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Episode 40


Alexander stared at the lifeless body before him. He has seen and murdered so many people but it didn’t faze him as much as this did.


The fact that someone was killed in his own house made him question his wife’s safety.


Olivia was right. Leaving her alone here was just as dangerous as letting her out on her own.


It took some time before he found Alyssa’s body. A day actually.



He didn’t believe she escaped because once anyone went as deep into his mansion as this the ways out we’re hidden.


His father built this place because of his fear of being watched. If Alexander couldn’t have cameras then he should have enough places to hide and enough escape routes in case of an attack.



Alexander had memorized nearly everywhere but not all. Each room had some food which Esmeralda and Benjamin checked and changed every month, a bathroom and a door connecting to an underground tunnel.


It was quite useful as it enabled him to sometimes go out on his own without any bodyguard on his trail. That was when he was much younger, when he didn’t take his life seriously.


He contemplated on whether or not to break the news to Olivia. How would she react?


” Sir, what shall we do now?” One of the three men he had gotten to find Alyssa called his attention.


” Clean this up. Throw the corpse away and search everywhere. I’ll be taking my wife away for some time. I don’t want to come back to find an intruder in here or any cameras.” He turned to leave, not waiting for an answer.


” What are you doing here?” Alexander was nearly startled when he saw his wife a few feet away from him.


” I visit the library when I’m bored. But then I saw this place.” Olivia looked around.

She never really got a full tour of the mansion. It was too big and Benjamin had said Alexander would show her some other important places too.


She wondered if this was it.


” Who’s that?” Olivia’s blue eyes met one of the men in suits and she frowned.


” Not important. Why are you out of the room? You should have asked Esmeralda if you wanted a book so bad.” Alexander frowned, trying to change the subject.


” Esmeralda has better things to do than look after a fully grown lady.”



” She does. But it’s her job.” Alexander guided Olivia back to the room.


Olivia glanced one last time at the room she had seen a man walk out from and frowned when she saw another.


He had blood on his fingers which sent a chill down her spine.



Was someone injured? Did someone die in there?


Her eyes widened when she remembered her sister. Alyssa never really left the house, through the front door, that is. Unless there was another way out from the back Olivia was convinced Alyssa never left.


Was that her sister’s blood? Did Alexander kill her sister?



All kinds of questions filled her head and she hadn’t realized they were near the room already.


Olivia gasped loudly when Alexander lifted her up bridal style and opened the door to his room.



” Why do you have such a big place?” Olivia frowned as he placed her on his bed. She always wondered why there was such a big house for one man and some maids.


” Emergencies.” Came his short reply as he opened their closet and began picking out some clothes.



” Because you don’t like cameras?” Olivia peeked at his busy figure through the closet mirror.



” Yes.”



” What are you doing?” She stood up and leaned against the closet door to get a better view of him.


” We’re going to my parent’s place for the weekend.” Alexander said and Olivia nodded.



She’d see her mother again.



” Why?” She asked. She was curious about the sudden trip.


Alexander never decided to visit his parents unless it was something important or his parents called, which in most cases, was his mother.


” Would you stop asking me questions if I told you it’s because I want to?” Alexander sighed, eyeing a purple dress with a yellow flower on the left side of the shoulder.


Olivia would look good in that.


” No.” He rolled his eyes. He didn’t expect her to believe that anyway.


” I want to have this house….searched.” he admitted, turning to his side of the closet and picking out some suits.


He still had some clothes back home.


” For?”



” Goodness sake, Olivia get back on that bed. Your ankle is bruised and I’m sure your arm still hurts. Go.” He all but shooed his annoyingly curious wife away.


Olivia folded her arms and headed back to the bed. Alexander didn’t want to tell her what was happening so she wasn’t going to bother him. She’d find out herself.



She took the cup of tea Sarah had brought to her and sipped. Apparently, she was fast asleep in her room when yesterday happened.


She even locked it so she wouldn’t be bothered. For a model, her sister-in-law never joked with her sleep.


” Is Sarah aware of this?” Olivia dropped the cup and watched Alexander come out with a small suitcase with a bored expression.


” She’s with Sam, her manager. So I’ll just call her later.” Alexander shrugged.


Olivia nodded with a yawn. She felt her eyelids begin to droop and wondered how on earth she suddenly got so tired.


It was probably the drugs the doctor gave her.


She turned to the side and adjusted her position on the bed so she was comfortable. It was 12:00pm but here she was falling asleep… again.



” Are you kidding me?” She heard Alexander’s voice but it was faint as she was already giving in to the comfortable darkness.


They could leave later, right now she needed some sleep.



~ ~ ~


Olivia opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar room.


She got out of bed and stretched her muscles with a tired yawn. She felt slight pain and itchiness on her thigh and scratched it a bit.



It hurt more than it should.

” Took you long enough.” She heard Alexander scoff.



” Five more minutes and I’d have to come check for a pulse.” His eyes were glued to his laptop but Olivia noticed a small purse beside him.



” How long have I been asleep?” Olivia felt her head begin to ache.


” 6 hours. Did you take sleeping pills?* Alexander raised his head to meet her gaze.



Olivia looked out the window and realized it was dark outside.


Did she take sleeping pills? It sure felt like she did because she could never sleep for that long.


She rubbed her stomach as it twisted in hunger. She hadn’t eating since 7:15am. She was famished.


” Mom’s getting you some food right now.” Alexander watched her carefully.


The door quickly opened to reveal Mia with a tray of pasta and meatballs and water.


” Hi, angel.” Her soft voice cooed.


Olivia smiled and helped her mother with the tray. She placed it on the table beside Alexander and kissed her mother’s cheek.



” Alexander said you’ve been asleep for quite sometime, are you alright?” Mia worriedly touched her daughter’s forehead with the back of her hand to check her temperature.




” I’m fine mum. How did you know we were here?” Olivia smiled, taking a seat across Alexander and helping herself to some food.


” I was already here when Alexander came in with you in his arms. I thought you were dead.” Mia chuckled.



” Oh.” Olivia frowned.


Alexander carried her all the way here. How embarrassing.



She couldn’t imagine how heavy she must have been. But when the image of Alexander’s grumpy face came to view, she suppressed a chuckle.


” I’ll be going back now. It’s getting late.” Mia picked up the small purse and made to leave.



” But I just saw you.” Olivia tried hard not to whine. She missed her mother.



” You can visit me tomorrow darling. I need to meet Elle. She’s planning a small party for her niece.” Mia chuckled, blowing a kiss at her daughter who felt more upset than happy.




” Bye Alexander.” Mia smiled.




” Bye, Mom.” He nodded.



” Mom?” Olivia couldn’t contain her confusion at the name Alexander called her mother.



” Problem?” Alexander raised a brow.


Olivia could hear the amusement in his tone.


” No. ” She shoved some more spaghetti into her mouth and avoided his teasing eyes.



She has more important things to worry about.


She has more important things to worry about.



Like why on earth she had red marks on her left thigh.



What was happening to her?





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