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Episode 52


Alexander winced as a sharp pain jolted through his stomach. There was little or no content inside as the only thing he had eaten was a bowl of noodles 38hours ago.


The room was awfully silent. Sarah was gone and the only one with him was Sam the manager.


His wrists hurt from the scratches caused by the cuffs and there was a large red mark, circling the area they had been. Luckily, his loving sister got worried and took them off, replacing them with ropes, which did nothing to lessen the pain at all.


Alexander took deep, steady breaths and turned to the bald man standing by the door. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. He didn’t intend to in the first place, because of his wife.


Now he’s found out that even Sarah has no idea where his jewel is. The truth hurt him deeply. But he had to accept it. He was grateful though.


This meant there was a possibility that his wife was alright. She was safe.


And he’d find her.


Sarah was watching his every move even from miles away. She was looking for Olivia too. He just knew it. It was near impossyfor him to escape when she’s away. He needed her there.


But he also needed something that would take her mind off of him. Something that would get her attention and could make her forget about him even for a minute.


Since she was in love with him, she let him do what he wanted, with strict supervision of course. Sometimes she’d take him on a walk to the garden and she let him use the bathroom freely.


The windows were nailed shut and there were men at every door. It wasn’t exactly what anyone called freedom but he could work with that.


The only window that was left open was the one in his room which she opened for fresh air once in a while.


That was his escape route.


Everything was all planned out, but he just needed that one thing that was stopping him.


” You aren’t thinking of leaving me, are you Lexie?” His eyes landed on his sister, who was standing by the door with a smirk on her face.

She had on an orange, fitted dress that stopped above knees with a black coat. Her golden eyes were filled with lust, desperation and what he guessed to be…pain.


She looked like a psycho and it hurt him to know that his sister, his twin, his other half…was his enemy.


He didn’t love her the way she did but he loved her. She was his best friend too. Alexander often wished that one day he’d close his eyes, only to open them and realize it was all a dream.


The sister he loved was his sister, his Olivia was by his side, and Matteo would continue teasing and frustrating him over serious issues just to try to lighten his mood.


But it wasn’t a dream, and his heart ached whenever he would remind himself that.


” It’s pointless Lexie. Just give in. Sarah knows best.” She smiled, gesturing for Sam to leave the room.


Alexander hung his head low and exhaled.


” What would they think about this, Sarah?” His voice was a mere whisper as he spoke about the only people he looked up to.


The ones he wouldn’t think twice about making them proud.


” They’re our parents. If they don’t accept, we can always leave.” Sarah shrugged, her heels clicking as she approached him.


” I mean them. Ace, Axel….Lily. You’re letting them down. You’re letting everyone down. Just let me go and forget about this because eventually, you will get what you deserve.”Β  Alexander clenched his fists.


” I’ve tolerated so much from you Alexander. I don’t know how many times I need to tell you that I love you, yet you keep ignoring me. I tolerated that, but don’t you ever speak about them.” Sarah seethed, digging her nails into his jaw as she forced him to look at her.


” They’ve done nothing but take you away from me. They sent me to the other side of the f**king world just because I accidentally spilled my love for you. And you….” She laughed humorlessly.


” You knew. You knew I wanted you but when I came back, all you did was send me to our f**king aunt’s place to start my career.” She spat finally letting him go, her heels clicked loudly as she took a few steps backwards as though disgusted with him, with herself.

Alexander could have sworn he saw regret flash through her eyes but it was quickly replaced with anger.


” Do you know what that did to me? I was all alone. I was afraid, I was harrassed…I was raped. And you weren’t there to protect me, like you used to. You were the only one who could protect me but you pushed me away.”


Alexander stared at his sister emotionlessly. His expression did not match what he truly felt. If he had known that sending her to Spain would mean all those terrible things happening to her he never would have done it.


He never meant for her to be harrassed or raped. He didn’t mean for it to happen.


He clenched his fists and rage clouded his thought. He never wanted anyone to hurt his sister.


