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Episode 48



Alexander stared numbly at the thousands of pictures before him. He was more pissed than creeped out. What sort of obsession was this? He turned to his cousins who stood frozen with disbelief.


” This is too creepy. And you didn’t know anything about this?” Matteo finally broke the silence.


Alexander pursed his lips in irritation. The lack of sleep was getting to him and the throbbing in his head made matters worse. He felt like he would collapse any moment.


” Burn it.” Matteo said through clenched teeth.


A smirk curled Alexander’s lips as he took the lighter on the wooden table beside him. He picked up one of his pictures and set them on fire, throwing it under the nearest curtains and watched as it slowly caught fire.


” She’ll be out eventually.” Alexander muttered under his breath as they walked out of the room.


” You said your parents are away?” Matteo turned to Alexander for confirmation.


Alexander nodded, there was no way he would put anyone else in further danger. He sent them away, but he remained inside, along with Matteo, Raphael and some of his men.


This bitch was after him not anyone else.


” That’s probably years of hard work we just destroyed.” Matteo sniggered, scrunching up his nose as the black smoke filled the bedroom.


Alexander stared numbly at the burning room. The fire peeked out of the closet, threatening to burn down the whole room, luckily there was nothing flammable nearby, restricting it to the closet alone.


His head was spinning and he staggered backwards, falling into his cousins arms.


” You need to rest, Alexander. La stai prendendo troppo duramente con te stessa.”Β  Matteo frowned worriedly.


( Translation: You’re taking this too hard on yourself. )


” I’m fine.” Alexander denied, stumbling to his feet.


He failed to stand straight on his feet as he fell weakly on the cold marble floor. The last thing he heard was Matteo yelling his name and shaking him violently before it all went dark.

He had failed once again. He was letting his precious jewel down like he always did.


~ ~ ~


Alexander groaned, his whole body ached as he tried to sit up. The sheltered his eyes from the blinding rays ofΒ  sunlight emitting from the window across him.


He was inside his room. His head was aching badly and his stomach growled angrily, sending shoots of unbearable pain through out his body.


The door opened and his sister walked in. She looked like she had seen a ghost as she approached her older brother. Matteo trailed behind her.


” What are you doing here? I told you to stay back with my parents.” He tried to be mad but it came out barely audible as he fell back onto his bed.


” Well mum and dad weren’t happy with the whole ‘ you staying back here alone ‘ thing. Neither am I. Look at you big brother. You’re taking this too hard on yourself. It’s not your fault Olivia’s gone. Besides she wouldn’t be happy to see you like this.” Sarah reasoned with her brother,but he had since blocked her out as his mind zoned off to another world entirely.


He had gotten a visit from the piece of shit and eventually got harrassed and he felt himself getting touched in all sorts of places.


He felt disgusted with himself. The only hands he wanted on him were Olivia’s.


” How long have I been asleep?” He turned to Matteo whose mind was somewhere else.


” Four days.” His green eyes met Alexander’s but the hidden message in them made his skin crawl.


” You probably haven’t even slept for weeks.” Sarah frowned, eyeing the pills beside her brothers bed.


Alexander grunted in irritation as he pushed himself off the bed. He stumbled towards the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.


” Alex! Please take care of yourself more. I’m not going to stop you from what you’re doing but we care about you too.” Alexander heard his sister yell but he ignored her.

He wasn’t feeling at all comfortable in his own skin and there was no way he was ‘ resting ‘ like that. He stripped out of his clothes and turned on the shower, sliding against the wall as the cold water hit his skin.


He was in pain. His muscles ached and his head was aching really bad, due to the many things in his mind.


Maybe this was how Olivia felt when she was on her period. A sad smile broke at his lips as an image of his sleeping wife came to veiw.


” Olivia….I miss you so much.” He sighed deeply, trying to suppress the lump in his throat.


” Please come back to me.” He gripoed his dreads.


” Non ce la faccio piΓΉ, gioiello.” He whimpered softly as the hot tears mixed with the cold drops of water.


( Translation: I can’t take it anymore, jewel.)


Alexander ignored his sister’s calls and thought only about his wife. His Olivia. He didn’t know how long he stayed in the shower and he didn’t care.


He just wanted his jewel, and he will find her. That was promise he made to himself.


By the time he left the shower Matteo was gone. Sarah had also left but there was a tray on his bed with a burger,some fries and a bottle of water. There was also a pair of sweats folded neatly beside them.


Alexander scowled, he wanted only his wife’s food. But he needed the strength to get her back.


With a defeated sigh, put on the clothes and sat on the bed, forcing some fries into his mouth. He was doing it all for his jewel.


He pushed the plate aside when he was sure he had had enough. Ignoring the drugs beside him, he fished out his phone from his pants pocket and dialled Matteo’s number.


He didn’t pick. Alexander called him a few more times before deciding to send a message instead.


He ignored the dozens of messages from his parents and spotted one from Matteo.

Alexander cursed and flung his phone to the other side of the bed. There was nothing more important than his wife at the moment.


He irritation washed over him as he felt his eyelids suddenly getting heavier. He was tired. His mind screamed and cussed at him for falling back onto the bed and falling into a deep slumber.




Matteo’s car pulled right in front of the grand hotel. He smiled as he got up the elevator and approached his suite.


Pulled out his keys, he unlocked the door, and grinned widely as he approached the woman of his dreams.


The woman he always wanted but couldn’t have.


His heart swelled with joy and adoration as he silently stared at her back. She was holding a cup of tea with both her hands, wearing his favorite t-shirt and staring through the window.


Her dark hair was held in a messy bun and she was just about the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on.


” You’re early.” She stated, her crystal blue eyes meeting his green ones.


” I missed you too, Amore.”



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