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Episode 45


(Olivia’s dress up there, but in black 🀭)




Olivia ran a hand through her hair and stared at the mirror in front of her. She wasn’t nervous and she wasn’t scared, but she felt uneasy.


The next day after their date, they met Isabella and Nicolas frowning at an envelope.


It was an invitation to a family event.


Even Alexander was surprised.


His aunt was celebrating her 30th birthday and she invited everyone in the family. She wanted to repair their broken bond and Olivia respected that. But for some reason Olivia didn’t feel right.


” Why do you girls always take too long to dress up?” She could practically hear the agitation in her husband’s voice.


Olivia took one last glance at her black, satin dress and walked out the door.


Alexander was resting against the door frame with his arms folded across his chest. He looked stunning, she had to admit. His suit screamed money and it only enhanced his attractiveness.


” I didn’t take that long.” She frowned, catching his attention.


She really didn’t. Of course Sarah wouldn’t just let her go without doing her hair and makeup but it never took too long.


All she did was curl her hair and apply very little makeup.


Alexander’s breath hitched as his eyes swept over her body, lingering on her exposed thigh. She looked breathtaking to say the least.

He straightened his posture and cleared his throat.


He wasn’t comfortable with her walking about in such a dress. It was just like the other one she had worn for the charity event. Everyone had their hungry eyes on her and it only enraged him.


” I don’t like this dress.” He grumbled – his eyes unable to look anywhere else but his wife.


And here he thought he loved seeing her in blue.


” Alexander, Sarah said you picked it out for me.” Olivia sighed, as she grabbed a silver purse Isabella had gotten her.


True. He did pick out the dress but he didn’t think it’d look that good. The way it hugged her body nicely made him want to lock her up in his room and spend the night with her.


The last thing he wanted was to have his wife ogled by his cousins who were just a bunch of Matteos but with different hair and eye color.


” I’m not changing. Everyone is gone. We’re late.” Olivia walked past her husband who followed behind her reluctantly.


” So, I’m going to meet your whole family? Hopefully there wouldn’t be too much tension.” Olivia frowned as they got into the car.


” Whatever nonsense they’d have to spew I’d prefer if they didn’t direct it anywhere near you. ” Alexander mumbled as he checked his wrist watch.


They were half an hour late.


” Will I meet crystal?” She turned to him with a smile.


” No.” Alexander wanted to kiss her pout.


” Why not?”

” Because…she died three years ago. Car crash on her way to the beach with her boyfriend.” Alexander shrugged.


Olivia frowned. She didn’t like how this family was ignorant of the obvious danger within them.


Alexander was aware there was something off, but he didn’t want to bring it up. She just knew.



She didn’t know why though.


” That’s too bad.” Olivia looked out the window and frowned as they approached a beautiful mansion.


The golden gates opened and they drove further inside. There were so many luxurious cars parked at bothe sides of the entrance and Olivia hummed.


This family probably didn’t even know the meaning of poverty.


” Don’t you ever leave my sight.” Alexander whispered against her ear as they got out.


Olivia felt a chill run down her spine as his hot minty breath fanned her neck.


She nodded in response and walked by his side as they entered inside.


The room was filled with many people much to her surprise. All were dressed elegantly while some young boys appeared in casual wear. They were all a bunch of good looking, caramel skinned people with coloured eyes, and a few light skinned ones as herself.


She was a little shocked by how laid back they all seemed. It was as if nothing Alexander said actually happened.


They walked up to Isabella and Nicolas who were chatting happily with an older looking couple.


” Alex, oh my goodness. You are so grown up now! Ryan look at our baby.” The older woman gushed when she spotted Alexander.

She had long blonde hair which was pinned in a neat bun with a few curled strands framing her face. She was only a bit taller than Olivia and she had on an emerald green dress which highlighted her green eyes.


She was breathtaking.


Alexander pulled Olivia closer as if she would protect him from her embrace.


” Oh? Who’s this beauty?” She halted when her eyes fell onto Olivia.


Alexander relaxed and smiled kindly as the man, who Olivia guessed was her husband joined them.


” Grandma, this is my wife, Olivia.” Alexander introduced.


Olivia watched as their eyebrow shot in surprise and their lips parted slightly.


” W-Wife?” The man finally tore his gaze from Olivia to Alexander.


” She is so beautiful. Where did you meet her- and how were we not informed about this?! My name is Lilian honey, I’m Nicolas’ mother.” Lilian pulled Olivia in for a bone crushing hug.


” I-” Olivia winced as she could practically hear her bones crack.


Lilian was quite strong for a grandmother.


” Honey- you’ll kill the angel before she can give you great grandkids.” She heard the man say.


” I’m sorry angel. How are you?” Lilian squealed, finally letting her go.


Olivia rubbed her arms and smiled- although her cheeks flushed in embarrassment at the man’s words.


” I’m fine. Mrs-”

” Oh my dear, please, call me Lily.” Lilian waved her hand dismissively.


” This is Ryan. My husband.” She pointed towards the man beside her.


Ryan pulled Olivia into a warm hug and she was thankful it wasn’t as tight as Lily’s.


” Nice to meet you, Sir.” Olivia flashed a small smile.


