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Episode 53


” What are you doing here?” Sarah gritted, her menacing glare somehow matching her cold yet quivering voice.


He smirked and took a step closer, almost standing in front of her had Sam not kept his arm in between.


” Oh. So he’s your new toy now? You know you can’t be with anyone else.” His grey eyes landed on Alexander and his smirk grew wider.


” Hey lexxie. How’s it been? I’m not interrupting anything now, am I?” He hummed in delight when Alexander growled.


” Stay the f**k away from my sister, Parker.”


” Oh calm down. I just want to have a little chat with her. She doesn’t mind. ” Parker gestured towards Sarah who seemed lost in her own thoughts.


” I’ll be waiting for you downstairs. We have unfinished business, and you know it.” Parker’s smirk had dropped and his teeth clenched tightly as he left the room.


Sarah stood frozen in place, her expression was unreadable. She knew she had to meet him. She didn’t want to. But she had to. She glanced at her brother who was already staring at her, almost begging her not to leave.


True that Alexander wanted something to take her mind off him but her ex-boyfriend was bad news. He was the worst and practically the only person who could make Sarah drop to her knees again.


He knew for a fact that his sister was toxic. He would never wish for her to go back to Parker.


As Sarah looked at him he felt a pang in his heart. Her eyes held mixtures of sadness, fear and helplessness. She had gone to far but there was no way she would stop.


Sarah sighed. She turned to leave when Alexander’s voice stopped her.


” Your making a mistake.”


She laughed humorlessly feeling anger rise up.


” I’m not the person you think I am Alexander.”


She had been making mistakes for the most of her life. She couldn’t stop even if she wanted to.

And she did.



” At least let me use the bathroom. ” Alexander sighed. Sarah turned to him with a raised brow.


” Sam will look after me.” Alexander raised his chin towards the bald man by the door.


Sarah eyed him sceptically before finally agreeing.


” Be careful.” Alexander whispered when she turned to leave.


Sarah sighed and left the room. She wasn’t going to be fooled into thinking he actually cared. He wanted her gone, didn’t he?


Alexander rubbed his sore wrists, hissing at how they hurt even with the smallest contact. He nodded at the bald man and stood up, making his way into the bathroom.


The window was screwed shut. There was no escape through there. He locked the door, groaning slightly when he heard Sam standing right beside the door.


” Just leave will you?” He whispered, rolling his eyes.


He frowned when he heard faint yells and quarrels.


What was happening down there?


His eyes widened when he heard his sister scream, followed by the sound of a bottle breaking.


Alexander’s heart pounded in his chest. He was tempted to go kill the motherf**ker if he even touched his sister. He heard Sam curse loudly before rushed footsteps slowly faded.


This was his chance.


Alexander unlocked the door and rushed towards the window.


It was locked.


He groaned loudly and rushed towards the room door, locking it up so no one could get in immediately. He searched the room for anything he could use to break the window and remembered there was a fire extinguisher in every toilet.


He went back inside and searched through the cabinets for one and smiled when he found it. He grabbed it and headed towards the room, wasting no time to hit it on the glass.

The window shattered to pieces but there were still sharp pieces of glass on the frame. Getting out would hurt, but as long as it meant he would see his jewel, it didn’t matter.


Alexander soon realized that there were no more yells coming from downstairs.


They heard him. He threw the fire extinguisher and carefully made his way through the window. He held back hisses and curses as the glass cut his skin.


He could hear Sarah commanding people to break the door and telling others to look around for him.


He had to be quick.


It was either he jumped into a bush of roses, or swung himself into another room. Both options were painful but he had to choose one.


Without a second wasted, Alexander let go, falling into the thorny bush.Β  Thankfully, only his legs were cut as his other half fell on the ground.


Adrenaline rushed through him and rose to his feet, running into the little she’d they had at the back of the house, just beside the slightly tall fence which would be his exit.


If he left now, he’d be caught almost immediately. He needed them to finish checking the mansion first.


Alexander crouched down, hiding under an old wooden table with an open umbrella underneath. He was hidden almost perfectly. He took deep breaths, ignoring the stinging pain on his ankles as he applied more pressure on them.


Olivia would take care of his wounds when he found her.


Alexander smiled at the thought. His heart began to race when he saw rays of flashlight peeking through the shed window. The doorknob jingled and he was tempted to make a run for it.


Alexander stayed still, closing his eyes as the door burst open. He tried to make himself smaller so the umbrella would hide him more.


From the front, all they’d see was the umbrella under the table. If he stayed still, they wouldn’t get him.


” That f**ker better show himself.” He heard someone grumble, stepping a bit more inside the shed.

Alexander took a deep breath as he saw the man’s leg in front of him, though he was searching the other side.


” That bitch doesn’t pay me enough for this.” Another scowled.


” She doesn’t. You’re literally the only one who isn’t payed for this Frank. Because you’re a rat.” The first one retorted.


Frank growled lowly and dragged the other one out of the shed. Alexander released a sigh of relief. They were gone, but he still had to stay for a little longer.


They were looking for him.


Alexander seethed silently as he thought of how embarrassing his situation was. People hid from him, not the other way round.


Here he was crouched-uncomfortably under a table, behind an umbrella because he didn’t want to get caught. He didn’t like his situation one bit.


Another pair of men came in butΒ  luck was on Alexander’s side. They didn’t find him, one of them even kicked the umbrella beside him before leaving.


But that was it. They left to look somewhere else.


At some point Alexander could hear his sister’s angry screams and cries but he didn’t budge.


The night grew darker and he was almost sure he had been in the shed for a day, but in reality it was only some hours. His patience was thinning but he had to stay for a while longer.


When he was sure he could leave, he rose to his feet, slightly groaning as his muscles popped painfully. Alexander rubbed the back of his sore neck in annoyance and peeped through the shed window.


The garden in front of him was empty and the black cars that were parked in front of the house were gone.


He quietly got out and eyed the fence which would be very difficult to get over.


He wished his cousin was with him at the moment. Matteo would have helped him out.


” Fuck!”


Alexander’s body froze and he looked around to see if anyone was there.

There was no one.


” Fucking hate these things.” The voice said again.


Suddenly, a rope ladder was flung over the fence. Alexander took cautious steps back, picking a spade that laid beside the shed as a weapon.


He squinted his eyes, hoping that one of his men miraculously knew he would escape through the fence and came to help him.


He watched cautiously as a blonde head peeked over the fence. It was too dark for him to make out the face so Alexander gripped the spade harder and moved closer.


He couldn’t take any chances. If it were one of Sarah’s men then he’d be back in that room again.


Alexander aimed for the head and swung the spade, fortunately the blonde dodged it ( narrowly) with a grunt.


” Dude. What the f**k? I knew this was a bad idea.” The voice grumbled.




Without another word, Alexander got onto the rope ladder and climbed over, meeting Matteo on the other side.


” Where have you been?” Alexander frowned, dusting his shirt.


” Let’s get out of here first. My car isn’t too far.” Matteo led him away.


” How did you know I was there?” Alexander asked as they snuck their way towards the black car.


” I didn’t. I was going to sneak in.” Matteo shrugged.


He opened the driver’s seat and got in, Alexander followed suit.


” Where to?” Matteo started the engine.


” Away.” Alexander breathed.



The ride was silent as they drove off. It wasn’t awkward or tense. Rather, Alexander was relieved. He would find his jewel. At least now he knew Sarah didn’t have her.

But the question was, who did?

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