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Episode 43

How? Was all Olivia wondered.


How on earth could someone be so shameless?


Olivia huffed with folded arms as her vision zeroed on Alexander who was busy trying to place a pad on one of her panties.


He had his tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth as he folded the sticky part. Olivia felt her cheeks heat up when he clicked his tongue triumphantly as he raised the thin, lacy fabric in the air.


” This looks right. Right?” He had a childish grin plastered on his face and he looked like he just accomplished a difficult task.


Olivia wanted to curse her mother for actually teaching Alexander how to use a sanitary pad.


” Why are you doing this? I can do it myself.” Olivia avoided his gaze as he pushed the padded panties to the side.


” Because of next time. Sarah said apparently you girls bleed every month. Which is surprising because I haven’t seen you in such pain at all.” Alexander frowned.


” Probably because we’ve only been married for a little over two months. I used to sleep in a separate room once?” Olivia reminded him to which he responded with a nod.


” Hopefully you won’t be like that next month. How many days exactly are you going to bleed?” Alexander winced slightly as he asked the question.


” It doesn’t matter.” Olivia pursed her lips. If only he knew how embarrassing the whole situation was for her.


She never had anyone care for her before so she dealt with her pain alone. She figured out how to use sanitary pads on her own which was a bit difficult because she had no idea, but she eventually got it right.

Her mother was too busy going through too much and it seemed selfish to confront her with such an issue at that time.


Now that Alexander was all over this matter she felt embarrassed and shy. The fact that he was a man and simply wouldn’t let it go made it worse.


Olivia hated the thought of brushing her teeth every morning because whenever she opened the cabinet it was heavily stocked with all kinds of sanitary pads.


And this wasn’t even their house. It made Olivia wonder how much exactly he thought she would bleed out.


” Of course it does, Olivia. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me, yesterday?”


Olivia looked at Alexander incredulously. Hard? For him?


” Pardon?” Her voice was low, almost daring him to repeat what he had just said.


” Sorry.” He seemed to have caught onto what he just said immediately he met her glare.


” If you’re done playing with my underwear can I have it back?” Olivia quirked a brow.


Alexander glanced at the soft black material and his eyes lit up.


” Yes. You’re going to use this later, right?”Β  He asked hopefully.


” Sure.” Olivia stretched her hand and took it from his hold.


” Good. Because I -” Alexander’s phone rang, cutting him off, much to Olivia’s delight.


His face grew stone cold as he listened to what whoever was on the other line had to say.


” Excuse me, Olivia.” He grumbled, leaving the room in a hurry.

” What do you want from me ….” Olivia heard him harshly whisper as he went further down the hall.


She hummed softly and picked up one of the pillows beside her. Taking her phone from underneath it, she opened it to meet her most recent text messages.


Let yesterday give you a taste of what you’ll go be going through when I get my hands on you. I will make sure you regret taking what’s mine and that’s a promise. You have two options, either stay away or sign your own death wish. – Unknown.


Olivia studied the number carefully, rolling her eyes at the threatening message with an annoyed sigh.


Would there ever be peace for her?


Clearly this person was obsessed with Alexander. She knew everything because she was always watching. Olivia was curious as to who it was.


Maybe one of Alexander’s girlfriends. The ones she’d met of course.


Celine? Amanda?


She snorted.


Those ladies didn’t seem smart enough to be able to all this. But she knew never to judge a book by its cover, although every part of her was sure they weren’t the ones.


Olivia looked at the underwear in her hands and groaned when she felt the need to change arise. She waddled to the bathroom and used the one Alexander had done for her instead.


It wasn’t exposed long enough to contact any germs.


” You don’t look too good.” She noted upon meeting Alexander on the bed.


He seemed confused, tired, and upon all, irritated.

” Its nothing.” He dismissed but Olivia could tell from all indications that it wasn’t nothing.


She intended to find out. But first, she needed to take a walk. All that sitting down on the bed made her feel quite uncomfortable. So she decided to kill two birds with one stone.


She’d just take a walk around the mansion. Hopefully she’d find something useful.


~ ~ ~


The mansion was not as big as Alexander’s, but it had enough room to almost get lost. Olivia had been walking around for 20 minutes, admiring the interior of the beautiful mansion but she so far hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary.


She walked up to a dark brown wooded door with a square glass at the middle. It was opaque as whatever was behind it was all blurry.


Just like all the other rooms, Olivia peeked inside, frowning as she was met with a bedroom, like most of the other rooms. What caught her attention, however,was that there the room was lit with candles even though the bulbs inside were working fine.


The room had a manly scent to it and a chill ran down Olivia’s spine when she saw the door to the closet slightly ajar. The little that was shown revealed nothing but darkness. At least, nothing much could be seen.


Olivia knew what she was doing was dangerous. But this person was living with them. With Isabella, Alexander, everyone. With…Mia.


So, ignoring her pounding chest, she creaked the door open and felt her mouth go dry. What was supposed to be a closet was instead a shrine.


No only was this person obsessed with her husband, it appears that she also worships him.

The walls were covered with different kinds of pictures of him leaving barely any space to see the actual cream coloured paint of the wall.


Olivia spotted a small desk where a small candle melted against the hard wooden table. The weird part being that there was small bowl of steamy soup beside it.


Olivia hissed when she grazed her fingers over the soup bowl. It was very hot.


That meant this person was here recently.


Very good, she thought sarcastically.


But if there was a shrine here, which meant the person has been living here for a while, could it mean there was another one back at their place?




It didn’t make any sense that the person lived here but appeared mostly when she was asleep and in the middle of the night at home.


It was a tad confusing.


Olivia felt the temperature of the room suddenly drop as the candle went out-leaving her in complete darkness.


She turned on her phone, using the brightness of the screen to head back to the bedroom.


She nearly jumped when her phone buzzed in her hands, frowning when she saw Alexander’s name on her screen.


” Yes-”


” Olivia, I want you to leave wherever you are and come to me. Now.” He sounded anxious and slightly… frightened.


Olivia heard the door behind her creak further open and took cautious steps backwards till her back hit the room door.

She felt as though something would charge at her in a matter of seconds, making her quickly shut the door behind her.


Jogging back to their room, she frowned as she met Alexander pacing back and forth restlessly.


” Where were you?” He pulled her closer, almost crushing her against his chest.


” What’s the matter?” Olivia tried to struggle out of his strong grip but he wouldn’t allow.


” N-Nothing. Just stay here and wait for me.” He moved a little so she could meet his eyes.


Olivia took in a deep breath, his spicy scent filled her nostrils as she slumped her shoulders. His scent was oddly soothing, but his muscles were tense.


” Mm.” Olivia nodded as he pulled away.


She watched carefully as Alexander took a denim jacket on top of the bed. It was then Olivia noticed that he was wearing a pair of navy blue jeans and a red top.


It was the first time she had seem him in something casual, and she preferred him that way.


” Where are we going?” She frowned when Alexander dragged her out of the room by her hand.


” A date.” He smiled.



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