Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 64


Words couldn’t describe how he felt. Happy? Amazed? Proud? None of them could. It was a mixture of everything and more. His eyes stayed glued to the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on as she walked gracefully towards him.


The dress she wore fitted her in every way and the little bump of her stomach was prominent for everyone to see. This made his grin to stretch wider. She had listened to him.


Olivia flashed him a shy smile once she was finally in front of him. The tendrils framing her face hide her eyes a bit but he could see her reaction clearly. The priest began to speak. The room was deafeningly silent but the joy in the atmosphere could not go unnoticed. Alexander was sure his face would hurt from smiling too much but he didn’t give a f**k.


He hadn’t realized it was time to say their vows until Olivia cleared her throat and gave him a pointed look. He didn’t remember saying it so fast. He hadn’t even rehearsed at all. He just let his heart take over and before he knew it, Olivia’s cheeks were stained with tears.


He never knew she could be so sensitive.


Olivia’s vows were a blurb to him as well. He was too eager to feel her soft lips against his and when it was time, he didn’t even hesitate before smashing them together. His action caught Olivia and the priest off guard and he held back a chuckle when he heard the old man gasp; Oh my!


The cheers and applaud erupting from the crowd was deafening but he didn’t mind. Now everyone knew Olivia belonged to him and only him. He would make it more clear to her tonight.


” That was… something.” Liam chuckled as he approached them. His son, Seth was playing with his tie when Laylah came to take him away.


” Congratulations!” She gushed.


” I can’t believe you’re leaving for another honeymoon though. Can’t someone else take over the work instead of me?” Liam almost whined. Alexander would have to leave his company in Liam’s hand while away. Only Liam knew how to look after it.


” It’s a must.” Alexander confirmed, satisfied when Liam groaned.


” If you excuse me I want to dance with my wife before she gets taken away from me.” Alexander pulled Olivia to the center of the hall.

They swayed to the soft music playing in the background. They tuned out everything and everyone, focusing on themselves alone. It was perfect. Olivia finally got to be happy and would have their baby in a few months time. Alexander was with the love of his life and she would soon fulfill his dream of starting a family. They still had a few more to go but it was a start.


” Are we really not going to Dubai for our honeymoon? I’d love to go there.” Olivia spoke all of a sudden, eliciting a low growl from Alexander.


” We are going to the Caribbean and that’s that.” He held her closer. The conversation they had a few days ago was still fresh in his mind.


* Two days ago *


Alexander met his wife on his bed, smiling at nothing in particular but the way she was rubbing her stomach told him everything. He dropped his briefcase on the floor and walked over to her.


” You’re here.” She jumped when he kissed her forehead.


” Yeah. What are you thinking about?” Alexander smiled, sitting beside her with his arms wrapping around her small frame.


” What do you think?” Olivia retorted.


” You’re thinking…what’s Alex going to do with me on our honeymoon?” Alexander pretended to guess, laughing when he saw her cheeks heat up.


” Shut up, Alexander. I was thinking about where we’d be going for our honeymoon. You haven’t told me yet.” She smacked his arm.


” I wanted it to be a surprise, jewel. But since my mother found out…she’ll probably tell you. We’re going to the Caribbean.” He smiled.


Olivia tilted her head to the side. She had never heard of such a place before but she knew it’d be great from the smile on her husband/fiance’s face.


” Did you want somewhere else?” Alexander frowned, noticing the look on her face.


” I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai. Can we go sometime?” She pleaded. She never really had anywhere she wanted to go so badly. But within the past few weeks of being on social media she’d developed a desperation to visit the Arab country.

” Why?” Alexander raised a brow.


” Honestly speaking, the men there are really cute.” She shrugged, her answer taking both of them by surprise. She’d never been the one to fancy men. So why now? Maybe it was the pregnancy.


” Excuse me?” Alexander sounded irritated.


” There are very handsome guys there. You should see them, I have a picture of some of them on my phone. See? Look at it Alexander. Look.” Olivia tried to show her husband but his eyes wouldn’t meet the screen.


” So can we go to Dubai. Please?” She asked hopefully, giving up on showing him the screen.


” No.” Alexander stated firmly.


” Why not? ” Olivia frowned.


” Because…it’s… it’s too expensive.” Alexander said. He would have laughed at Olivia’s reaction if he weren’t so pissed.


” But you said you’d give the world to me. How can you do that when you can’t even take me to Dubai?” Olivia frowned.


” I will  give you the world princess. Just… Arab countries excluded.” Alexander huffed.


” That’s a shitty world.”


* End of flashback*


Alexander spent most of his day scolding his wife for her choice of words. He knew letting her spend some time with his siblings was a bad idea. They were corrupting her very innocent little mind. Thankfully, she didn’t complain and listened to him.


It were behaviors like that that made Alexander love their unborn child. It made Olivia much less sassy and sarcastic. He’d make sure to give half of the world to his child as a thank you. Olivia could manage the rest.


” Okay. Can we rest a bit? My feet are killing me.” Olivia looked up at him. Her makeup was perfect from this angle. If only she knew how hard he was trying not to take her at that moment.


He dragged her towards his family’s table where they were chatting and laughing over something he wouldn’t care to comprehend. They spent their time together, laughing and  joking around together.

Olivia glanced at her mother and smiled when she saw her laughing at something Nicolas had said. She smiled even wider when their eyes met. Mia knew what her daughter was thinking, and she felt the same way to.


This was true happiness.


It was much more than they had ever dreamed of but they weren’t complaining. They would be having an addition to the family soon and neither of them were scared. They’d protect this child with their life. And it was a promise they would fulfil.


” I told you I had a way to set us free.” Olivia whispered.


Mia smiled and mouthed back.


” I never doubted you for a second.”


Alexander kissed Olivia’s forehead and pulled her closer to him, as though he felt that he was missing out on something. Olivia rested her head on his chest and sighed.


She definitely wasn’t complaining.






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