Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 2


Alexander stared at the naked woman lying on his bed. He had long expected her to leave yet she seemed to have made herself comfortable on his bed. He moved closer to the bed, towering her supposedly sleeping frame. Her eyes fluttered open and she turned to him, flashing her pearly white teeth.

” Why haven’t you left yet?” He frowned throwing his towel onto a chair. His hair was still a bit wet but that was the least of his problems.

” Come on baby. You came back from Paris yesterday and I missed you so much. Didn’t you miss me?” The blonde asked batting her long lashes. Alexander remained silent, his main focus was the perfect view he was getting of her naked body. She seemed to be doing it on purpose and enjoyed his reaction.

” Look, I’ll stay here and wait for you. When you get back, we can go out for dinner and enjoy ourselves some more. How about that?” She said pushing the sheets off her body and wrapping her hands around his neck.

” I’m leaving. You should too. I have somewhere to go to after work and I won’t be back so soon. If you don’t leave, I’ll have Raphael take you out.” He said tearing her hands away from him. The blonde huffed and stomped into the bathroom, shutting it with a loud bang.

Alexander heard his phone ring and sighed once he saw the caller’s ID.

” Alexander! Why haven’t you come to see me yet? I know what you’re trying to avoid and I want you here immediately you finish with work. Understood?” His mother’s voice yelled.

” Mom I-”

” Understood?!” She gritted through the phone.

” Yes Mom. I’ll be there.” He sighed and she hung up. Alexander cursed under his breath and threw the phone in irritation. Luckily, it landed on the bed.

” What happened?” Came the blonde’s voice.

” I told you to leave, didn’t I?” He snapped, making her scurry to grab her clothes from last night. He walked into his closet and took out a navy blue suit. Today he would return to the company and see how things were going and he would also check up on his mother. It was going to be a very long day.

By the time he was left the closet fully dressed, his little toy had already left. Alexander eyed the untidy bed and grumbled. He was never using this place again.

” What else do I have to do today Claire?” Alexander asked his secretary, leaning back in his chair. It was only 3pm and he was running late. His mother could be very impatient sometimes and she’d already called him 6 times.

” Nothing important, Mr Payne. The rest can be done tomorrow.” She said adjusting the pen behind her ear.

” You may leave.” He dismissed and the middle aged lady exited his office.

Just as he was about to leave, his phone rang, making him sigh in agitation.

” I’m on my way M-”

” Alexander!” A make voice called. He checked the caller’s ID and realized it was his best friend Liam.

” What is it?” He sighed rubbing his temples.

” Okay remember the rat you wanted me to catch?” He said and Alexander straightened up. This man in question has been attempting to steal important documents from himΒ  and sell it to rival companies for a while and eventually did. This made him furious as he lost billions because of him/her.

” Well? Who is he?” Alexander gritted.

” Meet me at the warehouse. You’ll see for yourself.” He said before hanging up. Alexander stood up and went straight for his car. His mother could wait. He had bigger problems to deal with.

He drove hastily to the said destination and marched towards the entrance where his friend was waiting for him.

” That was fast.” He chuckled leading him down the dark building. Alexander squinted his eyes as he got closer to a man tied up in a chair with two buff men behind him.

” Look at me.” He snarled making the man shake in fear. The man looked up at him, his beady eyes held nothing but fear.

” I’m so sorry sir. Please don’t kill me. I swear, I-I didn’t mean to. I just want to feed my family and-”

” Shut the f**k up!” Alexander growled.

” Do you have any idea how much I lost because of you?” He asked calmly, turning his back to the man.

” A-And sir I-I can repay you. I have two daughters you see. Both are very beautiful. You can have anyone you want. Both even.” He stammered frightened.

” You think your daughters can make up for billions lost? You must be a real idiot then.” He snarled. But after a moment of silence, he finally spoke.

” Liam, let him go.” He said shocking both the traitor and his friend.

” What? Are you serious right now?” Liam asked astonished. Alexander remained unfazed.

” You heard me.” He said. Liam rolled his eyes and nodded to the two men behind him and they began to untie him.

” I promise you won’t regret this sir. Thank you so much.” Said the man as he shamelessly went on his knees.

” But have this in mind, Martinez. I’ll make sure you regret what you’ve done to me.” Alexander said making the man shudder.

” Now leave my sight.” He said and the man ran off leaving the four men alone.

” What was that for? You know how hard it was for-”

” He’s a very valuable asset. I need him for one very last thing before I take care of him. Your efforts however will not go unrewarded.” Alexander said turning to his friend who seemed more irritated than pleased.

” Whatever. Hey, have you seen your mom yet?” Liam suddenly asked making Alexander tense up.

” Still bothering you about getting married huh?” Liam smirked on seeing his friend’s reaction.

Alexander refused to say a word and began heading back to his car. The sun was already setting and he knew his mother would almost kill him.

” You know, maybe those girls that man mentioned might come in handy then?” Liam said hot on his trail. Alexander opened his car door.

” I’m not getting married to any one that fool’s daughters.” He hissed getting into his car.

” Then good luck finding a wife my friend.” Liam smiled all but sweetly waving his hand as his best friend drove off.

” And where were you?!” His mother yelled into his face once he arrived. He looked ahead and noticed his father walk right behind her.

” I had a problem I needed to take care of. Forgive me mama.” Alexander said showing not the slightest bit of remorse as he took a seat on the living room sofa.

” How many times did I call you?” His mother glared pointing towards the phone in his hands.

” I lost count.” He said adjusting his tie.

” You know I’m tired of this your nonchalant attitude Alex. I’m your mother and all I want is for you to settle down, ditch that whore of yours, and-”

” Bear you and Dad grandchildren? I know. ”Β  He continued.

” Yes. And if you don’t present your wife in the next two weeks, not only will I strip you of your position as the CEO but I’ll also find you a wife myself.” She threatened this time getting Alexander’s attention.

” You can’t do that!” He almost yelled. His mother crossed her arms daringly.

” Try me.” She said making him slump back into the sofa.

” How do you expect me to find a wife in two weeks? I need more time.” He frowned.

” Well then you probably should have started 8months ago when I asked you to get one. Now the clock is ticking. Either you find one, or I get you a wife and you can kiss you position goodbye.” His mother said smiling evilly.

Alexander looked at his father for help but realized that both his parents were on the same page. Yet again, even if they weren’t, his father couldn’t do much. Alexander pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He just prayed he would never be as foolish to let his spouse control him the way his mom does to his father.

” Fine.” He sighed. ” I’ll get a wife.”

” When?” His mother pointed out. She seemed to be enjoying what was going down.

” Two weeks.” He reluctantly said.

” That’s my son. Now why don’t you just relax and I’ll come serve you your favorite dish. I made it myself.” His mother smiled heading over to the kitchen.

Alexander rolled his eyes at the sudden mood switch. His mother always has a way of getting what she wanted. He raised his head to find his father staring back at him with a small smile.

” Coward.” He said making his father chuckle. He rubbed his face tiredly with his palm. Two weeks wasn’t enough time with all the work he had to do. He wouldn’t have the time to look for a bride.

‘ Maybe Liam was onto something.” He pondered.

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