It’s f**king insane!” Matteo tried his best not to explode.


He never imagined such.


” Something to do with Parker Wilson. Does the name ring a bell?” Olivia turned to Matteo, watching as his eyes widened.


” He was Sarah’s ex-boyfriend and my friend, at least, until my dad made his father’s company go bankrupt. They were thieves and did more than nasty things. He hated me from then on and anything that had to do with me, including Sarah.” Matteo explained.


” Yes. He abused her a lot before breaking a bottle on her head and leaving. Alexander was the one who took care of her for half a year before she eventually recovered both physically and mentally.” Olivia sat up straight.


” So during that time she started having feeling for him.” Matteo frowned upon realization.

” Because she felt safe with him. He was there for her and showered her with brotherly love. ” Olivia continued.


” She took it the wrong way. That bottle really did some damage up there then.” Matteo’s nostrils flared in annoyance.


Olivia shrugged.


” So why does she hate me then? I wasn’t the one who broke her heart. ” He huffed irritatedly.


” Your father made his family go broke.” Olivia said in an obvious tone.


” My father, not me.” Matteo defended.


” You introduced Parker to her, didn’t you?” Olivia rested her head back in her fist.


” Yes, but I wasn’t the one who got them together. I just introduced him as my friend one day. I’m not responsible for the rest.” Matteo huffed.


” Like you said, that bottle really did some damage up there.”


” Okay, that makes sense. I mean, she and I kind of drifted apart after the incident and we still haven’t spoken a word to each other. But… how do you know all this? It’s like you were there?” Matteo couldn’t hide the wonder and amusement in his voice.


He always did love a smart woman.


” I asked Alexander a few questions on our date.” Olivia shrugged.


As always, Matteo felt a pang in his heart immediately she uttered his cousins name. It reminded him that she could never be his no matter what. He took in a deep breath and looked elsewhere.


” You asked him directly?” He mumbled, avoiding her eyes.


” No.” Came her short reply.


Matteo nodded, not bothering to ask further questions. He wasn’t in the mood anymore. His cousin was okay, as long as she knew what she was doing.


He trusted her, with his all.


~ ~ ~


” How could you do this? I’m your brother Sarah.” Alexander sighed.

All this betrayal was getting him exhausted. She finally told him everything. How she had started scheming from day one. What she wanted to do with him, and how she would achieve her goal.


” Yes, but what’s important is that I love you. You just won’t admit but you’ll soon realize.” Sarah played with the handcuffs,Β  binding him to the bed.


Minutes after he had found out about her, Sam, her manger practically broke the door on his inside.


Alexander never really met with this manager but now that he saw him, he knew there was little chance of escaping from the front door even if he wanted to.


The man was huge, with a nasty scar that peeked from under his shirt. His face was stuck in a permanent scowl which Alexander was sure could make flowers die.


” Where is my wife?” He clenched his fist. If anything happened to Olivia he would forget she was his sister.


Sarah scoffed.


” That thing? I don’t know honestly. I sent those whores of yours to deal with her. I never got feedback because you captured them. So if anyone knew what happened to her, it was them. But they’re gone. So let’s forget?”


Although he hated to admit it, Sarah sounded convincing. Maybe that was also why she killed them, because they had at least a hint about her whereabouts.


Alexander felt his blood boil. His heart pounding viciously against his chest and he was sure he had never felt more scared and angry than he did now. He didn’t want to believe his wife was dead.


He wouldn’t.


” If anything happens to my wife I will kill you.” He gritted lowly.


Sarah scowled and took a seat beside him, marvelling the fact that he couldn’t harm he no matter how hard he wanted to. He was cuffed to the bed.


” I don’t know what you see in her and I don’t care to know. You and I are meant to be together. We belong together Alex. Don’t you see?” Sarah sounded desperate.


She reached for his dreads which were dangling over his eyes and shifted them away. Alexander took a deep breath.

She reached for his dreads which were dangling over his eyes and shifted them away. Alexander took a deep breath.


He wasn’t going to lose his temper and tire himself out. He needed strength and a plan.


” You’re sick you know that? You killed crystal, your own cousin-”


” I was just about doing the same with the blonde one but he escaped. But it’s okay. I’ll get him when he returns. For the meantime, let’s enjoy the time we have together. No parents, no annoying friends, no Olivia. ”Β  Sarah chuckled darkly.


” I will make you pay dearly for this. ” Alexander closed his eyes, clenching his fists tightly.


” Of course you will. Before then, why don’t we pick the best place to spend the rest of our lives? I’ve never been to Thailand before, you think we can go for a visit?” Sarah gushed, ignoring her brother’s silence.


Alexander remained still for the rest of the day. He neither spoke, nor ate. His eyes were closed as he ignored all his sister’s annoying questions, trying not to cringe whenever she touched him.


He knew this day would come. He knew she’d have him where she wanted, but it was only for a limited time. He had thought everything through before doing what he did.


But there was one thing stopping him. One thing he wanted to know.


Where the hell was his wife?





* β™₯️ End of chapter β™₯️ *

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