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Episode 39


” What do you mean she didn’t push you? She was the one at

the top of the stairs when I came. I saw you rolling down those

stairs.” Alexander’s voice got darker with each word as the

memory came back to him.

He was itching to kill. To go on a f**king rampage.

Olivia stared at her ankle which was covered with three

bandages as she had bruised it against the sharp edges of the

stairs. It hurt but not too badly.

The doctor had just applied some unnecessary ointment on

it to make Alexander feel better. He had already said there

wasn’t to0 much damage but Alexander looked like he would

tear his head off his neck.

Olivia felt sorry for the man and slightly annoyed with


“I was the one pushed Alexander.” Olivia said-staring at

nothing in particular.

” There was no one else up there.” Alexander ran a hand

through his dreads.

“I know my sister.” Olivia sighed.

” She’s a bitc-”

” She’s also a coward.” She cut him off. Alexander sighed


” You expect me to let her go? Because I won’t.” He zeroed his

eyes at her bruised ankles.

” No. I just want to speak to her.” Olivia turned to him.

He wasn’t at all happy with her decision but there was nothing

she could do about it. She knew her sister. Yes, Alyssa was

cruel and treats people badly, especially her, but Olivia just

knew she wasn’t the one who pushed her.She was able to study her sister’s expression. It was the one she always had when she felt helpless, when she got in trouble with father or when she was sure her first rich boyfriend caught her cheating.


It was pathetic really. But Olivia just knew her sister didn’t do it. She feared Alexander too much.



What she needed was to know who pushed her. It was quick and unnoticeable. If anyone saw the person, it was Alyssa.


And she wasn’t going to let her suffer over something she didn’t do. If Alexander was capable of killing his own uncle then Alyssa was nothing.


” Unbelievable.” Alexander roughly took off his suit jacket and tossed it across the room.



He loosened his tie, sat on the couch across her and closed his eyes- pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Olivia stared at him. She was deeply confused.


What was he so mad about?


” You haven’t had dinner yet.” Olivia noted.


Alexander ignored her-his mind was clouded with anger. His wife was hurt. For the second time now and he was useless. He wasn’t there when she needed him and he wanted to hurt himself more than anyone.


” Alexander….” Olivia drawled.


” Come over here.” She sighed- making Alexander snap his eyes open. He frowned as he gazed into her blue eyes searching for any trace of playfulness.


There wasn’t any.


Still slightly dazed,his legs carried him over to his wife.



” Sit.” Olivia patted the side next to her. Alexander frowned.


” I’m not moving from this spot. You should get to the other side.” She added.



Alexander chuckled lightly at her words and got onto the bed. Olivia held out her hand and he stared at it in confusion.



” Give me your hand.”


He gently placed his hand on her small one and suppressed a smile at how soft and warm it was.


Olivia began taking off his Rolex wrist watch.



” I’d be lying if I said I understand why you’re so furious, but refusing to eat is a stupid idea.” She dropped the watch in the nightstand beside her and tucked a lock behind her ear to meet Alexander’s frown.



” You don’t know why I’m furious.” He repeated her words.



Olivia blinked. She thought she knew. But the answer scared her.It would only distract him from what was truly important.



” Forget it.” Alexander withdrew his hand from hers and leaned against the headrest.



” Will you eat then?” She copied his posture.




” Not now.” Alexander avoided her gaze.



Olivia sighed and fully laid on the bed.


” Goodnight Alex.” She shut her eyes and faced the other side.


She was aware of his stare but it honestly amused her. For a man who was feared by all he didn’t hesitate to show his feelings to her.

He reacted to every little thing she did or said and it sometimes made Olivia smile. He was an open book to her.





But only her.



She felt him raised the thick duvet over her body – suppressing a smile as he did so. He leaned closer.





So close she felt his hot breath against her neck. He moved some stubborn strands out of her face but didn’t move back just yet.


Rather, he rested his head on her shoulder blade – his dreads falling onto her chest.



Olivia felt her body get hot. She didn’t like the effect he had on her. She didn’t like anyone having an effect on her no matter what it was.


It meant weakness.



” UcciderΓ² tutti per te, gioiello.” He whispered huskily into her skin – nearly making her eyes snap open as he pressed a lingering kiss on her cheek before moving back and laying beside her.


( Translation: ” I will kill everyone for you, jewel.” )


Olivia’s heart began to beat erratically and she tried to force herself to think of anything other than what had just happened. But she still felt the ghost of his lips on her cheek and it burned her skin.


His whole presence did, but not in a bad way.



Weary from all that had happened earlier, Olivia gave in to the exhaustion and let her husband’s soothing scent lull her to sleep.


This was their first time sleeping on the same bed.


It didn’t feel as awkward as she thought it would….


It didn’t feel awkward at all.



~ ~ ~


Alyssa ran farther into the so called mansion. It was more like a maze to her. She kept going in different directions but never found a way out.



She contemplated on whether or not to succumb to the figure that was creeping up to her but she much rather lock herself somewhere than get killed.




She halted her steps as she approached a hallway of different rooms. She panted heavily as she felt her heart was going to tear out of her chest.


Each breath she took was like she was taking hot pepper into her lungs. She wheezed and stumbled tiredly into a room, frightened as the dark figure was gaining in on her.


The quiet footsteps were now heavy stomps and she felt like the person was right above her.



She was right.



Before she could lock the door it was pushed open, causing her to stumble roughly onto the cold floor.


The dark figure stepped closer and Alyssa’s eyes widened.


” Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone what I saw. I swear. Just let me go, please.” Alyssa’s voice trembled and she felt like all the contents in her stomach would rush to the floor as she was flashed a wicked smile.



A VSS Vintorez was aimed directly at her left leg and before she could comprehend, a bullet was fired into her knee cap, then her right arm, throat, and forehead.

She didn’t even have a second to scream as it happened too fast. Alyssa dropped dead, in a pool of her own blood.



The figure moved closer and laughed maniacally.



” Silly girl. I can’t risk losing the love of my life because of you. Unlike you, your sister will suffer hell before I finish her off.. I’ll make sure of that.”







P.S. Ignore my typos. This is totally unedited.

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