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Episode 46


Alexander searched through the crowd impatiently. His wife ought to have been back by now. He slipped past some of his uncles and frowned when he spotted a small crowd ahead of him.


” You are so cute. We should meet up sometime.” He heard his cousin, Arabella say.


Alexander huffed irritatedly and marched towards the giggling girls- sighing in relief when he spotted his wife smiling awkwardly at them.


” That enough girls. Olivia, come with me.” Alexander pulled his wife away, much to the dismay of his relatives.


” They like you too much.” He grumbled, leading her back to the balcony.


Olivia followed him silently, too lost in her own thoughts to actually hear what he was saying.



The cold breeze blew her skin and Olivia held in a shiver. Alexander pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her small figure protectively. She seemed to silent for comfort.


And Lord knows, he hated her silent treatment. There was just something about this that made his skin crawl.


He frowned as he pulled his wife closer. She didn’t seem too happy. She

didn’t seem happy at all.



He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and whispered.


” Are you alright? We can leave of you want.”


Her silence irked him and he didn’t have a good feeling.


” Alexander… thank you. For everything.” Olivia whispered, her crystal blue eyes glistening under the moonlight. Alexander could have sworn she was about to cry.


” Olivia, what-” He froze in place as her lips collided with his. They were soft, gentle and inexperienced, but enough to send him over the moon.


He pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. He didn’t wish for it to end, he never wanted her to stop kissing him But she did.

He smiled as he rested his forehead against his jewel’s. He couldn’t see her face but he could tell she was just as flustered as he was.


His heart leapt with unexplainable joy. He thought this kiss was the start of a new, beautiful life. He thought it meant she finally felt something for him just as he did her.


He wasn’t wrong. But he never thought, it was a kiss goodbye.



” You kiss pretty nicely.” He couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across his face.



” Mhmm. I’m a bit tired, could we please  go home?” Olivia exhaled deeply, as a wave of exhausted overtook her.


Alexander noticed how uneasy she was and nodded. He would never force her to do anything she didn’t want to. So he snuck her out, avoiding his grandparents and anyone whom he knew would want to see her.


They got into the car and he pulled out the keys from his pocket.


” Is it your migraines? I forgot to pack your drugs.” Alexander rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb as he started the engine.



He could still feel her lips on his and it only made him crave her more. He had never wanted a woman as much as he did her and it was frightening. He wondered how he would manage without her.


” No. It’s nothing, Alexander. I’m just feeling really exhausted. Just…focus on the road.” Olivia smiled reassuringly.



Alexander nodded, although he had a gut wrenching feeling that something wasn’t right.



They drove mostly in silence as Olivia fell asleep all the way. Alexander interlaced his fingers with hers and pressed a kiss to the back of her hand as he drove back to the mansion.



He pulled in front of the front door and got out of the driver’s seat. Olivia was still fast asleep so he opened her door and lifted her in his arms, bridal style, before taking her to their room.


He laid her on the bed and nudged her shoulders softly. Olivia hummed in response.



” You need to take that dress off. Here.” Alexander handed her one of his sweatshirts.


The only gown he had packed for her was in the laundry room since she bled on it.


Alexander cringed at the memory.


Olivia yawned tiredly, rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands. She took Alexander’s shirt and sleepily headed for the bathroom – locking it behind her as she slid off her dress and jewelry, including the one Mia had given her.


Alexander smiled with pride as his wife walked out in only his shirt which stopped mid thigh. He guided her over to the bed and made sure she was comfortable before stripping out of his suit too.



Sliding under the duvet, he pulled his sleeping wife closer and inhaled her strawberry scent deeply. She managed to calm his nerves without even meaning to.



” Good night, Jewel.” He whispered into her hair, snaking his arms around her waist, and falling asleep himself.


Maybe he was more exhausted than he thought.


Alexander fell into a peaceful slumber, something he hadn’t had in quite a long time. He forgot about his worries and just focused on his precious wife beside him. He couldn’t wait to kiss her good morning and he definitely was itching to take her out on another date.


He would make her feel so special. The mere thought of putting a smile on her face made his grin wider.


He just couldn’t wait.






Alexander stretched with a tired yawn, grunting in satisfaction as his muscles popped in response. He turned to the side of the bed and frowned upon seeing the other side empty.

Maybe she was in the bathroom. It was unlikely for Olivia to wake up before him. He usually always got to admire her sleeping figure before he had Esmeralda wake her up.


He walked over to the bathroom and knocked softly on the wooden door. For some reason, he felt very uneasy, especially when it slowly creaked open. It was so silent he was forced to peek inside.


” Olivia?” He called. But there was no answer.


Maybe she was downstairs. He went to the sink and quickly brushed his teeth.


His shower was also quick as he just wanted to hug his wife from behind.


” Mom, Dad. Is Olivia downstairs?” He met his parents discussing something over breakfast.



Isabella shook her head while Nicolas frowned.



” The last time we saw her was last night. Before you left without a word.” Nicolas folded his arms and gave him a pointed look.


” Sarah?” Alexander turned to his sister who shook her head, he could see the panic in her eyes as he felt his heart racing wildly in his chest.


” She’s not in the room either.” He whispered, ignoring his parents’ confused gazes as he ran back upstairs.




” Olivia!” He yelled, frantically checking each room in the hallway.



” Alex, what is going on?!” Nicolas’ voice was calm but it wasn’t fooling Alexander.


They were just as scared as he was. Probably not, he was terrified. Because there was a high possiblity that his precious wife was gone.


Taken away from him.



Alexander ran a hand through his dreadlocks, he was going insane. He knew something wasn’t right last night but he let it slide.

Alexander ran a hand through his dreadlocks, he was going insane. He knew something wasn’t right last night but he let it slide.


He was reckless and his jewel was gone.


” She’s gone.” He breathed, unable to hide the pain as he fell on his knees.


Isabella and Nicolas shared worried glances as they approached their son.


” The woman I love…is gone.”




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