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Episode 50



Hands. They were all over him. He tried to move, to do anything. But he couldn’t. He felt the hands travel up his legs and down his stomach, going down to a place he didn’t want to be touched.


He felt disgusted. It was like he was being raped. He didn’t want that. He screamed and cussed in anger and irritation even though he knew he wasn’t actually making any sound.


He so badly wanted to give her a piece of his mind, along with some bruises and fractures. He wanted to snap her neck and rip her head out.Β  But he couldn’t.


He was stuck in a stupid lying position where his neck was tilted uncomfortably to the side and his shirt was raised so his stomach was bare.


He wanted to wake up, to fight, to at least open his eyes. His mind went to his jewel and he felt his blood boil. His breathing laboured as he imagined how his wife was being treated.


Was she also molested? Even worse…was someone raping her? The thoughts made his heart pound rapidly. He didn’t want to think that else he’d die of a heart attack before he could see her beautiful face ever again.


Relief washed over him when he felt the hands disappear. She was gone.


~ ~ ~


Alexander groaned in pain as his sat up. His neck was hurting and he felt like he would pass out.



He was fed up.


He searched the bed and realized his phone wasn’t there. He didn’t have the strength to look for it.


It was annoying how he had been asleep all night but felt like he had ran a marathon.


He was more restless in bed than when he deprived himself of sleep. He staggered towards the bathroom, feeling as though he drank too much alcohol, and took a quick shower.


By the time he was out, there were clothes folded on the bed and Chinese food beside them.


Alexander scoffed.


The only thing he wanted was his wife. Maybe if she were around he’d actually eat something. Alexander put on the clothes and stared at the food.


He took it into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet, placing the empty bowl back on the bed. His head was hurting, something he ought to have been used to but each day it just got worse.


He laid on the bed and closed his eyes. The exhaustion still lingered and he welcomed the darkness. He knew she’d back soon. She told him.



And so he waited. He’d get her this time.



He closed his eyes, huffing slightly as the cold wind blew harshly against his skin. He didn’t know what time it was and he didn’t care. It was still dark outside. The sun hadn’t risen yet, but he couldn’t care less.


He let his body relax and made sure to stay very alert. He heard the sound of the door close shut,followed by the sound of clicking heels as the figure approached him.


He knew he didn’t have anyone. His men who were supposed to be with him were gone. She had them killed. Raphael, Zev, and the rest. They were gone.


Alexander was forced to listen to their grunts and yells because he couldn’t do anything to help them. He was stuck on a stupid bed, unable to move or see.


His men were dead and he didn’t even get to see their bodies.


Matteo was gone, Liam was with his girlfriend in the hospital holding his baby boy. Alexander could only wish he would be as happy as his friend. He could only wish it were him with Olivia in the hospital, holding their precious bundle of joy.


He wanted that. He wanted to hold Olivia close and kiss her cheek as their house filled with laughter and giggles of little children. Their children. It was a dream of his, which he knew would come true.


Because he’d make it happen.



” You look so delicious I could eat you up.” The voice purred.

Alexander held back a cringed. He wanted to slit her throat as she slid her arms under his shirt.


” You are all mine.”


The hands travelled down his sweat pants, stopping above his crotch as his hand wrapped themselves roughly around hers.


His eyes tore open and he loved how pale she was when she saw him. His grip tightened as a wicked smile spread across her face, sending chills down his spine.


Alexander felt betrayed. He didn’t understand. He was supposed to be hurt, but all he felt was pure hatred for the person who took away the love of his life.


” How could you? Have you gone insane?!” He spat, pulling her close so he could wrap his other hand around her neck.


She smirked.


” Of course. Can’t you see? I’m like this because of you. We belong together. I love you and you love me too. You do. I know you do.”


Alexander’s grip around her neck tightened, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


” You’re sick.” He gritted.


” I’m yours.”


” You’re my f**king sister!”







* β™₯️ End of chapter β™₯️ *

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