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Episode 47


Alexander closed his eyes and took deep breaths. His head was throbbing and his eyes felt so heavy. He hadn’t slept for a whole week.


How could he? Olivia was nowhere to be found and he’s checked everywhere.


He couldn’t bring himself to even look Mia in the eyes because he was too ashamed. He didn’t have any clue as to where Olivia was and it only pissed him off more.


He no longer got any more threatening messages, which was a really frustrating. He had no idea where Olivia was and he could feel himself slowly going crazy from the lack of food, sleep, and a certain strawberry scented beauty in his arms.


” I’m going to kill that lupa!” Matteo cursed loudly as he paced back and forth across the room.


( Translation: Bitch.)


Alexander eyed him wearily, normally he wouldn’t like how affected his cousin was by the matter but right now it was understandable.


” Agreed. But we’re going to have to find her first.” Liam tried to calm Matteo down.


” How could you let that happen? She was with you for f**k sake!” Matteo slammed his fist against Alexander’s table.


Alexander remained silent, but the look on his face alone was enough to have Liam standing in between them with his arms spread out.


” Matteo, calm down. As you can see, He’s not in the right state of mind. If you both really care about Olivia’s whereabout then focus on that instead. ” Liam tried to talk some sense into them, but Alexander’s eyes were still trained on his cousin.


He just wanted to hear one more word before firing a bullet through his skull. He was itching to kill anyway.


Unfortunately, Matteo slumped onto the chair behind him, rubbing his temples aggressively. As annoyed as Alexander was with him, he could tell his cousin was in his own misery.


And it bothered him.


” Alex, are you sure Olivia didn’t leave on her own free will?” Liam was almost afraid to ask.

Alexander’s eyes shifted to the man he called his best friend and resisted the urge to pierce his nails through his eyeballs.


” When I saw the footage, It looked nothing like anyone took her away. Maybe….she left.” Liam’s voice was barely audible. He was picking out his words carefully but even then they didn’t sound too good.


Alexander stood up from his seat and watched as his best friend shrank slightly. They both knew not to piss him off more than he already was.


” Explain it to me, Liam. How and why would Olivia, La donna che amo, leave just like that?” Alexander growled lowly.


( Translation: The woman I love. )


” Look, I’m sorry man. It doesn’t make sense. You haven’t been getting any strange messages anymore but the footage clearly showed Olivia leaving the bed.” Liam said calmly.


” So? The cameras stopped working, didn’t they? She was obviously taken away after that. Look, I want that bitch, and I want her as soon as possible. ” Matteo snarled.


Alexander stared through the glass wall of his office. He wasn’t afraid of being watched anymore, hell, he wanted that bitch to know he was hot on her trail.


He would find her, and he would kill her.


His thumb grazed over the necklace in his hands. It was supposed to be what’d help him find his wife if she ever got kidnapped. It had a tracking device installed in it. He would have had his wife in his arms if he hadn’t asked her to change out of her clothes.


He felt so stupid.


Alexander tightened his hold on the necklace before stuffing it back into his pants pocket. Sliding on his jacket, he grabbed his phone and headed towards the door.


” I’m coming with you.” Matteo got up from his seat, trailing behind him.


” I’m gonna keep trying to see the rest of the footage. You two just be careful. Olivia won’t be happy to see how hard your taking it on yourselves.” Liam glanced at them worriedly.


Alexander knew he had a point. But he couldn’t care less, he would give anything to have her with him even if it meant getting the silent treatment.

He nodded in response.


” I’ll be at the warehouse. ” He said as to which Liam nodded.


” Are you finally going to kill them?” Matteo glanced at his cousin as they got down the elevator.


” They had a hand in it. And since they refuse to speak, of what use are they to me? I’ll give them one last chance, you can have your fun with them afterwards. ” Alexander growled, his blood was starting to boil at the mere thought of not getting a single clue out of them.


He knew they had a hand. He confronted them about it and they were nervous, frightened, and anxious. They claimed they didn’t do anything too bad, they just did as they were told.


Alexander so badly wanted to rip their heads off but he stayed calm. He was caging his rage for that one person he wanted to find so desperately. He would make her pay.


He opened the driver’s seat to his car and slid in, starting the engine as Matteo got in the passengers seat. The drive was deafeningly silent. No one wanted to utter a words as it would only enrage them more.


They had one thing in their mind, one person…


Olivia Martinez.


~ ~ ~


” No. f**king. way.” Matteo whispered in disbelief and anger as he stared at the two lifeless bodies before him.


” She got to them first.” He gritted his teeth as he approached the barely recognizable corpses.



” They were burnt alive.” Alexander stated, eyeing the warehouse which looked like it would fall apart any second.


” They were going to spill.” He clenched his fists so hard his nails dug into his palms painfully.


What were supposed to be Celine and Amanda’s corpses were a black skeletons, that would collapse if you just blew at them.


This person was good.


” Now what?” Matteo scrunched his nose in disgust as his eyes swept over the black bones.

” Excuse you?” Matteo squinted his eyes in disbelief and shock.


” What better place to hide than in my own home? Let’s go.” Alexander headed back to the car waiting for them outside.


He knew what he would face back there would either be good or very bad.


But he didn’t care, he wasn’t stupid and right now, as painful as it was for him, he would wait for this person to come to him. It was only a matter of time.


Something he didn’t have.



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