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Episode 49


Matteo rested his head on his fist and sighed. Half of his body was on the bed as he stared at her calm figure. She had her eyes on his laptop, her fingers interlaced with her jaw rested on the knuckles.



” How are you so calm? You’re literally watching your husband get harrassed.” He frowned, he couldn’t take it anymore.


Olivia face remained stoic. She watched as her husband’s breathing became slight pants. He was battling internally against the figure whose arms travelled anywhere and everywhere.


He couldn’t move a muscle and Olivia thought he would start hyperventilating.


” I’m not.” She finally acknowledged the blonde’s presence.



She figured he wasn’t too happy with how she basically gave him orders without explanation. She wanted to explain everything to him but she didn’t know how.


She was never really the talkative type. Her mother always said she thought too much but Olivia couldn’t help it. Back when she was young she used to talk alot. She would indirectly explain to the neighbors how her father abused she and her mother but they never got the point. She would scream, cry and beg for help.


But it never came.


Then she gave up. She stopped wasting time trying to explain and focused more on finding a way to escape. She was used to it. She didn’t know how to open up.


It took everything in her to tell Alexander that Derrick didn’t rape her when she was young. She thought he’d still hate her, she thought he’d send her away, she thought he’d…hit her.


He never did. Instead he held her close and made her feel safe. That night she knew she felt something for him, she didn’t want to, but little by little he kept destroying the brick walls that shielded her heart.


Now there was no way she’d think if him without trying hard to suppress a smile.


As hard as she tried that night to convince herself she didn’t like him, she failed miserably. She wanted to be with him.


Watching him through the camera as he got touched in his sleep made her heart pound loudly against her chest. She was surprised Matteo couldn’t hear it. Olivia felt hurt.


She felt the same way she did when she saw her father using his belt to whip her mother. It was a mixture of anger, pain, and sadness.


She wanted to take his pain away even though she knew she couldn’t take it. She wanted him to be free and happy while she suffered the pain and agony. It would be worth it. Just to see him smile.


But she couldn’t. Staying back there would only make things worse. So she left the mansion in the middle of the night and contacted Matteo.



She went far away and waited for 10minutes before he arrived with messy hair and sleepy eyes. She had told him to take her far away and he did. He brought her to a hotel in Spain and she’s been staying for the last three weeks, watching her husband from a camera she’d placed on the dresser across their bed.



She thought it was better this way. She thought by leaving, she wouldn’t cause and physical pain to the ones she loved.


But without meaning to, she was breaking the heart of the blonde beside her who had long fallen madly in love.


Matteo’s heart clenched and his smile dropped every time he remembered the woman of his dreams was married to his cousins. He wanted to be selfish. He wanted to keep Olivia to himself and love her for the rest of his life.


He wanted to start a future with her and make her the most happy woman in the world. But he couldn’t. He didn’t have the heart to do that. He couldn’t take away Alexander’s happiness.


He would not only be hurting Olivia, but Alexander as well. Alexander was more than family to him. He was his best friend.



So he kept it to himself. He kept his little secret to himself and suffered the heartache alone.


He would literally kill anyone to see her smile, which is why he picked her up in the middle of the night, and flew her to one of his father’s hotels in Spain.


He would wake you every day to her beautiful face but couldn’t kiss her. He couldn’t hold her close and whisper how much he loved her and wanted her to be the one to make her smile.

The more he saw her the more his head swelled with love and shattered into pieces. He was losing himself, which was why he often tried to avoid her. He was doing well, at least until he saw her call and started living with her.


She was a drug. His addiction, bit he couldn’t have her.



” He misses you alot.” He tried to hide the pain in his voice as he uttered those words.


He didn’t need anyone to tell him she loved her husband. It was clear to him.


Olivia bit her lower lip in response. She didn’t know how to reply. She also missed him, but she couldn’t say that.



She still didn’t know why.


” You said Alexander has brothers?” Olivia shut the laptop, having had enough of watching her husband being tortured.


Matteo nodded.


” We don’t talk about them though. Don’t want anyone to know.”



” Why? Rebels? ” Olivia tilted her head in confusion. She was surprised when Matteo mentioned Alexander having twin brothers.


She never recalled seeing them in their family portrait. Maybe that was why Alexander was reluctant to go. He wasn’t comfortable with them being out of the picture.


” You could say that. They’re drug lords. They thought it’d be safer if they wereΒ  not spoken of anymore. You know the mafia is very dangerous.” Matteo shrugged.


Olivia nodded, she knew there was something about this family.


” So you never see them?”



” They rarely visit. But they do. You’ll see them. You’re family after all. Besides, I’m sure they’re going to want to meet their sister-in-law.” Matteo winked.


Olivia avoided his eyes.



” What are their names?” She asked.



” Ace and Axel.” Matteo replied. Olivia hummed and stared at her fingers as silence enveloped them. She was comfortable with it, Matteo wasn’t.


” So, now will you tell me what’s going on? Why you left home, why you’re watching him through that camera and why you think I should stay back instead of going to help my brother. You still haven’t even told me how you knew there was a f**king shrine in that house, which by the way, your description did nothing to actually describe how it was.” Matteo added.


He was tired of being left in the dark. Sure he loved her enough to do whatever she asked without question but he needed to know.


His cousin was in danger.


Olivia looked at him, thinking of how she would start explaining. She preferred giving short replies and staying silent than talking to people. But she had to. He deserved to know after all he’d done.


She released a deep sigh and finally told him everything. She told him why she left, how she found out about the cameras and the shrine, and even why she thought going back was a bad idea.



But most importantly, she told him who the stalker was.





* β™₯️ End of chapter β™₯️ *

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