” I didn’t mean for all that to happen Sarah. I’m sorry. Please just stop all this and I’ll make sure you’re safe. I’ll protect you like I used to. I’ll never leave your side. I promise. I’ll make whoever hurt you pay dearly.” Alexander said, meaning everything he said.


Sarah shook her head, her eyes turning cold.


” I will not stop this. It either all goes my way, or-”


A harsh knock cut her off and the door opened.


” Madam, we have a problem.” Sam walked in stiffly.


” What’s that?” Sarah spat.


” Someone’s here to see you.”


Alexander frowned as he stared at the bald man intently. Who was here ti see her? He hoped it wasn’t his parents…or Mia.


That would just make matters more complicated.


He watched as his sister’s lips curled into a sinister smirk.


” Bring them in. I’m rather in the mood kill tonight.”


Sam nodded and stood outside the door, gesturing for the person to come in.


Alexander’s eyes widened and the person he never would have thought walked into the room, a smug smile plastered across the lips.

Sarah’s smirk dropped and a mixture of rage and shock made itself evident on her face.


” You.”


~ ~ ~


Matteo stared at the woman on his bed. She was wearing yet another one of his t-shirt and it looked too good on her.


Her hair was in it’s usually messy bun as she lost herself deep in thought. Her face was stone cold and it was clear she had too much running through her mind.


He moved closer and knelt by the bedside, observing her closely before finally speaking up.


” What’s wrong?”


Olivia glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and shook her head. He didn’t need to know that she was thinking of her husband’s wellbeing.


” Just thinking.” She dismissed.


” You haven’t eaten anything for a whole day now. ” Matteo frowned.


Olivia glanced at the empty trashcan where all the food Matteo had brought was thrown away because they were left cold. It was true.


She hadn’t been eating. But how could she? Alexander was also starving back there and there was nothing she could do.


She had spent all night on the phone with Liam for a favor she had asked him, which he had done without question. Now all she had to do was wait.


Matteo sighed.


” Olivia, I know you know what you’re doing and I know you think going back might end me but I can’t keep staying here. My cousin needs me. ”


” I know.” A ghost of a smile played on her lips.


Olivia loved how despite their constant bickering and quarrels, they had each other’s backs. Alexander Matteo were inseparable from how she saw it. And even though they were too proud to admit, they loved each other.

” I’m leaving today.” Matteo finalized.


” Yes. But not now.” Olivia hummed.


Matteo’s eyebrows furrowed. He was confused. Why was she agreeing with him all of a sudden?


” What’s going on up there? Tell me.” He leaned closer.


Olivia chuckled lightly before opening the laptop in front of her.


” Alexander knows how to escape. He just needs a little help. Bait. Someone she can’t ignore.” She said as she continued to watch her husband and his sister interact.


” Is that what I am?” Matteo asked, his eyes on the laptop.


At this moment Sarah and Alexander were having a conversation and she didn’t seem too happy. Neither of them did.


” No. You’re going to pick him up from where I think he’ll escape from. I have someone else for that.” Olivia said picking up Matteo’s phone.


Ever since she left the house she had her phone switched off and kept in a drawer.


She wouldn’t take any risks.


Olivia dialled Liam’s number and smiled when he answered on the first ring.


” Yeah?” Liam sounded frustrated. The sound of a baby’s cries could be heard in the background.


” Liam, is everything set?” She said, watching the footage carefully.


” Uh, yeah. Just give him a few minutes. Matteo should leave right now. He’s still going to take a few hours in the air.” Liam stated.


Olivia nodded.


” Thank you. Say hi to Seth for me.” She smiled, earning a chuckle from both Liam and Matteo.


” Of course, cupcake. I’ll call you later.” Liam hung up.


” Who’s the bait then?” Matteo raised a brow.


” See for yourself.” Olivia smiled, turning the laptop towards him.

” See for yourself.” Olivia smiled, turning the laptop towards him.


Matteo squinted his eyes before hesitantly turning towards the screen. His eyes widened in shock as he watched a new character walk in.


” No way.” He breathed.


” You should probably leave now.”



* ❀️ End of chapter ❀️ *

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