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Episode 55


” Someone special.” Matteo shrugged, throwing his phone onto a bed behind him.


” Who?” Alexander tilted his head to the side, his vision zeroed in on his cousin.


” Why do you care?” Matteo folded his arms across his chest, feigning offense.


” Who were you speaking to Rome?” Alexander gritted. He only ever used that name when he was dead serious.


Matteo’s expression mirrored his cousin’s. He wasn’t about to let Olivia down. He would die in his cousin’s arms if it meant her safety was guaranteed.


” My bride.” He shrugged defeatedly.


” Excuse you?” Alexander’s nostrils flared.


” Which bride are you talking about?”


Matteo sighed in exasperation. Why couldn’t he just drop the conversation?


” The girl my grandfather wants me to get married to. Happy?”


” How stupid do you think I am, Rome? I don’t want to pull out my gun just yet.” Alexander said calmly.


” Go ahead. I already told you.” Matteo took a daring step forward.


” By the way, words wouldn’t begin to describe how stupid you are, brother. If Olivia were here she’d tell you.” Matteo raised his hands up in surrender when he felt the air in his lungs get knocked out.


Alexander pinned his against the wall, his jaw clenched and the light color of his skin taking a red tint.


” Where-”


His words were cut short when a loud scream pierced thier eardrums.




The men shared worried looks. Forgetting the conversation they were having, they rushed downstairs only to be utterly stunned by what was unraveling before them.

She could taste blood inside her mouth as her teeth dug deep into the side of her cheek. She had lost him…again. The guards rushed in, trembling as her menacing gaze met them. How could they have missed him?! He was in the same freaking mansion.


” Did you find him?” Her heart was pounding viciously against the confines of her chest. It felt like she could drop dead any minute. Too many emotions were eating her up and she couldn’t do anything about it.


” N-No, madam. He’s gone.” One of them broke the deafening silence. The other three had their heads bowed down in both respect and fear, most noticeable, the latter.


Silence once again filled the room as no one dared to utter another word.


” You may leave.” She finally said.


She noticed how their shoulders slumped in relief before they hurriedly turned away. But that wasn’t what she planned.


Before they were out of the door the booming sounds of bullets being fired filled the roomΒ  and there was a pile of dead bodies lying in pool of blood before her.


She turned her back to them and held the gun behind her back.


He’s gone.


She knew the one place he would go. It was the one place she didn’t want to be. She wasn’t ready to face anyone yet. She wasn’t stable. If anything as much as pissed her off more than she already was, it would only add to the number of lives she would take.


She felt a hand gently tug on the grip she had on her gun. She willingly released it, rubbing her palms together as her the cold breeze blew her sweaty hands.


” What are you going to do now?” Sam questioned, his dark eyes following her as she took a seat on the leather couch in the middle of the room.


Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed harshly, the silence only thickened, if that was even possible. She closed her eyes, feeling the intense heart ache make itself pronounced.


Her shoulders slumped as rough hands landed on them. He was the only person keeping her sane right now.


” If you have anything to say then say it now.” Sarah muttered, looking straight ahead, fully aware of his presence behind her.

Sam remained silent. He didn’t know where to start. Besides, it was too late for her. He could only try to protect her as much as he could and hope she’d stop her madness.


She wasn’t the helpless woman he had saved from a second attempt of rape five months ago. She was wicked, and absolutely insane.


But he couldn’t let her go. He loved her and he would do anything to protect her.


” I’m giving you one last chance here, Sam.” Sarah tilted her head to meet his.


Her pretty golden eyes were broken. The unshed tears that seemed to be permanently welled up in there made her orbs glisten as she did. She was a sight to behold for him even in this state.


He wanted her to be his sweet, innocence princess like before. But that little girl was long gone.


Sam looked back at her, trying to read her expression. She was begging him for something she didn’t even know. She was lost, confused and scarred and for some reason, he felt like the whole world was against her.


Sam swallowed the lump in his throat. If he said anything wrong at this point she would go crazy. So he shifted his gaze away, but held her closer. He wanted her to know that there were still people who loved her.


It seemed like she had forgotten that fact.


The only sound that could be heard was of Sarah’s heavy breathing as they were all lost in their own thoughts.


” I’m going back.” She finally stated.


Sam’s brows furrowed as he listened to what she had to say.


Where exactly was she going?


” I’m going to see him. To see them.” She finally stood up.


Sam eyed her sceptically. Why did he not have a good feeling about what was going to happen?


Sarah picked the gun he had placed on the couch beside her and tucked it into her coat’s pocket. She adjusted the black leather gloves on her hands and headed towards the door.

A few steps away from the exit she halted.


” You won’t be seeing me anytime soon after what I’m about to commit. I know that. So you don’t have to wait for me anymore. You are free, Sam. But…. thank you. For everything.” She said, and with that, she left the room.


Sarah gritted her teeth as she walked out the front door and got into the black car waiting outside. She started the engine and without another glance back, she zoomed off to her final destination.


She didn’t care about the speed limits she was breaking or the way her mind and heart was screaming at her to go back to her savior.


There was no saving her this time because she knew. Once she got there, at least one person was going to lose a life.

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