” Well aren’t you just adorable?” Ryan chuckled.


” Call me Ryan, love.” Olivia nodded, feeling Alexander’s arms snake around her waist possessively.


” Okay, Ryan. Olivia still has a lot of people to meet and I’m pretty sure they’re all just as eager to meet her.” Alexander pointed towards a small group of ladies whispering at a corner and sneaking mischievously glances their way.


” Of course. Meet us before you leave.” Lilian waved excitedly as Alexander pulled Olivia away.


” Your grandmother is… something.” Olivia chuckled as they walked farther into the crowd.


Alexander rolled his eyes but smiled anyways. He loved how even after years of misunderstandings, his grandparents never changed. He knew that even if no one showed up, they definitely would.


” She’s too energetic for her age.” He mused.


” Your father looks nothing like Ryan though. I don’t see any resemblance with lily either.” She noted.



” Well, he’s actually my step…. Grandfather? ” Alexander replied, wondering if what he said made sense.


” Oh. You had another grandfather?” Olivia looked up to see whether or not he was comfortable with the conversation.

His expression was calm and she saw it as a sign to keep going.


” I still do. I don’t know much. My dad doesn’t even like thinking about him.” Alexander shrugged, quickly swerving away from his cousins who looked like they would jump his wife.


” Well, do you know his name at least?” Olivia frowned.


” No. But before my dad changed his name he was…William Rae.” Alexander said, leading her to an empty balcony.


Olivia repeated the name silently. It was easy to see that Ryan wasn’t Nicolas’ father because they looked nothing alike. Ryan had chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. His skin wasn’t as tan but it wasn’t pale either and when he spoke he she could hear a slight australian accent.


” Why have you brought me here?” Olivia’s eyes landed on the massive garden below her. She stared at it in awe.


There were so many flowers of different colors and some which she had never seen before.


This garden was better than the one they had back at the mansion.


” No reason. I just wanted to enjoy some privacy for as much as I can before they start whining.” Alexander shrugged, pulling his wife closer.


” Don’t you want to catch up with your family?” Olivia managed to turn around.


His hold was so firm it was like he was afraid to let go of her.


” I can catch up with them later.” Alexander looked into his wife’s eyes, feeling the need to bury his head in the crook of her neck just to enjoy her sweet scent.


” Well, I need to use the bathroom. I’ll be back.” Olivia said, much to Alexander’s annoyance.

” Let me take you then.” He insisted.


” Alexander I can take myself. You just wait here and I’ll meet you.” Olivia shook her head.


Alexander cursed under his breath. He wished his wife wasn’t as stubborn as she was. Could she not see?


He just wanted her in his arms.


” Don’t take too long, queste persone mi faranno imapazzire.” Alexander mumbled as he reluctantly let her go.


( Translation: These people will drive me insane. )



Olivia wended through the crowd of wealthy people and frowned as she felt highly out of place. They all had some sort of aura radiating off of them and she just couldn’t understand it.


Behind those kind eyes and gorgeous smiles, there was something dark.


But that wasn’t her problem.


She was more cautious of the person watching her. She searched the narrow hallway and sighed in relief when she finally found the bathroom.


Olivia slid inside, locking the door as she did so. She rummaged through her phone and frowned as she got her newest threat.



That pretty face of yours will become unrecognizable by the time I’m done with you. I’d be careful , it’s just a matter of time before I have my way. – Unknown.



She shook her head and stared at her reflection in the oval shaped mirror. It was only a matter of time. This person was close and she knew it.

Olivia couldn’t be able to live peacefully knowing there was someone trying to disrupt their lives. Because as strange as she thought it was, she found herself growing close to her new family.


They loved her to bits and it honestly scared her. She was afraid to admit that deep down she enjoyed the attention. She liked how they didn’t hesitate to help whenever they thought she was in need. She loved how Isabella never made her feel left out and she loved how Nicolas treated her like she was his own daughter.


Alexander was another issue on his own. He was different and Olivia didn’t want to think too much about it. She didn’t want to think he loved her.


She didn’t want to believe she wanted him.


This was a business proposal which she had brought up herself, they weren’t supposed to fall in love. They shouldn’t.


Sooner or later, just like William, Alexander would understand that she’s just a tainted, dirty, and helpless girl who doesn’t want to be hurt. Not any more.


And he’d hate her for that.


She took deep breaths to calm her racing heart and met her reflection in the mirror.


The woman staring at her was the opposite of what she felt at the moment.


The Olivia everyone saw was cold, strong, and independent. Right now she felt helpless. Her thoughts were conflicting.


She was doing all this for who exactly? If she wanted…she could leave Alexander as told. She could take her mother away and live the peaceful life she always wanted.


She had enough money. So why was every fiber of her very being telling her to do otherwise?

She was doing all this for who exactly? If she wanted…she could leave Alexander as told. She could take her mother away and live the peaceful life she always wanted.


She had enough money. So why was every fiber of her very being telling her to do otherwise?


Why did Alexander’s face appear anytime she thought of forgetting about him? He was making everything hard and the more he held her close the faster her brick walls crumbled.



” Okay.” She breathed, gaining control of herself once more.


If this person wanted her out of the picture…then she’d leave.

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